Monday, December 27, 2010

Here are some more terror warnings and related articles from the government meant to scare you and break down your resistance to losing your liberties...

Feeling safer yet or just duped?

US to step up security at hotels and malls

The United States is stepping up security at "soft targets" like hotels and shopping malls, as well as trains and ports, as it counters the evolving Al-Qaeda threat, a top official said Sunday.


Napolitano: Pat-downs are here to stay

Airline passengers should get used to invasive full body scans and enhanced pat-downs, the Homeland Security secretary suggested Sunday.

CNN's Candy Crowley asked Janet Napolitano if she expected changes to the controversial Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screening procedures in the near future.

"Not for the foreseeable future," Napolitano replied.


Napolitano: 'See Something, Say Something' campaign isn't Big Brother

The federal government's "If You See Something, Say Something" campaign to encourage citizen vigilance against terrorism threats doesn't amount to a Big Brother-style spying effort, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said in an interview aired Sunday.

"It just sounds very Big Brother to me, turning in the next door neighbor." CNN's Candy Crowley said to Napolitano during an interview on "State of the Union."

"It's not," Napolitano insisted. "It depends on the common sense of the American people. I think they have common sense. And it depends on, again ... getting through this notion that our safety, our security and the world we live in today is a shared responsibility."


TSA employee sees a frozen chicken, airport shuts down

As airport security becomes more of a concern during the holiday travel season, travelers will be seeing delays of all sorts. But an hour-long delay for Lafayette Regional Airport users Tuesday morning was of a nature most fowl.

The airport was briefly shut down as authorities investigated a suspicious package that turned out to contain a frozen chicken and a head lamp, said Lt. Craig Stansbury, spokesman for the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Police were called to the airport around 10:48 a.m. Tuesday after a TSA employee saw the package run through the screening process.

According to Stansbury, the outline of the wires from the head-mounted mining light overlapped another image, that of the chicken, during the screening.

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