Saturday, December 25, 2010

Thank you Communist China...

Communist China to "Bailout" Cartel Capitalism in West?
Howard Beale

Communist China, with all of its resources gained through slave labor and favorable trade agreements, has announced that it will bailout debt-weakened European nations with its vast foreign investment fund.

On the ground, China appears to have a very capitalistic system of production and consumerism. However, at the political level, the essentially single-party state can move very quickly when seeking foreign investments. In other words, there is very little bureaucratic wrangling in decision making.

They seem to have a form of dictatorial anti-competition capitalism. Based on its success in consolidating wealth and power globally, it appears to be the perfect fusion to the cartel-run capitalism in the West -- which it now seeks to prop up, or set up -- in Economic Hitman fashion.

In reality, it is all the same money, the same owners, and the same scheme. The international cartels have gone into partnership with China for resource management, international trade, currency management and global banking. At the very least, their dependence upon each other has undoubtedly married their global interests.

The idea that China is a separate independent entity to be feared by Western governments seems to be manufactured to tap into the notion of patriotism when the time is appropriate to further artificially divide and conquer the sovereign populace.

The globalists deliberately shaped China's rise while maintaining that they are a not-so-friendly force to be reckoned with. And China, well known as a massive military power, is currently free from military hegemonic entanglements in resource-rich nations like Iraq and Afghanistan. Yet, they still find a way to acquire epic contracts for the resources in those countries and others where the West supposedly has military control.

When you strip out the labels of communism and capitalism, China looks an awful lot like a more obvious (or honest) American false two-party system that recently greased through thousands of pages of legislation in a so-called lame duck session. In both, the multinational corporations can move very quickly to consolidate global business.

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