Monday, November 29, 2010

More evidence the FBI manipulated terror suspect into committing crime. They even planted the bomb. Two articles...

FBI stopped Portland bomb suspect from taking job before sting

Though it's a controversial assertion, observers often point to a link between acts of terrorism and poverty.

In the case of Mohamed Osman Mohamud, the 19-year-old arrested Friday for allegedly trying to blow up an Oregon Christmas tree lighting ceremony, the FBI itself may have created that link.

According to the New York Times, the FBI placed Mohamud on a terror watch list, making it impossible for the young man to fly to Alaska to take a summer job. It was only after Mohamud was blocked from taking the job in June of this year that the FBI -- which had been monitoring him since 2009 -- made contact with the suspect.

The Times reports:

The FBI’s surveillance started in August 2009 after agents intercepted his e-mails with a man he had met in Oregon who had returned to the Middle East, according to a law enforcement official who described the man as a recruiter for terrorism. According to the affidavit, the man had moved to Yemen and then northwest Pakistan, a center of terrorism activity.

Mr. Mohamud was then placed on a watch list and stopped at the Portland airport in June 2010 when he tried to fly to Alaska for a summer job.

Later in June, aware of Mr. Mohamud’s frustrated attempts to receive training as a jihadist overseas, an undercover agent first made contact with him, posing as an associate of the man in Pakistan. On the morning of July 30, the F.B.I. first met with Mr. Mohamud in person to initiate the sting operation.

The revelation adds fuel to the fire of critics who argue the FBI's sting operation manufactured -- rather than stopped -- a domestic terrorist.



An alleged plot to detonate a bomb at the Pioneer Square Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony in Portland Friday was foiled by FBI agents and Portland Police officers. A close examination of the facts raises concerns that the story is simply conditioning to prepare Americans for more military conflict in the Middle east.

Vehicle based IED’s (Improvised Explosive Device) are known in Iraq and Afghanistan as ‘VBID’s’ and they are among the deadliest bombs. The VBID can be maneuvered into very busy areas before being blown up; they are a frightening thought.

Portland Police Bureau Chief Michael Reese stated, “This threat was very real but at no point was the public ever in danger. The cooperation of various law enforcement agencies was critical in making this case. I appreciate the partnership we have with the FBI and I’m very proud of the Portland Police Bureau’s role in this investigation. The Portland Police Bureau works to maintain the highest level of safety for our community and this case stands as an example of our commitment to the people we serve.”

That sure sounds reassuring, but I wouldn’t take it to the bank. Like recent similar stories, the ‘official’ account is missing a few key ingredients. Yet it makes great reading for the average citizen who believes there are dangerous ‘Muslims’ lurking around the corners of their living room.

It has all of the catch phrases:

* The suspect’s name is “Mohamed”.
* He allegedly yelled “Allah Akbar” when arrested.
* He supposedly has links to Al Qaeda.
* Evidence is sealed and the investigation will never reveal many details.
* The FBI informant doesn’t use their name.
* Interestingly, the alleged crime never involved any danger to the public.

The suspect is a naturalized U.S. citizen from Somalia. 19-year old Mohamed Osman Mohamud, a resident of Corvallis, Oregon, was arrested Friday in connection with the alleged plan to detonate a vehicle bomb at the Christmas tree lighting event.

Police say Mohamud attempted to remotely detonate what were “believed to be” explosives in a van that was parked near the Christmas tree lighting ceremony. The device was in fact inert and the public was never at risk, police say.

I have been reading other accounts of this event and it is clear that the anti-Muslim lobby in the US scored big with this story.


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