Thursday, September 10, 2015

“The Full Commie.”

Is America in love with a Commie?
by Wayne Allyn Root

Hi. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty®. You’ve heard of “The Full Monty.” Bernie Sanders lets it all hang out. He’s “The Full Commie.”

Bernie Sanders is America’s new darling. A guy who proudly brags that he is a socialist is now popular in America in 2015. If Americans have become this dumbed-down, then we are in the end days of America. This is a come-to-Jesus moment.

For almost a decade, I’ve been warning America that the Democratic Party is infested with socialists, Marxists and communists. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Valerie Jarrett, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid all pursued a radical agenda damaging to capitalism; American exceptionalism; our great ally, Israel; and to America itself.

But Obama and his socialist cabal have vigorously denied for years that they are socialists. They claim to love America, even though they admit they want to fundamentally change it; even though they hate everything that has made America great and exceptional; even though they hate any patriot who lives to defend God, country and family; even though polls prove that a majority of Democrats like socialism more than capitalism; even though Obama’s policies are almost identical to the Socialist Party leaders of Greece, France and Spain; even though Obama’s agenda is similar in every way to many of the planks of “The Communist Manifesto.”

Well, no more denials. The jig is up. No one is hiding or denying anymore. Today’s Democratic Party doesn’t even bother to hide who they are and what they believe in. Today’s Democratic Party is in love with a socialist.

Sanders is a new kind of socialist. He doesn’t try to distract the masses with fraud or bribes. He doesn’t hide behind giveaways of free contraception or Obama phones. He doesn’t call himself a “moderate.” He doesn’t play golf and hang out with obscenely wealthy white people at Martha’s Vineyard to try to mask his socialism.

Bernie isn’t an entertainer, comedian, or magician. He isn’t “The American Idol” like Obama. Bernie is the real deal. He’s “the full Commie.”

And in today’s Democratic Party, he’s beloved. He’s a rock star. This is how far we’ve fallen. This is how dumbed-down America has become. We have a Commie in our midst — not a stealth one, not a fake one, not one who acts like he loves capitalism while he destroys it. No, Bernie is no fraud like Obama. Bernie will tell you right to your face that he prefers socialism.

Here’s a lesson in the meaning of socialism for all of the dumbed-down victims of a public school system run by socialist-infested teachers unions.

Socialism and communism are in the same family.

They are kissing cousins. If communism is vanilla, then socialism is vanilla with chocolate chips. Look it up. Socialism is defined as “the economic system of communism.” Communism is the political system.

So what Bernie Sanders is selling to stadiums filled with goo-goo eyed fans cheering a rock star is the economic system of Cuba. That is Bernie’s product.

Cuba’s own Constitution defines Cuba as “a Socialist Republic.” Castro’s revolutionary slogan was: “Socialism or death!”

This, folks, is the raw truth of what Bernie Sanders is selling — without Madison Avenue involved to brighten up the message.

Cuba operates under a socialist economic system. The people live in economic disaster. The country is in ruins. Entire generations have had their lives ruined by socialism. According to Wikipedia, the average doctor in Cuba earns about $30 dollars per month.

In America we drive Mercedes and BMWs. Even “poor people” wear diamond bling and drive cars with $25,000 stereo systems and chrome spinner wheels. In Cuba they drive 1958 Oldsmobiles with no replacement parts — if they’re lucky. The unlucky ones drive around in wooden donkey carts.

For decades now, anyone with a brain has jumped into a dilapidated raft to try to escape from the misery of Cuba’s socialism. They risked drowning or being eaten by sharks to escape the blinding poverty and misery of socialism.

That’s what Bernie Sanders is selling.

Or take Venezuela. The country has food shortages and unrest in the streets. And please BYOTP (bring your own toilet paper). That’s right; socialism has resulted in a toilet paper shortage. Socialism has ruined their lives.

This is what Bernie Sanders is selling.

Or take the old East Germany. It, too, had a socialist economic system. Guess what the name of the ruling party of communist East Germany was? The Socialist Unity Party.

Socialism was so great that East Germany had to build a wall to keep its citizens from running away. East Germans died trying to climb that wall. They died just to taste freedom and capitalism. That’s how bad socialism is.

This is what Bernie Sanders is selling.

So the next time you go to a Bernie Sanders rally, just keep your eyes and ears open and really listen to what he’s selling. And one more thing: Be sure to bring your own toilet paper. Just in case.


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