Thursday, November 12, 2015

Give them all a rifle and a parachute...

These GOP presidential aspirants must be insane

by Bob Livingston

Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, John Kasich, Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson must all be insane. For what sane person would intentionally attempt to provoke World War III? But that’s the path they are proposing to take.

All of them either called for a no-fly zone over Iraq or Syria in the debate Tuesday night, or they have in previous settings. And Fiorina, in trying to look “as tough as a man,” I guess, took the most aggressive tone of all toward Russian President Vladimir Putin. (An aside, Fiorina, um, “misspoke” when she chastised Donald Trump and claimed that, unlike Trump, she didn’t meet Putin in a green room.)

She wants to build up the 6th Fleet “under Putin’s nose,” put anti-ballistic missiles in Poland, conduct war games in the Baltic States and send thousands more troops to Germany. That would be a dangerous, deliberate, unnecessary and insane provocation of the Russian bear.

A no-fly zone is an act of war. ISIS — our purported enemy in the region — doesn’t have an air force. So who is the no-fly zone for if not to oppose Russia and Syria? So establishing or attempting to establish a no-fly zone over Iraq — which has hinted it’ll ask the Russians to use their aircraft to help defeat ISIS — would provoke a clash between U.S. and Russian aircraft, sparking World War III. Likewise, the Syrians have asked Russia — not the U.S. — for help. So any no-fly zone over Syria is an overt act of war.

Congress has not authorized military intervention in Syria. Any military action at all in Syria — and that includes President Obama’s drone strikes — is, therefore, illegal and unconstitutional. Kasich was almost cavalier when he remarked that that if Russian planes crossed into his no-fly zone a second time, they would be shot down.

Fiorina claimed she wouldn’t speak to Putin until she could speak from a place of strength. But wouldn’t her avoiding Putin just demonstrate to him that she knows the U.S. is too weak to respond to him, encouraging him to try something?

Bush also supports a no-fly zone over Syria and continued arming of so-called “moderate” rebels. Those “moderate” rebels are al-Qaida and al-Nusra terrorists (who were once our “enemy”), and experience has shown that once armed they just turn around and join ISIS and take their new munitions with them.

Carson remarked in the debate that he supports Obama’s sending of special operations troops into the war zone to help the “moderate” rebels attempting to overthrow Bashar Assad. Those are some of the people Russia is bombing. So Carson endorses a policy that deliberately puts American troops in danger of being bombed by Russia. How should the U.S. respond if Russia kills Americans — even if they are just “collateral damage” like so many innocents the U.S. has killed with its bombing campaigns?

Both Rubio and Fiorina were strident in their claims that the U.S. military needs more funding. Rubio wants to increase defense spending by $1 trillion. For perspective, defense spending for 2015 is $598.5 billion, which, despite what you’ve been told, is under Obama the highest ever.

For the insane war party, America’s military is never big enough, even if it’s 10 times the size of the next 10 countries combined. After all, starting WWIII is expensive work.

Only Rand Paul’s foreign policy pronouncements sound like those of a sane individual.


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