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Prophets Of Doom: 12 Shocking Quotes From Insiders About The Horrific Economic Crisis That Is Almost Here

The following are 12 shocking quotes from insiders that are warning about the horrific economic crisis that is almost here....

#1 George Soros: "Financial markets are driving the world towards another Great Depression with incalculable political consequences. The authorities, particularly in Europe, have lost control of the situation."

#2 PIMCO CEO Mohammed El-Erian: "These are all signs of an institutional run on French banks. If it persists, the banks would have no choice but to delever their balance sheets in a very drastic and disorderly fashion. Retail depositors would get edgy and be tempted to follow trading and institutional clients through the exit doors. Europe would thus be thrown into a full-blown banking crisis that aggravates the sovereign debt trap, renders certain another economic recession, and significantly worsens the outlook for the global economy."

#3 Attila Szalay-Berzeviczy, global head of securities services at UniCredit SpA (Italy's largest bank): "The only remaining question is how many days the hopeless rearguard action of European governments and the European Central Bank can keep up Greece’s spirits."

#4 Stefan Homburg, the head of Germany's Institute for Public Finance: "The euro is nearing its ugly end. A collapse of monetary union now appears unavoidable."

#5 EU Parliament Member Nigel Farage: "I think the worst in the financial system is yet to come, a possible cataclysm and if that happens the gold price could go (higher) to a number that we simply cannot, at this moment, even imagine."

#6 Carl Weinberg, the chief economist at High Frequency Economics: "At this point, our base case is that Greece will default within weeks."

#7 Goldman Sachs strategist Alan Brazil: "Solving a debt problem with more debt has not solved the underlying problem. In the US, Treasury debt growth financed the US consumer but has not had enough of an impact on job growth. Can the US continue to depreciate the world’s base currency?"

#8 International Labour Organization director general Juan Somavia recently stated that total unemployment could "increase by some 20m to a total of 40m in G20 countries" by the end of 2012.

#9 Deutsche Bank CEO Josef Ackerman: "It is an open secret that numerous European banks would not survive having to revalue sovereign debt held on the banking book at market levels."

#10 Alastair Newton, a strategist for Nomura Securities in London: "We believe that we are just about to enter a critical period for the eurozone and that the threat of some sort of break-up between now and year-end is greater than it has been at any time since the start of the crisis"

#11 Ann Barnhardt, head of Barnhardt Capital Management, Inc.: "It's over. There is no coming back from this. The only thing that can happen is a total and complete collapse of EVERYTHING we now know, and humanity starts from scratch. And if you think that this collapse is going to play out without one hell of a big hot war, you are sadly, sadly mistaken."

#12 Lakshman Achuthan of ECRI: "When I call a recession...that means that process is starting to feed on itself, which means that you can yell and scream and you can write a big check, but it's not going to stop."


"Once upon a time, our founders thought that they were guaranteeing our freedoms by adding a Bill of Rights to the Constitution. But today there are a lot of freedoms that we simply do not have any longer."

12 Signs That Americans Who Love Liberty And Freedom Should Watch Their Backs

Do you love liberty and freedom? If so, you better watch your back. The control freaks that run our society are stripping away our liberties and freedoms a little bit more each day, and lately they seem to be particularly focused on coming after those that are not "integrating" into the system. Just like the rest of the western world, America is being transformed into a "Big Brother" police state control grid. Nearly everything that you do is being watched and monitored. A whole host of organizations know that you are on this website right now. If you want to go to an NFL game next weekend, there is a good chance that you will be on the receiving end of an "enhanced pat-down" and if you are producing raw milk on your farm there is a good chance that the feds will show up for a pre-dawn raid on your property. In many areas of the country, the government forces us to shoot our kids full of vaccines and implant dangerous microchips in our pets. Virtually wherever we go there is a camera that is watching us or there are other Americans that are evaluating whether or not we are engaged in "suspicious activity" that needs to be reported to the government. Once upon a time, America was all about liberty and freedom, but today our nation is undergoing a radical cultural shift. America is being "locked down", and those who love liberty and freedom should watch their backs.

Once upon a time, our founders thought that they were guaranteeing our freedoms by adding a Bill of Rights to the Constitution.

But today there are a lot of freedoms that we simply do not have any longer.

In America today, you do not have the right to say whatever you want. If you say the wrong thing on a blog or a website it can have dramatic consequences.

In America today, you do not have the right to do raise your own children as you see fit.

In America today, you do not have the right to grow whatever food you want and you do not have the right to eat whatever food you do grow.

In America today, you do not have the right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure.

In America today, you do not have a right to privacy. In fact, you should expect that everything that you do is watched, tracked, monitored and recorded.

If you doubt any of the statements above, just check out the examples posted below.

The following are 12 signs that Americans who love liberty and freedom should watch their backs....

#1 A 55-year-old man in Arizona was recently ordered to turn in all his guns because of things that he wrote on his blog. Fortunately, after WorldNetDaily covered the story there was an outpouring of outrage and the order was overturned, but what would have happened if WorldNetDaily had not covered the story?

#2 According to Mike Adams of Natural News, the CDC is starting to call parents all over the nation to question them about the vaccination status of their children....

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control, which has been comprehensively exposed as a vaccine propaganda organization promoting the interests of drug companies, is now engaged in a household surveillance program that involves calling U.S. households and intimidating parents into producing child immunization records. As part of what it deems a National Immunization Survey(NIS), the CDC is sending letters to U.S. households, alerting them that they will be called by "NORC at the University of Chicago" and that households should "have your child's immunization records handy when answering our questions."

You can see a copy of the letter that the CDC is sending out to selected parents right here.

#3 According to blogger Alexander Higgins, students in kindergarten and the 1st grade in the state of New Jersey are now required by law to participate "in monthly anti-terrorism drills". The following is an excerpt from a letter that he recently received from the school where his child attends....

Each month a school must conduct one fire drill and one security drill which may be a lockdown, bomb threat, evacuation, active shooter, or shelter-in place drill. All schools are now required by law to implement this procedure.

So who in the world ever decided that it would be a good idea for 1st grade students to endure "lockdown" and "active shooter" drills?

To get an idea of what these kinds of drills are like, just check out this video.

#4 According to licensed private investigator Angela V. Woodhull, hospitals are increasingly using "guardianship" to strip elderly Americans of their liberty and to rapidly drain their bank accounts. The following is one story that Woodhull included in a recent article....

Ginger Franklin, Hendersonville, Tennessee, fell down the stairs in her condo and suffered a bump on her head. She was declared “temporarily mentally incapacitated” and a guardian was appointed through the courts. Within six weeks, the guardian had sold Franklin’s home, car, furniture, and drained her bank account. Today, Franklin has her freedom back, but she is having to start all over.

#5 In a sign of just how far individual liberty in the United States has declined, a judge in Wisconsin has actually ruled that citizens do not have a right to grow and eat whatever foods they want to. The following is a short excerpt from his recent decision....

1) no, Plaintiffs do not have a fundamental right to own and use a dairy cow or a dairy herd;

2) no, Plaintiffs do not have a fundamental right to consume the milk from their own cow;

3) no, Plaintiffs do not have a fundamental right to board their cow at the farm of a farmer;

4) no, the Zinniker Plaintiffs’ private contract does not fall outside the scope of the State’s police power;

5) no, Plaintiffs do not have a fundamental right to produce and consume foods of their choice;

#6 The freedom to raise our pets as we want to is also being greatly curtailed in many areas of the country. For example, a new law in St. Louis would require nearly all dogs and cats to be sterilized and microchipped....

Board Bill 107 would require all pet owners to spay or neuter their dogs and cats and microchip them for identification. Those who don't want to sterilize their pets would be assessed a fee of $200 per year.

Will the control freaks that run things want to start sterilizing and microchipping humans someday?

#7 Whenever any politician suggests that we should "suspend elections", that should be a major red flag. North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue recently made national headlines when she made the following statement....

"I think we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for two years and just tell them we won't hold it against them, whatever decisions they make, to just let them help this country recover"

#8 As I wrote about recently, many NFL teams are now performing "enhanced pat-downs" of fans before they enter the stadiums. In Green Bay, the Packers are using hand-held metal detectors on fans before they are allowed to enter Lambeau field.

What is next? Will they soon insist that we all undergo full body cavity searches before we are permitted to attend the games?

#9 Many Americans have complained about the horrible treatment that they are receiving at U.S. airports, but now the TSA is bringing their brand of "security" to many other locations throughout America as well.

TSA "VIPR teams" now conduct approximately 8,000 "unannounced security screenings" a year at subway stations, bus terminals, ports and highway rest stops.

#10 Many of our public schools are now being run like prisons. In fact, in many areas of the country, little kids are being publicly arrested by police in their own classrooms and are being marched out of their schools in handcuffs.

#11 If you think that anything that you do on the Internet is private, you should guess again. It has recently come out that Facebook continues to track most of the websites that you visit even after you have logged out of Facebook.

In addition, law enforcement agencies all over the globe are increasingly viewing social media as a law enforcement tool. For example, the NYPD recently created a special "social media" unit dedicated to looking for criminals on Facebook and Twitter.

Also, many large organizations are now setting us very sophisticated systems that keep track of what is being said about them online and who is saying it. For example, the new "Social Media Monitoring Solution" being developed by the Federal Reserve will identify "key bloggers" and monitor "billions of conversations" about the Fed on Facebook, Twitter, forums and blogs.

#12 The U.S. government is ramping up efforts to have all of us watch one another and to report any sign of "suspicious activity" to them immediately. But exactly what does "suspicious activity" entail? According to a shocking document obtained by Oath Keepers, the FBI has really broadened their definition of "suspicious activity". According to the document, "suspicious activity" now includes....

-paying with cash

-missing a hand or fingers

-"strange odors"

-making "extreme religious statements"

-"radical theology"

-purchasing weatherproofed ammunition or match containers

-purchasing meals ready to eat

-purchasing night vision devices, night flashlights or gas masks

According to WorldNetDaily, this document is part of a "series of brochures" that will be distributed "to farm supply stores, gun shops, military surplus stores and even hotels and motels."

Our entire society is becoming extremely paranoid.

The Department of Homeland Security is spending massive amounts of money and running tons of ads to promote the "See Something, Say Something" campaign.

Apparently the Obama administration wants to turn the entire country into a vast network of government snitches.

They spend billions upon billions of dollars watching all of us, and yet now they also want all of us to watch each other.

It is not right.

I don't know about you, but I don't want to end up living in a society that resembles the novel "1984" by George Orwell.

Sadly, the death of our civil liberties is very rarely mentioned by any of our politicians these days.

Both major political parties seem to have fully embraced the growing national security apparatus that is starting to suffocate the life out of this country.

Yes, we will always need security, but security measures should be implemented in such a way that they will never violate the liberty, freedom, honor or dignity of ordinary Americans.

In a previous article, I wrote the following....

If those in charge of our security right now cannot protect us without compromising our liberty, freedom, honor and dignity then they need to immediately resign and allow someone else to do the job.

The Department of Homeland Security should be given a dual mandate. They must be charged with protecting us and they must be charged with protecting our liberty, freedom, honor and dignity at the same time.

If those running the security apparatus in this country right now feel like they cannot do that, then they need to step aside and let someone else take over.

The status quo is not acceptable.

Right now, all law enforcement personnel in this country are trained to bark at us like dogs and to treat us like cattle.

They are actually instructed to be mean and aggressive with us. From the first day of training, they are taught to treat us like dirt.

Things were not always this way in America. Once upon a time there was a clear distinction between the United States and "evil" totalitarian regimes.

Well, today we are becoming a little more "evil" and a little more "totalitarian" with each passing day.

If you love liberty and freedom, you better watch your back.

America is changing, and not for the better.


"One of the best-kept secrets in the United States over the past two weeks seems to be the protest on and near Wall Street in New York...."

US media blackout of protest is shameful

By Chen Weihua

One of the best-kept secrets in the United States over the past two weeks seems to be the protest on and near Wall Street in New York.

More than 1,000 people protested on the first day, September 17, marching and chanting slogans. Yet the demonstration, known as Occupy Wall Street, did not appear on the major networks' evening news or in major newspapers the next day.

The protest, now in its 14th day, only got limited coverage last Saturday when heavy-handed police arrested close to 100 people and pepper-sprayed several female demonstrators. But most coverage that day was not in-depth.

While there are many videos of harsh police action on the Internet, I have witnessed how the formerly helpful police patrolling the streets have suddenly resorted to force in Zuccotti Park, also known as Liberty Plaza, in Lower Manhattan.

In one scene, several policemen jumped on one skinny man who was not acting violently. They pushed him down and handcuffed him. Just five minutes later, a policeman waved his fist at a man. That day, seven people were arrested, with one suffering a serious leg injury.

Again, none of these incidents made the major networks' evening news or the major newspapers.

As a journalist, I have wondered why the so-called mainstream US media, which is either headquartered in New York or maintains a strong presence in the city, has chosen to ignore the prolonged demonstration since it started. Why have those journalists, who made their names covering various protests around the world, suddenly become silent in reporting the mass rally? That clearly does not match their enthusiasm to cover demonstrations in recent months in places such as North Africa and the Middle East.

The people who come from many parts of the US and the dozens of people who have spent rainy nights in the outdoor plaza would, no doubt, have countless stories to tell. But few journalists from the mainstream media seem interested in listening this time.

To some protesters I have talked to, the answer is simple: It is natural that corporate-controlled media outlets are not going to cover a protest that is fighting excessive corporate influence in society.

One US journalist said it was because these people are too left-leaning and do not seem to have a clear goal for their rally. I am not sure if they are all left-leaning, but a schedule I saw did include sessions on the Communist Manifesto and Spanish Revolution.

Still, that does not justify a blackout imposed by the major news media outlets on such a prolonged protest.

In fact, the message from the protesters is quite clear. They are against corporate greed and influence in American politics, economy and life. These protesters, who call themselves "The 99 Percent", are angry about the huge amount of wealth collected by the top 1 percent of the population.

Vanity Fair has reported that the top 1 percent of the nation controlled 12 percent of US wealth only 25 years ago, while today it controls close to 25 percent.

Isn't that a serious concern for journalists, whose primary responsibility is to speak for the voiceless in their society?

It is a shame that most so-called mainstream media outlets have miserably failed to inform the public over the past two weeks.


This says it all, folks...

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OOPS!!! Global warming to hit the Northeast this early fall weekend...

Weekend to turn sharply colder - and snow is possible in some areas

Snow on Staten Island this weekend? It's a distinct possibility, though frost is more likely, according to AccuWeather meteorologist Brian Edwards. The weather-reporting service headquartered in State College, Pennsylvania, says the greater New York City area can expect its first real taste of winter as sharply colder temperatures blast across the Northeast over the next few days.

The cold air is expected to visit the Great Lakes area tonight and Friday before it moves into the Middle Atlantic region. "Temperatures will fall to levels more like late November from Buffalo and Rochester, N.Y. through Pittsburgh, Pa. and Charleston, W.Va.," Edwards said.

High temperatures will be stuck in the 40s, and may be accompanied by winds gusting to 30 miles per hour - which will make the temperatures seem much colder than the thermometer indicates.

"Here at, we have been talking for several days about the possibility for the first snowflakes of the season on the high ground of the mid-Atlantic," Edwards said. "The culprit behind this air mass is a secondary storm and associated front which will be dropping down into the mid-Atlantic Friday night into Saturday. This storm will draw cold air southward from Canada. At the same time, a narrow band of heavy rain is forecast to set up across parts of the Appalachians."

If it does snow - and that is really expected only higher-elevation areas - the accumulation won't be significant. Staten Island is more likely to get some rain.


Ron Paul is not wrong about that...

Ron Paul: US-born al-Qaida cleric 'assassinated'


Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul is condemning the Obama administration for killing an American born al-Qaida operative without a trial.

Paul, a Texas congressman known for libertarian views, says the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki on Yemeni soil amounts to an "assassination." Paul warned the American people not to casually accept such violence against U.S. citizens, even those with strong ties to terrorism.

Anwar al-Awlaki was considered one of the most influential al-Qaida operatives wanted by the United States. U.S. and Yemen officials say he was killed in a U.S. air strike targeting his convoy Friday morning.

Paul made the comments to reporters after a campaign stop Friday at Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire. He said America's leaders must think hard about "assassinating American citizens without charges."


"High-fructose corn syrup is the primary source of calories in the United States. In addition to containing mercury, a known carcinogen, cancer cells actually feed on high-fructose corn syrup after it is metabolized by the liver."

Cancer Feeds on Fructose, America’s Number One Source of Calories

Anthony Gucciardi

High-fructose corn syrup is the primary source of calories in the United States. In addition to containing mercury, a known carcinogen, cancer cells actually feed on high-fructose corn syrup after it is metabolized by the liver. A new study, published in the Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets, examined the link between refined sugar and cancer. The results add further evidence to the reports of many health experts and scientific studies that have drawn the connection between excess sugar consumption and the development of cancer.

The researchers highlighted the numerous ways in which fructose directly contributes to cancer risk and other health problems, including:

DNA damage
Altered cellular metabolism
Increased production of free radicals

According to Lewis Cantley, director of the Cancer Center at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center at Harvard Medical School, as much as 80 percent of all cancers are “driven by either mutations or environmental factors that work to enhance or mimic the effect of insulin on the incipient tumor cells.”
Similar research published in the journal Cancer Research found that the way in which sugar is metabolized stimulates cancer growth. The researchers reported:

“Importantly, fructose and glucose metabolism are quite different … These findings show that cancer cells can readily metabolize fructose to increase proliferation.”

What is even more concerning is that the scientists conducting the research used pancreatic cancer cells, widely considered to be the most deadly form of cancer. The discovery was monumental because not only did the researchers prove that tumor cells feed on sugar (glucose), but the tumor cells used fructose for cell division in order to speed up the growth and spread of the cancer. Fructose consumption actually led to a massive increase in tumor cell growth and proliferation way beyond that of glucose.

This cancer-feeding fructose is what the majority of Americans are consuming on a daily basis, to the point where high-fructose corn syrup is their number one source of calories. Even children are consuming excessive amounts of sugar in juice boxes, candy, and even ‘healthy’ sports beverages. The amount is so extreme that the average American consumes around 150 grams of sugar each day; whereas, many experts believe that the number should be around 15 grams per day or lower to prevent cancer.

The ubiquitous nature of fructose is so apparent in the food supply that it can be found in one form or another in 5 of the top 10 sources of calories in America, according to a USDA report. As cancer rates continue to explode, it is vital that dietary changes are made involving the emission of fructose from the global food supply. Natural sweeteners like Stevia contain 0 calories, and have been found to prevent and reverse diseases like diabetes. It is time we revolutionize the food supply and utilize natural sweeteners as tools to reduce cancer and obesity rates worldwide, naturally.


Of course it is...

Is The War On Terror A Hoax?

Paul Craig Roberts

In the past decade, Washington has killed, maimed, dislocated, and made widows and orphans millions of Muslims in six countries, all in the name of the “war on terror.” Washington’s attacks on the countries constitute naked aggression and impact primarily civilian populations and infrastructure and, thereby, constitute war crimes under law. Nazis were executed precisely for what Washington is doing today.

Moreover the wars and military attacks have cost American taxpayers in out-of-pocket and already-incurred future costs at least $4,000 billion dollars–one third of the accumulated public debt–resulting in a US deficit crisis that threatens the social safety net, the value of the US dollar and its reserve currency role, while enriching beyond all previous history the military/security complex and its apologists.

Perhaps the highest cost of Washington’s “war on terror” has been paid by the US Constitution and civil liberties. Any US citizen that Washington accuses is deprived of all legal and constitutional rights. The Bush-Cheney-Obama regimes have overturned humanity’s greatest achievement–the accountability of government to law.

If we look around for the terror that the police state and a decade of war has allegedly protected us from, the terror is hard to find. Except for 9/11 itself, assuming we accept the government’s improbable conspiracy theory explanation, there have been no terror attacks on the US. Indeed, as RT pointed out on August 23, 2011, an investigative program at the University of California discovered that the domestic “terror plots” hyped in the media were plotted by FBI agents.

FBI undercover agents now number 15,000, ten times their number during the protests against the Vietnam war when protesters were suspected of communist sympathies. As there apparently are no real terror plots for this huge workforce to uncover, the FBI justifies its budget, terror alerts, and invasive searches of American citizens by thinking up “terror plots” and finding some deranged individuals to ensnare. For example, the Washington DC Metro bombing plot, the New York city subway plot, the plot to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago were all FBI brainchilds organized and managed by FBI agents.

RT reports that only three plots might have been independent of the FBI, but as none of the three worked they obviously were not the work of such a professional terror organization as Al Qaeda is purported to be. The Times Square car bomb didn’t blow up, and apparently could not have.

The latest FBI sting ensnared a Boston man, Rezwan Ferdaus, who is accused of planning to attack the Pentagon and US Capitol with model airplanes packed with C-4 explosives. US Attorney Carmen Ortiz assured Americans that they were never in danger, because the FBI’s undercover agents were in control of the plot.

Ferdaus’ FBI-organized plot to blow up the Pentagon and US Capitol with model airplanes has produced charges that he provided “material support to a terrorist organization” and plotted to destroy federal buildings–the most serious charge which carries 20 imprisoned years for each targeted building.

What is the terrorist organization that Ferdaus is serving? Surely not al Qaeda, which allegedly outwitted all 16 US intelligence services, all intelligence services of America’s NATO and Israeli allies, NORAD, the National Security Council, Air Traffic Control, Dick Cheney, and US airport security four times in one hour on the same morning. Such a highly capable terror organization would not be involved in such nonsense as a plot to blow up the Pentagon with a model airplane.

As an American who was in public service for a number of years and who has always stood up for the Constitution, a patriot’s duty, I must hope that the question has already popped into readers’ minds why we are expected to believe that a tiny model airplane is capable of blowing up the Pentagon when a 757 airliner loaded with jet fuel was incapable of doing the job, merely making a hole not big enough for an airliner.

When I observe the gullibility of my fellow citizens at the absurd “terror plots” that the US government manufactures, it causes me to realize that fear is the most powerful weapon any government has for advancing an undeclared agenda. If Ferdaus is brought to trial, no doubt a jury will convict him of a plot to blow up the Pentagon and US Capitol with model airplanes. Most likely he will be tortured or coerced into a plea bargain.

Apparently, Americans, or most of them, are so ruled by fear that they suffer no remorse from “their” government’s murder and dislocation of millions of innocent people. In the American mind, one billion “towel-heads” have been reduced to terrorists who deserve to be exterminated. The US is on its way to a holocaust that makes the terrors Jews faced from National Socialism into a mere precursor.

Think about this: Are not you amazed that after a decade (2.5 times the length of WW II) of killing Muslims and destroying families and their prospects in six countries there are no real terrorist events in the US?

Think for a minute how easy terrorism would be in the US if there were any terrorists. Would an Al Qaeda terrorist from the organization that allegedly pulled off 9/11–the most humiliating defeat ever suffered by a Western power, much less “the world’s only superpower”–still in the face of all the screening be trying to hijack an airliner or to blow one up?

Surely not when there are so many totally soft targets. If America were really infected with a “terrorist threat,” a terrorist would merely get in the massive lines awaiting to clear airport “security” and set off his bomb. It would kill far more people than could be achieved by blowing up an airliner, and it would make it completely clear that “airport security” meant no one was safe.

It would be child’s play for terrorists to blow up electric sub-stations as no one is there, nothing but a chain link fence. It would be easy for terrorists to blow up shopping centers. It would be easy for terrorists to dump boxes of roofing nails on congested streets and freeways during rush hours, tying up main transportation arteries for days. Before, dear reader, you accuse me of giving terrorists ideas, do you really think that these ideas would not already have occurred to terrorists capable of pulling off 9/11?

But nothing happens. So the FBI arrests a guy for planning to blow up America with a model airplane. It is really depressing how many Americans will believe this.

Consider also that American neoconservatives, who have orchestrated the “war on terror,” have no protection whatsoever and that the Secret Service protection of Bush and Cheney is minimal. If America really faced a terrorist threat, especially one so professional to have brought off 9/11, every neoconservative along with Bush and Cheney could be assassinated within one hour on one morning or one evening.

The fact that neoconservatives such as Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, Condi Rice, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, John Bolton, William Kristol, Libby, Addington, et. al., live unprotected and free of fear is proof that America faces no terrorist threat.

Think now about the airliner shoe-bomb plot, the shampoo-bottled water plot, and the underwear-bomb plot. Experts, other than the whores hired by the US government, say that these plots are nonsensical. The “shoe bomb” and “underwear bomb” were colored fireworks powders incapable of blowing up a tin can. The liquid bomb, allegedly mixed up in an airliner toilet room, has been dismissed by experts as fantasy.

What is the purpose of these fake plots? And remember, all reports confirm that the “underwear bomber” was walked onto the airliner by an official, despite the fact that the “underwear bomber” had no passport. No investigation was ever conducted by the FBI, CIA, or anyone into why a passenger without a passport was allowed on an international flight.

The purpose of these make-believe plots is to raise the fear level and to create the opportunity for former Homeland Security czar Michael Chertoff to make a fortune selling porno-scanners to the TSA.

The result of these hyped “terrorist plots” is that every American citizen, even those with high government positions and security clearances, cannot board a commercial airline flight without taking off his shoes, his jacket, his belt, submitting to a porno-scanner, or being sexually groped. Nothing could make it plainer that “airport security” cannot tell a Muslim terrorist from a gung-ho American patriot, a US Senator, a US Marine general, or a CIA operative.

If a passenger requires for health or other reasons quantities of liquids and cremes beyond the limits imposed on toothpaste, shampoo, food, or medications, the passenger must obtain prior approval from TSA, which seldom works. One of America’s finest moments is the case, documented on UTube, of a dying woman in a wheelchair, who requires special food, having her food thrown away by the gestapo TSA despite the written approval from the Transportation Safety Administration, her daughter arrested for protesting, and the dying woman in the wheelchair left alone in the airport.

This is Amerika today. These assaults on innocent citizens are justified by the mindless right-wing as “protecting us against terrorism,” a “threat” that all evidence shows is nonexistent.

No American is secure today. I am a former staff associate of the House Defense Appropriations subcommittee. I required high security clearances as I had access to information pertaining to all US weapons programs. As chief economist of the House Budget Committee I had information pertaining to the US military and security budgets. As Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury, I was provided every morning with the CIA’s briefing of the President as well as with endless security information.

When I left the Treasury, President Reagan appointed me to a super-secret committee to investigate the CIA’s assessment of Soviet capability. Afterwords I was a consult to the Pentagon. I had every kind of security clearance.

Despite my record of highest security clearances and US government confidence in me including confirmation by the US Senate in a presidential appointment, the airline police cannot tell me from a terrorist.

If I were into model airplanes or attending anti-war demonstrations, little doubt I, too, would be arrested.

After my public service in the last quarter of the 20th century, I experienced during the first decade of the 21st century all of America’s achievements, despite their blemishes, being erased. In their place was erected a monstrous desire for hegemony and highly concentrated wealth. Most of my friends and my fellow citizens in general are incapable of recognizing America’s transformation into a warmonger police state that has the worst income distribution of any developed country.

It is extraordinary that so many Americans, citizens of the world’s only superpower, actually believe that they are threatened by Muslim peoples who have no unity, no navy, no air force, no nuclear weapons, no missiles capable of reaching across the oceans.

Indeed, large percentages of these “threat populations,” especially among the young, are enamored of the sexual freedom that exists in America. Even the Iranian dupes of the CIA-orchestrated “Green Revolution” have forgotten Washington’s overthrow of their elected government in the 1950s. Despite America’s decade-long abusive military actions against Muslim peoples, many Muslims still look to America for their salvation.

Their “leaders” are simply bought off with large sums of money.

With the “terrorist threat” and Al Qaeda deflated with President Obama’s alleged assassination of its leader, Osama bin Laden, who was left unprotected and unarmed by his “world-wide terrorist organization,” Washington has come up with a new bogyman–the Haqqanis.

According to John Glaser and anonymous CIA officials, US Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Mike Mullen “exaggerated” the case against the Haqqani insurgent group when he claimed, setting up a US invasion of Pakistan, that the Hagganis were an operating arm of the Pakistan government’s secret service, the ISI. Adm. Mullen is now running from his “exaggeration,” an euphemism for a lie. His aid Captain John Kirby said that Mullen’s “accusations were designed to influence the Pakistanis to crack down on the Haqqani Network.” In other words, the Pakistanis should kill more of their own people to save the Americans the trouble.

If you don’t know what the Haqqani Network is, don’t be surprised. You never heard of Al Qaeda prior to 9/11. The US government creates whatever new bogymen and incidents are necessary to further the neoconservative agenda of world hegemony and higher profits for the armaments industry.

For ten years, the “superpower” American population has sat there, being terrified by the government’s lies. While Americans sit in fear of non-existent “terrorists” sucking their thumbs, millions of people in six countries have had their lives destroyed. As far as any evidence exists, the vast majority of Americans are unperturbed by the wanton murder of others in countries that they are incapable of locating on maps.

Truly, Amerika is a light unto the world, an example for all.


These terrorists just don't want to stay dead...

No More Pentagon Dinners: Al Qaeda Leader Killed… Again

Anwar al-Awlaki dead for second time in two years

Steve Watson

According to a “senior US administration official”, Al Qaeda Boogie Man Anwar al-Awlaki has been reported killed in an air strike in Yemen, which is the exact same way he died in 2009.

The Yemeni defense ministry confirmed the claim, stating that the same counterterrorism unit that killed Osama bin Laden used a drone and jet strike in Yemen to kill al-Awlaki.

“Cynics will point to the strategic timing” notes TIME, adding “just a week after embattled Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh returned from four months of medial treatment in Saudi Arabia following an attack on the presidential compound.”

Moi? Cynical? Never.

There are a couple of issues I would like to address, however.

Why should we believe the American born cleric al-Awlaki, who has been linked with everything from the aborted Christmas Day underwear bombing to the ink toner plane bomb plot, is dead this time around?

Like many supposed terrorist leaders before him, Awlaki has previously been reported killed.

On December 24, 2009 several news outlets reported that Awlaki was believed to have been killed in a joint U.S-Yemeni pre-dawn air strike by Yemeni Air Force fighter jets on a meeting of 30 or so senior al-Qaeda leaders at a hideout in Rafd, a remote mountain valley in eastern Shabwa.

The Reuters news agency spoke to an unnamed Yemeni official at the time who said: “Anwar al Awlaki is suspected to be dead (in the air raid).”

Awlaki’s death was also reported by Fox News and Al Jazeera.

On December 28 The Washington Post reported that U.S. and Yemeni officials had confirmed that al-Awlaki was at the al-Qaeda meeting.

Then on December 29 it was reported by Newsweek that a Yemeni journalist called Abdul Elah Hider al-Shaya had been in contact with Awlaki after the air raid, and was claiming that he was still alive.

The report stated:

There is no independent way to confirm Shaya’s account and U.S. intelligence officials are now ducking the question of whether they believe Awlaki is dead or alive. “His status is not entirely clear,” a U.S. intelligence official says.”

Between then and now, the so called “key leader” of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, has popped up in several slick videos and was said to have produced al Qaeda’s signature English-language internet magazine.

As we have previously reported, every significant Al Qaeda leader appears to have been killed or reported killed several times, indicating that these people are simply names,interchangeable at the whim of the Pentagon, US Intelligence and their corporate media mouthpieces.

The American-born cleric is perhaps the most complex of these characters.

Every indication points to Awlaki being a double agent working for US intelligence. He has been involved in almost every terror plot over the last couple of years, from directing the underwear bomber, who was allowed to board the plane by order of the US State Department aided by a well-dressed man who got Abdulmutallab on the airliner despite the fact that he was on a terror watchlist and had no passport, to advising Fort Hood shooter Major Nidal Malik Hasan. Authorities have engaged in a cover-up of what happened at Fort Hood after they ordered Private Lance Aviles to delete cell phone footage of the attack.

Awlaki’s alleged role in the Toronto and Fort Dix, New Jersey, terror plots, also raises questions, given that both were later revealed as contrived by the FBI.

Lawyers in a case relating to the much vaunted 2007 terror plot to attack Fort Dix and kill “as many soldiers as possible” concluded that FBI informants were the key figures behind the operation and that the accused, six foreign-born Muslims, were merely bungling patsies.

Similarly, the “Toronto 18″ terrorists turned out to be “a bunch of incompetent guys who were primarily misled by a delusional megalomaniac”. The explosive fertilizer material the terrorist cell apparently planned to use was in fact purchased by an informant working for the RCMP who had radicalized the group.

Awlaki was also the spiritual leader of the alleged 9/11 hijackers, a fact that didn’t seem to concern Pentagon top brass who invited him to dine with them just months after the September 11 attacks despite the fact that he had personally colluded with the very hijackers who were alleged to have slammed Flight 77 into the Pentagon.

The US Special Operations Command’s Able Danger program identified the hijackers and their accomplices long before 9/11, and would undoubtedly have also picked up Awlaki.

It is inconceivable that top Department of Defense officials were unaware that Al-Awlaki was interviewed at least four times by the FBI in the first eight days after the Sept. 11 attacks because of his ties to the three hijackers Nawaf al-Hazmi, Khalid al-Mihdhar and Hani Hanjour.

Nevertheless, not only did he dine with the military’s finest, he was given a glowing report by the Defense Department for his role as the featured guest speaker on “Islam and Middle Eastern Politics and Culture.”

These revelations were unveiled in internal Department of Defense emails obtained under the freedom of information act.

Al-Awlaki’s videos were routinely released by the IntelCenter, which as we have documented is nothing more than a Pentagon front group that has been caught red-handed releasing fake Al-Qaeda videos to bolster support for the geopolitical agenda of the US government.

Researcher Webster Tarpley has documented, Awlaki is “an intelligence agency operative and patsy-minder” and “one of the premier terror impresarios of the age operating under Islamic fundamentalist cover” whose job it is to “motivate and encourage groups of mentally impaired and suggestible young dupes who were entrapped into “terrorist plots” by busy FBI and Canadian RCMP agents during recent years.”

If Al-Awlaki really is dead this time around, the Pentagon has lost one of its top go-to men as far as the manufactured “war on terror” is concerned.


King of the hypocrites...

Obama Provides Terrorists a Safe Haven While Hailing Death of Al-Awlaki

The hypocrisy is staggering, even by Obama’s standards

Paul Joseph Watson

President Barack Obama has triumphantly hailed the death of Anwar al-Awlaki as a crushing blow to Al-Qaeda’s hopes of acquiring a safe haven, even as the US-backed NATO bombardment of Libya provides terrorists with a safe haven in North Africa.

Responding to the news that Al-Awlaki, who received an upgrade in his role after death to “chief of external operations” for al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, had been killed, Obama labeled it “another significant milestone” in the war on terror, adding, “This is further proof that al Qaeda and its affiliates will have no safe haven anywhere in the world.”

Aside from the fact that Al-Awlaki was a confirmed double agent, having dined at the Pentagon shortly after 9/11 despite being declared the spiritual leader of the hijackers, and going on to become chief patsy handler for intelligence agency entrapment operations, the hypocrisy here is staggering even by Obama’s standards.

If Obama was so concerned about not providing safe havens to terrorists, then why has he just helped hand an entire country over to them in Libya?

As we have previously highlighted, shortly after the start of the conflict in March, Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi, the leader of the anti-Gaddafi rebel army, admitted that the rebel ranks include Al-Qaeda terrorists who have killed U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

These terrorists are part of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), led by Abd Al-Hakim Belhadj, designated as a terrorist organization by the US State Department, yet now being hailed by the establishment media as liberators even as they round up, imprison, and slaughter innocent black people en masse.

A 2007 West Point Combating Terrorism Center (CTC) report noted how the LIFG provided more fighters per capita to combat US troops in Iraq than any other nation, or in other words was primarily responsible for killing American soldiers.

Leaders of the LIFG have now seized key strongholds in Tripoli and other areas, refusing to hand over control to the western-backed National Transitional Council.

Going back on Obama’s promise that no U.S. ground forces would be sent to Libya, the administration has justified its decision to send troops into the country by citing the missing shoulder-launched missile weapons that were looted by NATO-backed rebel forces.

White House spokesman Jay Carney announced earlier this week that the United States is preparing to deploy additional forces on the ground in Libya to “secure conventional arms storage sites” as well as to try to track down missing surface-to-air missiles (SAMs).

On March 18, Obama vowed that “The United States is not going to deploy ground troops into Libya.” Aside from the fact that western special forces were on the ground advising the rebel fighters from the very beginning and were later involved in the siege on Tripoli, earlier this month it was officially announced that U.S. service members would be dispatched to rebuild the U.S. Embassy.

The Obama administration’s support for the NATO intervention has provided the US government with the very pretext necessary to now go in and occupy the country in the name of protecting against terrorists gaining a safe haven, the very terrorists armed, trained and funded by the US and NATO in the first place.


The finanacial collapse has already begun...

Collapse Of Entire Global Banking System Is Underway Signals CEO of World’s Largest Mutual Fund

Posted by Alexander Higgins

PIMCO CEO signals the collapse of entire global banking system underway as a panic driven institutional bank run drains French banks of nearly all their capital.
PIMCO’s CEO tells the Financial Times that the institutional bank run on French Banks has left them with as little as 1% capital against the total assets reported on their balance sheets and institutional panic in the global financial system is underway

If this is true, we are looking at the collapse of the very foundation of the entire European banking system which in turn means the collapse of an essential pillar of the entire global banking banking system

Seriously, the Europeans have been pulling their money out of banks for weeks and so have many of the world’s most important corporations. Don’t be a fool and wait until the last minute to do the same.


Duck Tales- Proof our Gov leaders didn't watch cartoons when they were kids...

A letter to Ron Paul...

Advice for Ron Paul

by Walter Block

Ron Paul is doing just fine in his campaign. He is promoting liberty at a magnificent clip. He is converting people to libertarianism en masse, perhaps more so than any other person in the entire history of the planet (with the possible exception of Ayn Rand; however, she abjured the libertarian philosophy, while Dr. Paul embraces it enthusiastically).

So, Congressman Paul certainly doesn’t need any advice from me. Will that stop me from offering him some? Of course not. Lack of knowledge and expertise (as my critics tell me time and time again) never stopped me from mouthing off, and it won’t this time either.

On the other hand, I am fully aware that in the matter of politics, the only libertarian congressman from Texas is the master, and I am but a humble student. Yet, sometimes, out of the mouths of babes come interesting thoughts. And, also, brainstorming never hurts, even if only one out of a thousand off-the-wall ideas has any merit. So, it is in this self-effacing spirit that I offer some food for thought for the Ron Paul rEVOLution.

I. Send out an open letter to all other candidates for the Republican nomination, along these lines:

Dear fellow candidates for the Republican nomination:

The present format for our debates is unfair; some competitors are given way more of a chance to speak than others. Imagine if Usain Bolt were given a five yard head start because he is expected by the judges to be the winner of the race; posit that Michael Phelps were allowed to start swimming a few seconds earlier than his competitors on this ground. The officials responsible for such outrages would be summarily fired, not to say lynched by sports fans. And yet that is precisely what occurs in these debates for the Republican nomination for president. These umpires, too, ought to be severely rebuked.

In order to rectify the wildly unjust situation, I suggest the following (I am open to all friendly amendments):

1. Equal time be allotted to all competitors (what could be fairer than that?)

2. Our positions on the podium be determined by lottery

3. The order in which we are asked questions be determined by a coin flip

4. We all be treated as equally in every other way as are the runners in the 100 meter race at the starting line, and all throughout the race.

As soon as XX numbers of us sign this petition, we publicize this fact, and, agree not to be on the same stage as those who refuse to sign it.

Yours truly,
Ron Paul

This is obviously just a first draft, but, I’m sure you get my gist. Romney and Perry, I expect, will at least initially refuse to sign this Open Letter; the others will likely do so. Perhaps those two can be embarrassed into signing it. If not, I think that Ron will benefit from allowing those two to debate each other alone all by their lonesome, provided there is enough of a chance that a debate of all the signatories to this Letter will actually occur on prime time TV, and be more popular. On the positive side of this suggestion, the American people, I think (well, I hope) have some sort of sense of justice and fair play. When this open letter is publicized (of course not in the mainstream media, at least at first – thank God for the internet), my hope and expectation is that there will be sufficient howls of outrage against the MSM, and Romney and Perry for not signing on (if they do not). On the other hand, there is some real danger that the MSM will jettison all other candidates, and conduct their future interviews with Perry and Romney alone, as is their heartfelt desire.

II. Social security

The radical libertarian position on this institution is clear. Not only is it a Ponzi scheme, but it is a compulsory one. It ought to be ended, forthwith, and all payments stopped. What about the elderly retirees? They are the victims. They should sue those responsible for foisting this system on them, but should not collect a penny more, ever, from the long suffering taxpayer, for to do so would be to violate the rights of the innocent. (Full disclosure here; at 70 years of age, I now collect social security payments. I support the ending of this scheme, but am not at all about to decline my own checks for reasons mentioned here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.) What should be done about the perpetrators of social security? They should be treated roughly in the manner meted out to Bernie Madoff.

There is of course a more moderate position, at least roughly compatible with libertarianism: end social security now!, but in an altogether different, less radical, manner: do not enroll any new people on it. Allow all others now on the books to stop their payment contributions forthwith if they wish to sever their relationship with it. As for the others, enable them to continue, and pay retirees what they have been promised.

It has been said that "gradualism in theory is perpetuity in practice." Well, perhaps not in this case. Present enrollees and recipients will be grandfathered in, and this pernicious system will continue, for them, but, eventually it will end, starting right now. In that sense, this proposal is "gradualistic." But, in refusing to bring any young people into this Ponzi scheme, it will start to end immediately.

It should be emphasized, moreover, that in addition to the unsavory financial elements of this system, it tends to weaken and even break up the family. And, the family, a strong united family, is the backbone of our country. In the days before social security, the common practice was for middle aged people to take care of their parents, with the full expectation that their own children would return the favor to them. But with the government thrust into this situation (whether federal or state it matters not) these familial bonds are weakened. Even did not social security constitute fraud and theft, it ought be ended on that ground alone.

III. Drugs

The radical position on drugs is clear. End. The. Prohibition. Now! And, again, imprison all of those responsible for perpetrating it, as the non violent prisoners of this victimless crime are freed. And, while we’re at it (right after ending the Fed) end the FDA. This latter institution will not even allow those on their last legs to take a crap shoot with experimental drugs. For shame.

In the free society, the FDA would be supplanted with a competitive certification industry filled with the medical and pharmaceutical equivalents of Fitch, Standard and Poor, Kosher foods, the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, Consumer Reports, Moodys, etc.

But, there is a moderate libertarian position open to Ron Paul as well: "Immediately upon becoming president, I will legalize marijuana, and release all prisoners who are guilty of using or trafficking in, this drug." (I haven’t got the foggiest notion of whether or not the president of the U.S. has this power. I don’t care about that either. Let the politicos wrestle with that one. I am an ignoramus on these sorts of issues. My only goal here is to promote liberty. This is what should happen, whether it can or not.)

IV. Gary Johnson

If asked to distinguish himself from the "libertarianism" of Governor Gary Johnson, Ron Paul, the next president of the U.S. (boy, I like the sound of that) could say the following:

"Unlike the Democratic wing of the Republican Party (Perry and Romney) we in the libertarian wing of the GOP do not relish the idea of interminably arguing back and forth over Who Said What, When and Where. Rather, we focus instead on ideas for liberty. And in this vein I welcome Governor Johnson to the podium. He, too, supports the constitution, free enterprise, limited government, legalized drugs and a purely defensive foreign policy. Gary may well take some libertarian Republican votes away from me, but I am delighted that he is here at my side since he also promotes liberty."

Now, I realize that Ron will never in a million years say anything like that. He is simply too much of a gentleman to bash Perr-ney (hey, that’s Perry and Romney combined; get it?). But, I couldn’t resist offering this advice to him. Also, I have no idea whether or not it would be wise to be so supportive of Johnson. For an alternative view on that, see here. I offer this one, and all these other ideas, in the spirit of brain storming, only.

P.S. I saw Ron Paul at the Campaign for Liberty recently held in Reno. His speech there brought tears to my eyes. I love this man.


Here comes the Judge...

The Myth of American Freedom

by Andrew P. Napolitano

Here is Judge Napolitano's closing argument yesterday on his FreedomWatch.

Does the government work for us or do we work for the government? Is freedom in America a myth or a reality? Tonight, what if we didn't live in a free country?

What if the Constitution were written not to limit government, but to expand it? What if the Constitution didn't fulfill the promise of the Declaration of Independence, but betrayed it? What if the Constitution actually permitted the government to limit and constrict freedom? What if the Bill of Rights was just a paper promise, that the government could avoid whenever it claimed the need to do so? What if the same generation – in some cases the same people – that drafted the U.S. Constitution enacted laws that violated it? What if the merchants and bankers who financed the American Revolution bought their way into the new government and got it to enact laws that stifled their competition? What if the civil war that was fought in the name of freedom actually advanced the cause of tyranny?

What if the federal government were the product of 150 years of stealing power and liberty and property from the people and the states? What if our political elites spent the 20th century importing the socialist ideas of big government Statism from Europe? What if our political class was adopting the European political culture from which our founding fathers fought so hard to break free?

What if our political leaders no longer acknowledged that our rights come from our humanity, but insisted instead that they come from the government? What if you had to produce your papers to get out of or into our once-free country? What if you couldn't board a plane, a train, or a long-distance bus without providing documentation telling the government who you are and where you're going, without paying the government, and without risking sexual assault? What if your local police department could shoot down a plane? What if government agents could write their own search warrants, declare their own enemies, and seize whatever property they want? What if the feds could detain you indefinitely, with no visitors, no lawyer, no judge, and no jury? What if they could make you just disappear? What if the government broke its own laws in order to enforce them? What if the government broke down your front door in the middle of the night and shot your dog, and claimed it was a mistake?

What if you were required to purchase a product that you didn't need, didn't want, and couldn't afford, from a company you never heard of, just as a condition of living in the United States? What if the government told you what not to put in your body as well as what to put into it; and how much? What if the government claimed that since it will be paying your medical bills, it can tell you what to eat, when to sleep, and how to live? What if the government tried to cajole and coax and compel you into behaviors and attitudes it considered socially acceptable? What if the government spent your tax money to advertise to you how great the services are that it provides? What if the government kept promising to make you safe while it kept stripping you of your liberties and committing crimes in your name that made you a target of more violence?

What if you didn't have a right to every dollar you earned? What if the government decided how much of your earnings it will keep and how much it will permit you to have? What if the government took money from you and gave it away to its rich banking and corporate friends whose businesses were failing? What if the government thought it knew better than you did how to lead your life and had no problem telling you so? What if the government took the credit for every success your own human actions helped you achieve? What if the government told you that only it could build roads, run schools, keep you safe, and collect trash even though it's never been able to do so efficiently before? What if the government spent nearly twice as much as it took in? What if it couldn't pass a budget on a timely basis and funded itself just weeks at a time? And what if the government kept borrowing money against the wealth of future generations to pay for wasteful programs today?

What if you worked for the government and the government didn't work for you? What if freedom were a myth? What if we don't live in a free country? What do we do about it?

From New York, defending freedom; so-long America.


More proof the war on terror is a fraud...

John McCain Claims Al Qaeda Thugs Have “Inspired the World”

Tony Cartalucci

Photo: It’s all smiles and laughs in Tripoli as McCain, a chief proponent and driving force behind the US intervention in Libya, literally glorifies Al Qaeda’s exploits in the now ruined nation. Miles away, the very rebels he was praising are purposefully starving the civilian population of Sirte in an effort to break their will, while they and NATO indiscriminately use heavy weapons aimed at crowed city centers.

As Libya’s rebels, under the cover of NATO, verifiably exterminate entire cities [1], cut off others from essential supplies including water to intentionally create humanitarian disasters to “starve cities into submission [2],” John McCain, an avid supporter of the Benghazi terror brigades now sowing chaos throughout the North African nation, was reported to be in Tripoli recently praising rebels he claimed have “inspired the world” and have “turned cynics into supporters.”

McCain’s latest trip to Libya isn’t his first. He had made an April visit to Benghazi, a city cited along with neighboring Darnah by a 2007 West Point report [3] as the terror recruiting capitals of the world and the primary sources of foreign fighters that made their way to Iraq fighting and killing American troops. These fighters did so under the flag of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), listed to this day by the US State Department as a “foreign terrorist organization[4].” Despite overwhelming evidence and even admissions from Libyan rebels themselves [5] of having ties to, being members of, or in Tripoli “council leader” Abdul Belhaj’s case, a leader of this listed terrorist organization, McCain would declare he had “met with these brave fighters, and they are not Al-Qaeda. To the contrary: They are Libyan patriots who want to liberate their nation.” [6]

Despite McCain’s reassuring words, the rebels over the next several months would increasingly reveal their true nature to a horrified world as they waged racist genocide against Libya’s darker and black tribes, and conducted their “liberation” against cities resisting them with indiscriminate heavy weapons, blockades designed to literally starve the populations into submission and horrific reprisals once cities fell. While the corporate media did its best to obfuscate these atrocities, when entire cities like Tawarga with its 10,000 residents began disappearing from the map, even the propagandists were forced to acknowledge the “liberators” were less than noble.

McClatchy most recently reported in an article titled, “Empty village raises concerns about fate of black Libyans [7],” that McCain’s “inspiring” revolutionaries cleared out the entire city of Tawarga (also spelled Tawergha) displacing what was left of its population into two “camps” in Tripoli. Rebels would then go on to attack and disperse these refugee camps, conducting mass arrests, brutalizing refugees, and trucking off large numbers of women and children whose whereabouts are unknown. Rebels holding the now empty city of Tawarga have taken the liberty upon themselves to rename it “New Misrata” referring to the neighboring rebel stronghold of Misrata, as well as decorating the city’s walls with the Arabic racial epithet “abeed,” a derogatory term meaning “slave” and generally reserved to degrade blacks.

It would seem then that US Senator John McCain is either senile in his old age, or has a very different definition of what he considers “inspiring.” Perhaps by “inspiring” he means the absolute servile nature of the rebels’ “National Transitional Council” and its grovelling leadership clearly bent to the will of NATO and its corporate-financier sponsors [8]. Certainly as McCain surveyed his handy work in Tripoli, as he did in Egypt, the immense suffering of the Libyan people subjected to this US-sponsored “liberation” was far removed from his celebratory stroll.

Despite one’s hopes that an acting US Senator would recoil in horror from a “government” as guilty in reality of committing atrocities against the Libyan people as Libyan leader Moammar Qaddafi was accused of being in the fictional world of the corporate mass media, McCain could barely contain his delight, calling his visit to Tripoli and meeting the “military commanders and fighters” of the rebellion, ” exhilarating and hopeful [9].” One wonders if he met and shook hands with Tripoli’s “council leader” Abdul Belhaj, an Al Qaeda LIFG member, and killer of US soldiers in Afghanistan. Or perhaps wonder if McCain had mingled with LIFG fighters fresh back from Iraq, also having killed US and British soldiers.

The depraved nature of America’s leadership is directly proportional to the level of apathy and inaction of the American people. McCain’s existence in American politics represents what must be the pinnacle of such apathy and inaction. How McCain has managed to remain in office all these years is a profound mystery. Surely his constituents in Arizona are now horrified to see their senator mingling with “enemies” the United States supposedly spent the last decade, trillions of dollars, and the blood of its sons fighting. Surely this is McCain’s last term in office, and perhaps seemingly so as the senator from Arizona certainly does act as if there is no tomorrow.


Ron Paul close in Florida...

Poll: Ron Paul v Obama a dead heat in Fla.

by Joel Gehrke

Public Policy Polling, a Democratic-leaning polling firm, shows Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, and former Gov. Mitt Romney, R-Mass., trailing President Obama by a mere one point in their latest poll of Florida voters. Obama has a 56 percent disapproval rating in the swing state.

PPP shows Paul trailing Obama 45-44 in a hypothetical general election match-up, while Romney lags Obama by the same margin, 46-45. Gov. Rick Perry, R-Texas, has a 7 point deficit on the president, 50-43 - likely because 63% of voters polled disagree with his characterization of Social Security as a Ponzi scheme.

That said, PPP made a point of noting that Perry's deficit to Obama recalls Dewey's loss to President Truman, which might say as much about how PPP wants Republican voters to see Perry as it does about Perry's chances in this election.


"The myth that Al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden did 9/11 had staying power, but now a new villain and a new terrorist event is needed to push history over the abyss."

Am-Erica is Al-Qaeda: Another Look At The Terrorist Threat

Saman Mohammadi

“Opinions have caused more ills than the plague or earthquakes on this little globe of ours.” – Voltaire.

It is a plain fact that Al-Qaeda is a proxy army that was invented by the CIA to intimidate the American people into giving up their rights and constitution and to serve as a justification for the American and Israeli wars of conquest in the Middle East.

This sounds crazy on the surface because of the U.S. government’s assertion that Al-Qaeda is a strategic threat to the United States and that it was responsible for the 9/11 attacks. But ask yourself what is more crazier: thinking for yourself or trusting the government?

Why is it considered insane to question government narratives and statements? Since when did the U.S. government become God?

The media’s blackout of scientific and eyewitness evidence that proves the CIA and Mossad coordinated the 9/11 attacks from the shadows should make anyone who has an independent mind to dig deeper and ask questions.

Historian Webster G. Tarpley said on Infowars Nightly News on September 28, 2011 that, “what we’ve learned in Libya is that Al-Qaeda is the CIA Arab legion, it always has been, it always will be.”

Tarpley says the CIA speaks through Al-Qaeda, so technically speaking there is no “Al-Qaeda.” It is an imaginary terrorist threat that was created to keep Americans docile and afraid.

The links between Western intelligence agencies and radical Islamist groups emerged in the war against Gaddafi. Back in March, The Telegraph reported that the rebels in Libya had deep connections to Al-Qaeda. These seasoned Al-Qaeda soldiers were financed and trained by the Western powers to do their dirty work in countries like Libya that oppose the arrogant banksters’ plan for world hegemony.

America was conquered by the parasitic banksters in 1913 when the tyrannical Federal Reserve was created. The American government lost its independence and sovereignty overnight to the same group of thieves that America went to war against in 1776.

A century after the creation of the Fed, America is a country possessed by fantasies, deceptions, and delusions, where reality is whatever the government and media say it is.

National illusions and mythic narratives are religiously maintained by the priests of power in Washington. The voice of the American people was crushed and silenced a long time ago.

What exists in Washington is not a government but a vampiric machine of death, brutality and destruction that breeds terror and chaos to stay alive. The U.S. military-industrial-terrorism complex is devising all kinds of false villains to generate fear, anger and hate in America against innocent nations in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Washington’s Promethean quest is to destroy all democratic nation states, establish a dictatorial global government, and usher in a technocratic planetary civilization that will replace both Islamic and Western civilizations.

Al-Qaeda is just one of the many villains that Washington creates for political and strategic purposes. The two-faced rulers of America rely on a tried and true tactic of manufacturing threats and creating fake enemies to expand the pentagon budget and justify military force in other nations.

Kurt Nimmo writes about Washington’s tradition of creating fantasy villains in his article, “U.S. Invented Soviet Threat,”:

As a growing number of historians have realized for years, the so-called Cold War was largely an illusion – known as “policy by press release” – invented by the military industrial complex, the same folks who are selling us new wars and conjured-up threats from the likes of al-Qaeda and now the so-called Haqqani network.

The Haqqani network appeared out of nowhere because that is where all of America’s enemies come from. Scary sounding names like “Al-Qaeda,” and “Haqqani,” come right out of government fiction.

Washington’s playwrights should get a Nobel prize for literature. Seriously. I think they put Shakespeare to shame. Their great tragicomedy, “World War III: From Ashes to Ashes,” is probably the best thing any totalitarian government has ever written.

For the normal and sane person this past decade has been like a bad movie, but for the psychopathic clique that engineered 9/11 and the war on terror it has been a wild blast. The only criticism is that the chief actors in this drama, Bush and Obama, have given very bad performances.

But no worries. New actors are always lining up to mouth Satan’s words in Washington. Webster Tarpley speculates that David Petraeus, the former military commander in Afghanistan and the current head of the CIA, could become President and turn into an American Pinochet.

That’s the action on the domestic front. What about overseas? Now that the villain of Act One, played by Osama Bin Laden, is dead and gone, the curtains are being opened for Act Two and new villains are required. This second Act will feature an apocalyptic war in Pakistan and Iran, and probably the entire region. This is when the action will really begin.

Paul Craig Roberts, the former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration, says America is gearing up to strike Pakistan hard. He wrote about the dubious threat posed by the Haqqani network to U.S. interests and security on September 27 in his article, “The Latest Orchestrated Threat and The End of History.”Roberts said:

Have you ever before heard of the Haqqanis? I didn’t think so. Like Al Qaeda, about which no one had ever heard prior to 9/11, the “Haqqani Network” has popped up in time of need to justify America’s next war — Pakistan.

President Obama’s claim that he had Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden exterminated deflated the threat from that long-serving bogyman. A terror organization that left its leader, unarmed and undefended, a sitting duck for assassination no longer seemed formidable. Time for a new, more threatening, bogyman, the pursuit of which will keep the “war on terror” going.

Washington’s creation of this new threat is either a stroke of bold genius or another lame attempt at reviving fear in America against terrorism.

For this trick to really work Washington’s shadow state has to stage another false flag terrorist attack in a major American city like Chicago or Denver and then blame it on Pakistan or some other scapegoat. Otherwise, the smoke and mirrors game might collapse.

What moves history – and mass opinion – towards a desired direction that the ruling elite want is blood and trauma, as we found out on 9/11. Without those two major ingredients, America’s war on terror scam can’t work.

The myth that Al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden did 9/11 had staying power, but now a new villain and a new terrorist event is needed to push history over the abyss.

Who will be that new villain that America will love to hate?

When will a new false flag terrorist attack, which will be used to completely phase out the American republic, occur? And in which city will the attack happen? And how many bodies will be obliterated?

These are some of the big questions that are being discussed by the history makers in Washington and Israel.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

"Nader says... “Libertarians like Ron Paul are on our side on civil liberties. They’re on our side against the military-industrial complex. They’re on our side against Wall Street. They’re on our side for investor rights. That’s a foundational convergence,” he exhorts. “It’s not just itty-bitty stuff.”"

Ralph Nader: Progressives Find Hope and Alliance with Ron Paul

Michael Tracey

It’s no secret that Ralph Nader has held the Democratic Party establishment in low regard for decades now: the marginally more palatable alternative in an ugly duopoly, he claims, is still quite ugly. But lately Nader’s disdain has reached a new high. “It’s gotten so bad,” he tells me, “that you can actually say a Republican president—with a Democratic Senate—would produce less bad results than the present situation. That’s how bollixed stuff has gone.”

Not that he was ever particularly optimistic about the Obama administration, especially its potential to make headway on curtailing corporate welfare, now Nader’s signature policy objective. But in that, as with so many aspects of Obama’s presidency, the adjectives “disappointing” or “inadequate” don’t even begin to capture the depths of progressive disillusionment. Looking ahead to the 2012 presidential race, one might assume that Nader has little to be cheerful about.

Yet he says there is one candidate who sticks out—who even gives him hope: Rep. Ron Paul of Texas.

That might sound counterintuitive. Nader, of course, is known as a stalwart of the independent left, having first gained notoriety for his 1960s campaign to impose greater regulatory requirements on automakers—a policy act that would seem to contravene the libertarian understanding of justified governmental power. So I had to ask: how could he profess hope in Ron Paul, who almost certainly would have opposed the very regulations on which Nader built his career?

“Look at the latitude,” Nader says, referring to the potential for cooperation between libertarians and the left. “Military budget, foreign wars, empire, Patriot Act, corporate welfare—for starters. When you add those all up, that’s a foundational convergence. Progressives should do so good.”

I thought I’d bring up the subject of Ron Paul with Nader after seeing the two jointly interviewed on Fox Business Channel in January. Nader had caught me off guard when he identified an emergent left-libertarian alliance as “today’s most exciting new political dynamic.” It was easy to foresee objections that the left might raise: if progressives are in favor of expanding the welfare state, how well can they really get along with folks who go around quoting the likes of Hayek and Rothbard?

“That’s strategic sabotage,” Nader responds, sharply. “It’s an intellectual indulgence. … If they’re on your side, and you don’t compromise your positions, what do you care who they quote? Franklin Delano Roosevelt sided with Stalin against Hitler. Not to draw that analogy, I’m just saying—why did he side with Stalin? Because Stalin went along with everything FDR wanted.”

There may be an insurmountable impasse between the camps on social-safety-net spending. “But,” Nader says, “you could get together on corporate entitlements, subsidies, handouts, giveaways, bailouts. Ron Paul is dead set against all that. So are a lot of libertarian-conservatives. In fact, it’s almost a mark of being a libertarian-conservative—in contrast to being a corporatist-conservative.”

“Do you read all these right-wing theoreticians?” he goes on. “Almost every one of them warned about excessive corporate concentration. Hayek did, [Frank] Meyer did, even Adam Smith did in his own way.” He leaves the mechanics of a left-libertarian political coalition to be sussed out later.

If the issues around which progressives and libertarians can coalesce, I ask Nader, are the most intractable, deeply entrenched problems, is he proposing that such a coalition would be more tenable than the one currently cobbling together the Democratic Party, with its many Blue Dogs and neoliberals?

“Exactly,” Nader says. “Libertarians like Ron Paul are on our side on civil liberties. They’re on our side against the military-industrial complex. They’re on our side against Wall Street. They’re on our side for investor rights. That’s a foundational convergence,” he exhorts. “It’s not just itty-bitty stuff.”

Nader cites opposition to “the self-defeating, boomeranging drug war” as another source of common ground, in the face of both parties’ indifference—with the scant exceptions of a few House Democrats who favor decriminalizing marijuana—to drug prohibition’s many ills. Ron Paul’s rejection of the very notion that personal drug use should be a criminal offense is something that has resonated with younger supporters, often catalyzing their first moment of political consciousness.

“This is one place where conservatives and liberals can get together,” Paul tells me. “Because it’s sort of a nullification approach—a states’ rights approach.” California attempted to legalize marijuana outright via ballot initiative “because they have millions and millions of people who are using it, yet the federal government’s position—Obama’s position—is still to go after people even if it’s being used for medicinal reasons, and putting sick people in jail.”

“But of course,” Paul goes on, “the conservatives are very weak on states’ rights when it comes to marijuana, which I find rather ironic. Why don’t they just stick to principle and say, ‘Well, we’re for states’ rights. Let the states do this.’ But no, they come down hard and say, ‘We need a federal law’.” He sounds exasperated. “I think both sides should work harder at being consistent.”

Some critics allege that Paul himself has proven inconsistent on states’ rights when it comes to the Defense of Marriage Act, which created federal criteria for the recognition of marital unions. Campaign literature distributed by the Paul campaign, under the header “Barack Obama’s Assault on Marriage,” asserts that the administration has shown “a profound lack of respect for the Constitution and the Rule of Law” by no longer defending one of DOMA’s provisions in federal court. “As President,” the literature reads, “Dr. Paul would enforce the Defense of Marriage Act, stopping Big Government in Washington, D.C. from forcing its definition of marriage on the states.”

The flyer’s aggressive tone suggests it may have been written with an eye towards appealing to Evangelical voters. In our interview, Paul offers a nuanced position. He wasn’t in Congress in 1996 when DOMA was approved, but says he “probably” would have voted for it. “Looking back,” Paul tells me, “I believed it protected the states over the federal government’s dictates.”

How sharp is the divide on social issues between progressives and Paul’s more conservative supporters? I ask for his opinion on the central role religion has seemingly taken in the Republican presidential contest, something that has distressed progressives and libertarians alike. Texas Governor Rick Perry preceded the announcement of his bid with a massive Evangelical prayer rally in Houston, just miles from Paul’s congressional district.

“It certainly is his judgment call,” Paul says of Perry’s decision to convene a stadium-sized worship event. “There’s nothing that says he should not do it. But whether it’s the wisest thing to do? For me, I would consider it unwise.”

Paul is typically demure about his own belief in Christianity—willing to speak about it when prompted, but never ostentatious. “It might be the way I was raised. We weren’t ever taught to carry religion on our sleeves.” He references New Testament admonitions against going “out on the sidewalk” to “make a grandstand.” “You’re supposed to go quietly into your closet to pray,” Paul says, “and not be demonstrating in any particular way. So I think I have followed that more than others.”

I ask him at what point journalists should be entitled to press candidates on their personal doctrinal views. Ordinarily, Paul says, it’s inappropriate. “But if you start using religion precisely to gain political advantage,” he adds, “then I think it’s much fairer to ask those questions.”

Nader takes a grim view of Perry, who polls indicate is the Republican frontrunner. “It’s easy to say he may self-destruct, but he’s starting to get some of that Reagan teflon. The Republican Party is going to self-destruct with Perry. I don’t think he’s like Reagan. He’s too cruel and vicious.”

There are nascent movements underway to bring disaffected progressives into Ron Paul’s fold. A new organization called Blue Republican, advertised on the Huffington Post and elsewhere, urges Democrats to pledge their support for Paul. While Nader isn’t willing to endorse Paul’s candidacy at this point, during our interview his praise grew increasingly effusive. “Ron Paul has always been anti-corporate, anti-Federal Reserve, anti-big banks, anti-bailouts,” Nader says. “I mean, they view him in the same way they view me on a lot of these issues. Did you see the latest poll? He’s like two points behind Obama.”

“That’s where the hope comes from,” Nader continues. “Because the left will reach out. I mean, they’re already reaching out. They want as many allies as possible. It’s the right-wing that is being split, and that’s historically been the case—the corporatists make sure authentic conservatives are vectored in other directions. They’re vectored on the social religious issues, abortion, more recently on raising the debt limit. ‘Keep going after the libs,’ the corporatists say. Because otherwise, authentic conservatives may develop a cooperative effort with the ‘libs’ on other issues, which are our issues,” he concludes. “The big issues.”


"If you are desperate for a job, you just might want to check out North Dakota."

Go West, Young Man (To North Dakota)

Are you unemployed and out of options? Well, if you live in most areas of the country there is not much hope for you. But there is one state where hiring is really hot right now. If you are desperate for a job, you just might want to check out North Dakota. Way back in the middle of the 19th centurty, author Horace Greeley gave young Americans the following advice: "Go West, young man, go West". Well, we have reached another moment in U.S. history when it may be wise for many Americans to pick up and move to another part of the country in search of opportunity. Of course traveling to North Dakota is not "going west" for all Americans, but for the majority of the population it is. In the 19th century, many Americans traveled west because they believed those that told them that there was "gold in them thar hills", but today a different kind of "gold" is being found in North Dakota. The state is currently enjoying a boom of "black gold", and all of that oil is creating a huge number of jobs. If you are unemployed and you are desperate, you might want to check out North Dakota. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

As I write about so frequently, unemployment is an absolute nightmare in most areas of the country right now. But in North Dakota there are plenty of jobs and they pay really well. Just check out what a new CNN article is saying about what is going on in the state....

Believe it or not, a place exists where companies are hiring like crazy, and you can make $15 an hour serving tacos, $25 an hour waiting tables and $80,000 a year driving trucks.

You just have to move to North Dakota. Specifically, to one of the tiny towns surrounding the oil-rich Bakken formation, estimated to hold anywhere between 4 billion and 24 billion barrels of oil.

CNBC also recently ran an article about the jobs boom up in North Dakota. According to CNBC, there are "help wanted" signs all over the place in little towns such as Williston....

Unemployment is a national problem in the U.S., but you wouldn't know that if you travel through North Dakota.

The state's unemployment rate hovers around 3 percent, and "Help Wanted" signs litter the landscape of cities such as Williston in the same way "For Sale" signs populate the streets of Las Vegas.

"It's a zoo," said Terry Ayers, who drove into town from Spokane, Wash., slept in his truck, and found a job within hours of arrival, tripling his salary. "It's crazy what's going on out here."

If you are desperate for work and you are looking for a "reboot", North Dakota may be an option for you. According to CNN, there are a significant number of families that have already changed their lives by heading out to North Dakota....

McMullen now works as a nanny in exchange for housing. Her husband, who worked on behavior management programs for a school system in North Carolina where he took home about $1,600 a month, found a job working in the oilfields where he makes that same amount of money in one week -- adding up to an annual salary of about $77,000.

"We want to be debt-free, so we came here to play catch-up," said McMullen. "But when I came here, I thought I was on Mars. It's just so crazy that the rest of the country has no jobs, and here's this one place that doesn't have enough people to fill all the jobs."

So is North Dakota for everyone?

Of course not.

First of all, it gets bone-chilling cold in North Dakota in the winter.

If you cannot handle really cold weather then you should not go up there.

Secondly, there is not nearly enough housing in the boom towns and the housing that is available is really expensive.

So you may either have to commute a long way or deal with accommodations that are less than stellar.

North Dakota is very flat, the geography is not very pleasant, there is not much to do there, the "boom towns" are very far from major population centers and moving there would entail major sacrifices for most people.

But there are good jobs up there.

So if you are looking for some good news, you just got some.

Look, it is better to try to do something than to sit around waiting for Barack Obama to save you. As I have written about previously, the Obama jobs plan is a bad joke and even if it got through Congress it would do very little to create jobs.

The truth is that Barack Obama simply does not know what he is doing when it comes to jobs. He continues to push for even more job-killing "free trade" agreements that will result in millions more American jobs being shipped overseas.

Barack Obama continues to run around the country talking about "infrastructure jobs", but according to ABC News, thousands upon thousands of those jobs are actually going to Chinese workers....

In New York there is a $400 million renovation project on the Alexander Hamilton Bridge.

In California, there is a $7.2 billion project to rebuild the Bay Bridge connecting San Francisco and Oakland.

In Alaska, there is a proposal for a $190 million bridge project.

These projects sound like steps in the right direction, but much of the work is going to Chinese government-owned firms.

The sad truth is that the U.S. economy continues to slide even further down the tubes and the vast majority of our politicians have no idea how to fix things.

When Barack Obama first took office, the official U.S. unemployment rate was 7.6 percent. Today it is 9.1 percent.

There are less jobs in the United States today than there were a decade ago, and the number of good paying jobs continues to shrink.

In 1980, 52 percent of all jobs in the United States were middle income jobs. Today, only 42 percent of all jobs are middle income jobs.

So don't sit around waiting for the economy to fix itself. There is no reason to have blind faith in the system at this point.

We live during unconventional times, and many of us are going to have to find unconventional solutions to our problems.

There are lots of good jobs in the western part of North Dakota.

If you need a job, you might want to look into it.