Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A very dangerous dude...

President Bloomberg: A nightmare for the Constitution

by Sam Rolley

There’s a great deal of chatter about billionaire businessman and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg jumping in to the 2016 presidential election. If you value the Constitution, you’d better hope the headlines don’t become reality.

Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch urged Bloomberg to get in the race last week, saying via Twitter: “This is Bloomberg’s last chance. You never know until your hat is in the ring! Events change everything, especially during elections.”

The media tycoon’s encouragement came after The New York Times reported that Bloomberg has tasked a team of advisers to construct a plan for a potential independent presidential campaign.

“His advisers and associates said he was galled by Donald J. Trump’s dominance of the Republican field, and troubled by Hillary Clinton’s stumbles and the rise of Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont on the Democratic side,” the Times reported.

In other words, Bloomberg is poised to enter the race as a “voice of reason” candidate to counter Trump’s boisterous rhetoric on the right and Sanders’ open socialism on the left.

Since headlines of a potential Bloomberg bid broke, there’s been much discussion about whether he actually has a chance as a third-party candidate. And given the modern history of presidential politics, many folks have already written him off as a nonstarter.

But for people wary of a possible Bloomberg presidency because of his total disdain for the Constitution, discounting his chances could be a dangerous wager.

After all, the New York billionaire isn’t taking the decision lightly. He’s been a perennial “maybe” in presidential races for as long as many voters can remember. And according to people close to him, his decision not to run in the past was based largely on his belief that he couldn’t win.

Bloomberg has spent millions of dollars in recent years conducting polling and gathering data to examine how successful he would be in a presidential race. If he jumps into this one as a third-party candidate, you can bet it means the data say he has a real shot.

And his immense fortune won’t hurt his chances.

Like Trump, Bloomberg the candidate would be able to fund a massive campaign with his own bank account. Because he doesn’t need to do fundraising to sustain a campaign, getting into the race late isn’t going to cause too much trouble.

According to reports, Bloomberg has told friends and political allies that he’s willing to spend at least $1 billion of his fortune to buy a seat in the Oval Office.

Based on the chatter, veteran pollster Frank Luntz recently conducted a survey to see how Bloomberg might do in a general election against current leading establishment candidates Trump and Clinton.

The result showed that Bloomberg could take 29 percent of the vote, compared to 37 percent for Trump and 33 percent for Clinton.

“The numbers are clear and compelling: there is definitely room for a second billionaire in this election,” Luntz declared.

This is bad news for constitutional conservatives who care about things like privacy and the 2nd Amendment.

Bloomberg has been both a Democrat and a Republican— but he’s never really changed all that much. The reason is simply because he is, above all, a statist. He favors rampant surveillance, harsh gun laws, massive military/welfare spending and nanny state policies over liberty.

We’ve covered many of his anti-Constitution positions here over the years:
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•Lindsey Graham, Thad Cochran Took Money From Nanny Bloomberg To Beat Conservatives
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•NY Street Scanners Looking For Guns
•10 Years Of Bloomberg Has Doubled Number Of NYC Residents On Food Stamps

Sadly, you can bet the big government proponents of both parties will support Bloomberg if he enters the race– even if they never say so aloud. He’ll also be able to leverage the power of his media empire and relationships (Fox’s Murdoch and others) to make as many average Americans as he can believe he’s the sensible choice.

As a consumer of alternative media, understand that you are in the minority of people who know better— now’s the time to start spreading the word. If liberty lovers aren’t able to convince enough of their fellow Americans to take account of stories like the examples above, we may all be left reminiscing about the good old days of freedom we enjoyed under the Obama administration.


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