Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Wake up people!!!

Look what 9/11 has wrought
by Bob Livingston

The American people would rather believe a lie even when the simple truth stares them in the face.

It’s now a few days shy of 14 years since three World Trade Center buildings fell, a hole was blown into the side of the Pentagon and a crater was created in a field outside of Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Following those events, George W. Bush proclaimed the “war on terror” was beginning. Had he been honest, he would have said that the war on civilization was beginning so the New World Order could be established.

Conventional wisdom has it that Osama bin Laden and a bunch his 7th century lackeys operating from a cave somewhere in Afghanistan orchestrated the greatest surprise attack in history against the world’s biggest surveillance state by flying three airliners into the World Trade Center towers and Pentagon (with a fourth crashing before hitting the White House or Capital) and no one saw it coming. Not only did no one see it coming, but the world’s only superpower, with fighter jets stationed strategically throughout the U.S. and a sophisticated satellite and radar system that tracked every airplane in and out of U.S. airspace, was unable to stop the attacks even though they occurred over a period of about 45 minutes from the first notification of a hijacking to the last crash.

The premise is absurd on its face. Only a true “conspiracy theorist” can accept it as fact. It is so absurd that not even the heads of the commission tasked with investigating the attacks believed the “facts” as laid out in the 9/11 Commission report that they authored and to which they signed their names. The commission co-chairmen, Lee Hamilton and Thomas Kean, have said the commission was set up to fail and have plainly stated that the George W. Bush Administration, the CIA and the military obstructed their investigation at every turn. And there are hundreds of witnesses who were never even considered, much less deposed.

I have in previous years listed a series of 9/11 questions that few people are asking here and here and also described how one must be a conspiracy theorist to believe the official story here. And here are 14 more “incredible facts” about 9/11 that show the official narrative is a dog that will not hunt.

The 9/11 Commission essentially determined that bureaucracy caused the “intelligence failures” that let the terror attack unfold. But despite these “intelligence failures,” no one was sacked. Instead, in typical government fashion, government created more bureaucracy in order to combat the bureaucracy that caused the problems. It also doubled down on its surveillance and grew the police state by passing liberty-stealing laws that have made all Americans suspects of terrorism and subject to indefinite detention without trial. And then it embarked on perpetual war.

In short, the 9/11 event only served the interest of the U.S. establishment. Much private freedom has been lost in the interest of “security,” not to mention the killing and maiming (both physically and mentally) of thousands of U.S. service members plus trillions upon trillions of dollars stolen from the American people through money printing and to support the military-industrial apparatus.

Puppet governments were established in Afghanistan and Iraq. Unsurprisingly, these governments turned out to be corrupt to the core; and they, along with their American corporatist and bankster partners, raped the American taxpayer with their graft and malfeasance. Additionally, the puppet governments in Afghanistan and Iraq abused their own people and settled old “scores” through violence and imprisonments.

A series of wars not related to 9/11 — but launched under the guise of the “war on terror” and using the imprimatur of the 2001 authorization to use force agreement — have since been launched upon the Middle Eastern, Persian and North African nations and people. As a result, the entire region is destabilized; millions of innocent people have been killed, injured and displaced; and untold trillions of dollars of infrastructure, buildings and homes have been destroyed. The people have been left homeless, destitute, starving and diseased.

Regime change in Libya prompted by President Barack Obama and actions by the U.S., Israeli, British and Saudi Arabian intelligence apparatus and their allies in the region led directly to the rise of ISIS and its use in an attempt to overthrow the Syrian government. This provided ISIS with a launching pad and a wealth of American weapons. Some of the weapons were sold or given directly to ISIS fighters or sympathizers through Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi, Libya, gun-running operation and with the blessing of senile Sen. John McCain and his lapdog, Sen. Lindsey Graham; and more were captured when American-trained Iraqi forces fled in terror at ISIS’s approach.

Despite what you’re being told, ISIS is not a threat to America; and the American regime has no intention of its being destroyed. It is controlled opposition being used to overthrow Bashar Assad and to keep the military-industrial complex fat and the Israel lobby happy.

The so-called “war on terror” was supposed to make us safe from terror attacks. But despite the years of war, we are told the terror threat is now greater than ever and false flag terror attacks — the FBI is surprisingly involved every time in either facilitating them or in tracking the culprits, only to lose them at the last minute — are occurring with greater frequency.

Now in terms of psychological warfare against the American people by “our” own government, “attacks” on the U.S. only serve to build the power and despotism of the establishment.

In addition to our loss of liberties, wealth and human treasure, the European people also saw a loss of liberties, wealth and human treasure and are now experiencing a humanitarian crisis of refugees fleeing the conflict in search of a safe haven. This will fundamentally change the makeup of those countries — just as the flood of Hispanic illegals crowding into America is changing the U.S. — and will bankrupt them and collapse their economies in the process.

And all of this ties back to the American war on civilization, which actually began long ago when the CIA’s Kermit Roosevelt inspired a coup in Iran on behalf of the banksters, globalists and oil interests.

All modern wars are bankster wars; and the banksters and corporatists make out like bandits while the people are killed, impoverished and enslaved. The “war on terror” is a fraud orchestrated by the elites and designed to create the New World Order. That’s the truth; but the American people, for the most part, don’t believe it and will not even consider it.


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