Thursday, September 10, 2015

“Therefore, rather than trust in gun control, Americans increasingly trusted in the gun.”

Gun sales soar, and no one is surprised
by Ben Bullard

The summer of 2015 set a record for the number of firearms sold in the U.S., if the FBI’s background check data is anything to go by.

For the months of May, June, July and August, more people applied for a firearms background check through the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) than ever before.

The FBI reported nearly 100,000 more NICS background checks for May 2015 than in May of last year; nearly 150,000 more for June of 2015 than June of last year; nearly 200,000 more for July of 2015 than July of last year; and nearly 200,000 more for August of 2015 than August of last year.

In all, August took the record, with 1.7 million background checks performed in that month alone — “the most checks ever performed in any August since the creation of the National Instant Background Check System,” as The Washington Free Beacon observed.

The number of background checks does not indicate how many firearms were actually purchased. Some applicants no doubt were unable to buy a weapon; others may have bought more than one after their background check had gone through. But there’s no doubt that the four-month surge in background checks reflects a trend.

The increase in interest in gun ownership is only the most recent surge in a long-running uptick in Americans’ general embrace of firearms — an interest that has spanned the duration of Barack Obama’s pro-gun control presidencies.

“While Democrats pushed gun control — seizing on heinous attacks on innocents in Garland, Texas, (May 3), Charleston, South Carolina, (June 17), Chattanooga, Tennessee, (July 16), Lafayette, Louisiana, (July 23), and Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia, (August 26) — Americans recognized that the gunmen in each of these instances fully complied with gun control, passing a background check in all five attacks, only to carry out their criminal plans afterward,” Breitbart commented after the FBI released its data.

“Therefore, rather than trust in gun control, Americans increasingly trusted in the gun.”


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