Wednesday, November 25, 2015

"Perhaps we’ll all be singing “Walking In A Nuclear Winter Wonderland” this Christmas..."

A Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot

By Jack Perry

Uh-oh…it’s happened. Turkey shot down a Russian Air Force plane. I knew this was going to happen sooner or later. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Enjoy that turkey, pardon the many-fold pun. It might be our last. Russia says there will be serious consequences, and I don’t doubt that. One of the pilots was killed and the other might be captured. See the article here.

Now, from here, it looks like the Turks were working with some al-Qaida forces in the area. The Russian plane was supporting Syrian troops which have been on the offensive in an area controlled by several rebel forces including al-Qaida’s branch in Syria, the Nusra Front. And some other jokers, the 2nd Coastal Division and the 10th Coast Division, who are probably also affiliates of al-Qaida. Or own a franchise. Jahed Ahmad, a spokesman of the 10th Coast Division, said its forces fired at the Russian pilots as they descended and one died. Wow, class act! Shooting at parachuting pilots. What’s next? Kicking puppies? Excuse me, but could it be any more obvious that the Turks support al-Qaida?

Some think tank chimed in with a typical “The Russians are coming!” ride to Concord. Sarah Lain, a propaganda jockey at the Royal United Services Institute, said the last time she could remember a NATO country shooting down a Russian plane was the 1950s. “But the Soviets appear to have shot down more U.S. planes amid the Cold War,” she quickly added. Right, and they did. Those were B-47 spy planes that were over Soviet airspace and, therefore, legitimate military targets. So was the U-2 spy plane piloted by Francis Gary Powers that the Soviets bagged and Powers, rather inconveniently for the U.S., did not commit suicide as he was trained to do. Let’s also not forget that the U.S. used to fly formations of B-52s towards the borders of Soviet airspace to test their air defense response times to scramble interceptors. Moves like that could have started a nuclear war. But, hey, we got to see how long it took their planes to respond, so it’s all good, right?

This is sheer madness. Turkey shot down this Russian plane not just as macho grandstanding, as if they’re a TV wrestler strutting around the arena, but it’s obvious they’re protecting al-Qaida. Probably ISIS, too. Does anyone see the absolute stupidity at work here?! Let Russia retaliate and what do you think Turkey will do? Of course!! Go whining to NATO that an attack on one is an attack upon all. So, what, we get an invite to World War Three because Turkey was defending al-Qaida?! Excuse me, but weren’t they allegedly the enemy?!

Well, this is another fine mess you’ve gotten us into, United States government. This ALLLLLL began because YOU could not leave well enough alone. News flash for ya: I DON’T CARE if Bashar al-Assad runs Syria. He never raised my taxes or flooded my mailbox with electioneering pamphlets I end up lining my birdcage with. So now we get to risk the nuclear war we avoided when the Cold War finally ended? What, were you all disappointed up there in DC or something? “Gosh, what a shame! We never got to launch all of those MX and Minuteman 3s! And now the trade-in value is gone!”

I tend to think Turkey is acting on orders from the United States to provoke Russia into “starting” the war that the U.S. and NATO can then have “justification” to get into. “Pssst…hey, Turkey! Shoot down a Russian plane and just say they were in your airspace. When they retaliate, invoke the NATO “thirty minutes or less or it’s free” plan and we’ll deliver. There’s some new F-16s and cash in it for you…”

Why does the U.S. want to get into a war with Russia? Because they’re all insane! Pardon me, but hasn’t anyone noticed that at some point?! My gosh, back in the early Cold War days, they had to remove a Secretary of Defense from office because he went insane. I don’t think that’s an isolated incident. Seriously, folks, look at these clowns! Can anyone call these people sane, much less wise? And they’ve got nuclear weapons!

Perhaps we’ll all be singing “Walking In A Nuclear Winter Wonderland” this Christmas. Ah, well, I’ll be seeing you all soon. Somewhere in the upper atmosphere.


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