Friday, February 19, 2016

Obamacare tax disaster...

Obamacare: The Camel is in the Tent Now

By Jack Perry

Here we are again! Tax time is now upon us and lots of folks are getting robbed by the federal government because they didn’t sign up for ObamaCare. I know this guy who just got dinged a whopping $631 bucks on his tax return because he could not afford ObamaCare on his income. But, get this! He SAVED MONEY!!!! Because had he signed up for Obama’s pig-dung-in-a-poke health care scam, this dude would have lost more than twice that amount of money! But next year, he won’t be so lucky because the ObamaCrap penalty will skyrocket to something like $1300 for him.

Now, I spoke with some self-professed ObamaCare “expert” (a CPA who never met a government bureaucracy he didn’t like, because he’s a tax preparer that makes his money off government taxation) that “explained” to me why ObamaClunker “needs” to put a gun to your head and force you to enroll. He said that the only way it would work is if the healthy people were forced into it to help spread out and subsidize the costs of all the sick people enrolling into it. What?!? Excuse me, but, what?!? Here’s the deal: If all these sick people enroll into ObamaScam, it’ll go broke because it won’t be able to pay for all of it. Therefore, they need a counterbalance of healthy people paying into it to basically pay for the care of the sick. Hmmm…that sounds an awful lot like Soviet-style communism to me. Oh, no, don’t call it communism, scream the Democrats that still defend this Vietnam War of social programs.

There is a major flaw with this premise. Now, the VA medical system isn’t known for having a majority of healthy folks that never use it and pay into it without using it. In fact, there’s a lot of people in it with serious, lifelong medical conditions and problems thanks to the government getting into wars all over the place. Ok, so why then does this VA system not require a healthy number of people paying into it to make it work? Oh, that’s right! Because all the taxpayers as a whole are paying for a medical system many cannot use because they’re not veterans. But now what about Medicare? I daresay a lot of folks using that are not healthy. Some are on permanent disability. Again, the taxpayers as a whole are paying into that. Therefore, my question is this: If ObamaScam could not work without everyone forced into it, why did they not just give everyone the ability to buy into Medicare voluntarily? Especially since that scam, er, system already existed and was somewhat functional and already full of sick people and certainly could have used the infusion of cash from the healthy?

Saying you need to force the healthy to buy a product they don’t want to cover the costs of the sick is simply wrong. What’s next? Am I to buy carrots and other healthy vegetables for people? The thing is, if the system really did need all these healthy people in it to cover the costs of the sick, then that system is obviously deeply flawed and a failure right from the get-go. It’s as bad as saying the only way to cover the costs of the Vietnam War was to have some wars we actually win. And that was somewhat the logic of the government invading Grenada. Be that as it may, the theory of “We need everyone buying into it to cover the costs” exists elsewhere, too.

The theory behind a carnival midway game such as the shooting galleries and knock-over-the-pins is that you need a high number of people losing that game in order for one person to win the stuffed bear. That’s covers the cost of the stuffed bear, plus makes a profit. But the thing is, you basically fleeced the majority to hand a minority the stuffed bear. It’s the exact same principle behind gambling. And the wars of the United States government, too, by the way. The only way the government could get everyone to enroll in a system they knew was rigged was to force them to enroll. That does one other thing for the government.

By forcing everyone to enroll, the government can claim a “success”. They can say, “Hey, look how many millions of people enrolled in ObamaScam! Everyone loves it! It’s a success!” One could say the same thing for enrolling to be executed by firing squad if the alternative was being burned at the stake. If you have to force people to buy a product through government extortion, then your product is what most people hold their nose and scrape off their shoe. Here’s what gets me. The federal government has now forced people to buy a product from a private corporation and calls this legal because it’s a “tax”. Hmmm…is that so? If the government then demands I buy cabbage from the supermarket and never, ever to grow my own, can they call that a “tax” also? It’s the same principle at work. Liberals say, “What about car insurance? You have to buy that!” Not the same thing. People that ride the bus or rely upon bicycles or their own two feet are not forced to buy car insurance to spread out the costs of all the idiot drivers out there running red lights. “Yes, but the good drivers subsidize the bad, see? That’s how ObamaCare works!” No, that’s how ObamaCare DOES NOT work. Again, people are not forced to buy car insurance unless they drive. What, people should be forced to buy ObamaCrap just because they’re alive? Really, who had a choice in that back in the planning stages of life? “Oh, excuse me, could you put my birth off into some point in the future after the United States government collapses?”

Why should any of us have to subsidize this charade against our will? You know, you can’t even opt out of this crap saying you pay CASH for the health care you use. No, the government needs PROOF you have health insurance. I daresay that this will be the genesis of a federal ID card everyone will be forced to carry at all times or be carted off to jail for “lack of proper identification”. Go to the airport and there will be TSA, “ObamaCare ID cards, people! Hold them up over your heads at all times!” You’ll probably be required to show an ObamaCare proof-of-insurance with everything, going into the future. That’s the only way they’re going to catch the people “flying under the radar” and not enrolling, like people that found a way out of it or who just pay the penalty. You’ll probably be forced to present proof-of-ObamaCare in government offices, applying for jobs, and who knows what else? Can’t happen? Well, did you know when the Social Security card and numbers were created, it was stated that those were NEVER to be used as a form of ID? Now you pretty much can’t take a crap without ponying up the SSN.

Oh, you thought you could get a religious exemption? Not unless you’re in a “federally recognized” religious sect. Hmmm…I guess the First Amendment is rolling over in its grave about now. The government can overrule whatever your church says. Think about that. You’re pretty much stuck with this clunker and how did this all manifest? Right, because people thought health care would be FREE! Ok, people say the scariest words are, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you…” No, the scariest words are not spoken but insinuated by the government: “We’re going to give you something for FREE!” A “free lunch” from the government is what they give people in jail, you dig what I’m saying here? We’re all in the jailhouse now and getting our government-ordered health insurance.

This is only the beginning. The camel’s nose is not under the tent. The camel is IN the tent and crapping on the carpet. ObamaCare says the government can force you to buy anything they decide you “need”. Health care today, tomorrow maybe a psychiatric evaluation so they can see if you’re depressed and need a regimen of powerful medications. Maybe a “health program” your kids better go to after school. ObamaCare is worse than we thought. Because it’s only the beginning of what they CAN do—and get away with.


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