Friday, September 11, 2015

Call it like it is...

Why won’t the networks refer to Bernie Sanders as a socialist?
by Ben Bullard

Bernie Sanders doesn’t have a problem telling people he’s a socialist, so why is it that the mainstream television news networks do?

We aren’t really complaining here, because it’s always a win-win when members of the progressive establishment back themselves into a corner in which the only way out is to eat one of their own.

But in a Democratic presidential race in which — so far as the media is concerned — it’s Hillary Clinton versus everybody else, it’s interesting to speculate on why the press isn’t referring to Sanders as a socialist every time they get a chance.

“ABC and NBC haven’t properly reported Sanders’ political views in more than two months,” NewsBusters reported Wednesday. “In fact, ABC World News has not mentioned Sanders’ socialism in the last five years, and NBC has remained silent on the matter since July 3, 2015.”

“CBS Evening News broke its three-and-a-half month silence on Sept. 8, when CBS news congressional correspondant Nancy Cordes commented that Democrats, ‘don’t seem to mind that [Sanders] calls himself a socialist.'”

It could be that Sanders’ choice to run as a Democrat (he’s currently an independent U.S. Senator from Vermont) makes the MSM a little squeamish at the prospect of mentioning “Democrat” and “socialist” in the same sentence — in front of tens of millions of Americans sitting down to watch the evening news. If casual voters get the idea, right or wrong, that Democrat=socialist, it could negatively affect all Democratic candidates — even Hillary, whose campaign certainly doesn’t need any more bad press.

They do still talk about Sanders’ socialism on cable, though. And if you’re a little in the dark about what distinguishes a Democrat from a socialist, there’s no one better than the chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee to set you straight:


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