Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Nuremburg defense is just fine for the TSA according to the liberal press...

Daily Kos Obamanoids: TSA Just Following Orders When They Sexually Molest Your Child

Comment: The establishment left has been in a fever over the past two days attempting to poo-poo concerns about two things that happened under the Bush administration – 9/11 and the TSA, running defense for the status quo no matter who is in charge as per usual. The Daily Kos says that TSA goons are just following orders when they sexually molest your child, therefore they are not to blame. Even their own readers go off big style in reaction to this putrid and pathetic defense of the indefensible.

From the DAILY KOS...

There’s a lot been said — and left to say — about the new TSA screening procedures. The right is, predictably, discovering a hitherto-unmentioned concern for civil liberties and using the issue to attack Obama. Equally predictably, they’re pushing privatization, as if it’s who issues the paychecks and not what the policy is that matters. But while many of the objections from the right are disingenuous at best, there are legitimate questions, such as those about whether naked pictures and enhanced groping make us safer or are security theater and an expansion of the police state.

But as you travel this holiday week, here’s something to keep in mind: The TSA screener monitoring the scanners, or touching your body, did not make the policy. They’re just doing their job, and not one they have a lot of control over.


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