Friday, February 19, 2016

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Jeb Bush: Coke Dealer?

By Roger Stone

My newest book Jeb and the Bush Crime Family reports allegations that Jeb Bush dealt both drugs and alcohol at his Andover prep school for the rich and entitled and that he was involved in drug smuggling operations that eventually led to the murder of CIA pilot Barry Seal, who tried to blackmail the Bushes and ended up riddled with bullets. These allegations fit Jeb’s lifelong pattern of elite deviance.

But I more recently discovered allegations that Jeb teamed up with Dudley Farenthold, son of legendary Texas Democrat Sissy Farenthold and John B. Connally Jr., son of former Texas Governor John Connally, to smuggle cocaine into Houston for resale.

Steven Mark Coble, a reporter for Teknosis, confirmed the following in an email:

“In Houston, from 1977 until 1980 I rented the garage apartment next to my business attorney, David C. Cobb. His father is Daniel W. Cobb, retired Houston Chronicle Executive Managing News Editor of some 40 years, Dan Rather’s first boss. We became good friends over the years. Dan happened to be late for a holiday function one evening in 1979. He was animated and filled with excitement as I had ever seen him. “You won’t believe what just happened” he stated. There were a number of people present there in the kitchen and dining room, among them was a girl I happened to be seeing at the time, Ms. Katherine Farenthold. Kathy had recently become the ex-wife of Dudley Farenthold. Dudley was the son of Francis (Cissy) Farenthold, a prominent state Democratic Party official and former gubernatorial candidate. Dan went on to say, “Dudley, John Connally Jr., and Jeb Bush had just been picked up by HPD and arrested on charges of cocaine possession.” Zarko Franks, Chief Investigative Reporter for the Chronicle, had gotten a call from contacts inside Houston Police Department and immediately went down to investigate the story.

Needless to say, this caused quite a stir in a room full of socially prominent people. Everyone wanted to know the obvious which was “Are we going to read all about this in the morning or see it on TV tomorrow? “ “No way!” was his response. He then went on to explain that the phones lit up, agents came out of nowhere pressures were applied, the boys were released and there wouldn’t be any record of it. There was a definite air of disappointment after that. Dan didn’t seem so upset, stating that he doubted we had heard the absolute end of the story. The future has a way of catching up with you, I believe is the way he put it.

I asked Kathy if that had anything to do with her divorce from Dudley. She affirmed that it was Dudley’s use of cocaine and his association with the Bush brothers that had her upset all right, but the last straw was the trips to Panama they had made to return cocaine shipments under diplomatic immunity. She wouldn’t stay with him after that. Also, present that night was Linda Cobb, David’s wife, and Christine Fitzgerald, all friends. Some years passed. I moved to Hawaii and lost touch with the girls after David and Linda’s divorce. I did keep in touch with Dan. In 1992, Jeb Bush decided to make a run for Florida Governor. I was living here in Hawaii when I heard about it. I had been on line since late 91 and decided to cruise through CompuServe’s political forums. I found one for Florida and logged on to a Republican forum. After contacting Dan Cobb to confirm whether or not he would stick by his story of that night. He affirmed that he did indeed stand by the story. He also affirmed that chief reporter Zarko Franks would reiterate the same. I returned to the forum with a series of stinging accusations and warned Florida Republicans of Jeb’s background. I was met the next morning with e-mail from Florida State Republicans threatening to sue me if I did not print a retraction. I printed what was NOT a retraction and reiterated that the Chronicle team would stand by the story. That was the last we heard of Jeb Bush that year. Had I not been so debilitated from a near death injury, I would never have let this pass the last election cycle. I state categorically again, this incident happened, and George Herbert Walker Bush covered it up. The trips to Panama happened as well, of this I have no doubt. Kathy Farenthold had no bones to pick with anyone at the time she told me these things and she indicated all the brothers were involved.”

Lee Atwater, who was my partner in the political consulting firm of Black, Manafort, Stone and Atwater after leaving the Reagan White House as Deputy Political Director, told me that he and Jeb had snorted lines of cocaine at the Vice President’s residence at the Naval observatory on the night of Vice President George H. W. Bush’s election to the Presidency. This was unusual because, although he was a habitual user of marijuana on the weekends, a pursuit in which I sometimes joined him, Atwater was generally disdainful of the use of cocaine. “It ain’t natural” the Wiley South Carolinian said. “Marijuana is grown in the earth. Coke is too chemical -like,” he said seemingly oblivious to the fact that cocaine is refined from the coca leave which is also grown in the earth. Unfortunately, both Cobb and Atwater have passed.

A prominent Tallahassee lobbyist told me that he also had snorted coke with Jeb Bush, and said that Governor Bush did so largely out of boredom with the slow pace of the State Capital.

The point here is not drug use or drug dealing. Jeb is a hard-line drug warrior who supported tougher mandatory state penalties for drug possession and more funding for the failed federal war on drugs. As always with the Bushs, it’s “do as I say, not as I do.”


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