Thursday, December 30, 2010

Here's a person who spoke up about 9/11and was ignored...

FBI told Clinton prosecutor about details of 9/11 ‘attack’ weeks in advance

If you’ve heard of David Philip Schippers at all, chances are you remember him going head to head with former president Bill Clinton.

Schippers, a Republican, was the special prosecutor in the Clinton impeachment case in the late 1990s. He was also the former Chief Investigative Counsel for the U.S. House Judiciary Committee. Not exactly an anti-establishment figure.

But when it comes to 9/11, Schippers has some things to say that shake the foundations of the official story.

Just two days after 9/11, Schippers went public with the explosive statement that he had been told by FBI agents months before 9/11 that there would be a massive terrorist attack targeting the financial arteries of lower Manhattan. The revelation came in an interview he did on WRRK in Pittsburgh.

These agents, who were reportedly from Illinois and Minnesota, confided in Schippers that they knew the location and date of the “impending attacks.” They even knew the names of the hijackers and the sources of their funding!

Schippers said he attempted to contact then U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft and other federal officials six weeks before 9/11 to report what he’d been told. Ashcroft never returned his calls. He also failed to interest at least one Congressman into investigating the intelligence warning.

Instead of Ashcroft, Schippers received a call from a justice department official who told him, “We don’t start our investigations from the top.” The official said he’d get back to Schippers, but the call never came. Keep in mind how firmly placed in the Washington establishment Schippers was – and what a credible figure he would have been. And yet he couldn’t get a call back from the Attorney General on a matter of such consequence.

But the story’s even worse than that. FBI agents who brought important the information to their superiors were told to end their inquiries or face possible arrest.

David Ray Griffin reported in The New Pearl Harbor that Schippers’ story was backed up by another conservative source. William Norman Grigg in The New American magazine writes that FBI agents he interviewed said that the information given to Schippers was widely known within the FBI for months before 9/11.

Why hasn’t this information been on the front page of every newspaper in America? Or even one newspaper?

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