Monday, November 30, 2015

"The first cause of government is and can only be suppression of our human nature and loss of our identity as human beings and individuals."

The (im)morality of government

by Bob Livingston

When we are born into a system, we have no imperative to inquire. We automatically and unconsciously assume that things that are, have always been. The system is prescribed.

We accept it and it becomes a part of us. We do not feel animosity or hostility toward authority that we are born under. We are all born into “conventional wisdom.” Every bit of information we get from the very beginning of our existence “sells” us on authority. This goes on through “public education” and throughout life. The only acceptable social and moral thing to do is to accept authority, conform to authority and above all, never question authority, let alone its morality and its modus operandi.

The more generations that pass without open conflict with authority, the more the public mind conforms and the more the people and the government become one. Any “deviant” who questions authority is sure to encounter a hostile response from his friends and neighbors. He has defiled the holy place.

Men by nature are followers. Therefore, when authority appears, they follow. When absolute authority emerges, the people follow without question, even to the point of self-sacrifice. Millions of people will give their own lives and those of their sons and daughters in war and never question or consider what they are doing. The mystique of government authority holds in its hands life and death — ours.

In the course of understanding our relationship to government, we at some point have to drop the facade of political idealism. We have to reduce our mental processes to a consideration of first cause.

Whatever the stated cause of government, it degenerates into a colossal parasite that is immoral, illegal, fraudulent and deceptive. By nature and by definition, government under any name is oppressive. In time, we come to understand that it cannot be otherwise.

Government has to extract its substance from the workers and producers of wealth. The compelling authority of government is not legal or moral. It is organized force and intimidation. Government force is derived from sophisticated mind-altering techniques that cause the people to “volunteer” the transfer of their wealth and assets to the government. Government force is a deceptive and esoteric system of getting people to act upon fictions that they cannot understand. Failure to do so carries civil and criminal penalties.

For example, “dollars” and “income” are fictions. Yet we swear under penalty of perjury every year on IRS 1040 “income” tax forms that we received “dollars” as “income.” Our involvement in these fictions can mean nothing but entanglement and loss of human liberty.

The first cause of government is and can only be suppression of our human nature and loss of our identity as human beings and individuals. Hence, government authority and propaganda seeks to fade the individual into group consciousness. Altruistic philosophy and self-denial are the government propaganda used in this process. The fiction of egalitarianism was first expressed in the French Revolution as liberty, equality and fraternity. This also was the beginning of crowd manipulation.

The more the individual is diminished into crowd consciousness, the easier to develop the psyche of self-sacrifice to the state. Self-sacrifice means a willingness to die in foreign wars or a willingness to transfer your labor and wealth to the government under the fiction of the income tax, Social Security tax or inheritance tax. All governments use this psychological phenomenon. Example of the propaganda: “Are you paying your fair share?”

Governments must destroy the identity of the individual and subvert him to the mass conscience and control by the state.

Governments can only be expressed as organized force that consistently strives to control productive people, their lives and their property. The public mind and the political will of the people are created by government propaganda to perpetuate itself and its hidden agenda.

Governments use economic, social, moral and legal fictions to twist rational thought into self-sacrifice and the destruction of individualism. Men, by nature, do not willingly volunteer their property, their labor and their being into servitude. But they are manipulated by an esoteric system based upon word manipulation.

Without anyone taking notice, change agents distort key words in our language. This blunts, diminishes and distorts our thinking process to the great advantage of unseen authority. This process is so gradual as to be imperceptible. Out of it evolves very sophisticated control and plunder. When our words are manipulated, our thoughts are manipulated into false realities and illusions. Consequently, our competitiveness and survival instincts are reduced in favor of dependence on government authority. We have seen in one generation the masculine feminized and the feminine masculinized into a system called transgenderization, in which a person’s “sex” becomes whatever he/she believes it to be at the moment. Transgender was neither a word nor a concept a generation ago.

Governments are made up of corporate fictions or artificial persons. Therefore, the greatest enemy of government is the individual, and particularly the individualist. This sets up perpetual conflict and an ongoing effort of government to manipulate the individual against his best interest in favor of government and central authority. The ultimate goal of governments is to create nonpersons who are nothing more than chattels or merchandise “for use in commerce.”

The individual feels oppressed and confused because he is dealing with government doublespeak that he cannot confront. He imagines that he understands government but has to deal with many complicated fictions as he strives to conform to “the law.”

Human liberty can exist or be restored only with an accurate perception of reality. Mind-distorting fictions of government must be exposed. To do otherwise is to keep us dependent on an ivory tower mysticism based on lies and the duplicity of politicians and bureaucrats.

Government is a parasite cult, organized and disguised behind a peculiar language of code words and phrases. It uses its esoteric money creation system, wrapped in fictions and legalese, to affect the most massive transfer of wealth in the history of the world from the producers to itself (the nonproducer). This massive transfer system was best described by Merrill Jenkins, the original monetary realist, who revealed the fraud of the monetary system in several books and lectures.

In the years since I started to research and write about this massive fraud, I have still not come across anyone who describes how this happened and how it affects you better than Merrill Jenkins. We are both monetary realists, and while I write books and have published a monthly newsletter since 1969, he enlightened on the fraud of the monetary system in a series of wonderfully revealing lectures. I have made them available to you here. But aside from those who have read what we have been revealing, not one in 10 million today even suspects what is happening.

Nothing significant in our lives can or will happen unless and until we challenge our mental processes to investigate the morality and philosophy of government.


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