Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Blunder or pre-planned?

Dubya’s Biggest, Stupidist, Most Emotional, Irrational Blunder
Michael S. Rozeff

George W. Bush’s press secretary, Ari Fleischer, was by Bush’s side on 9/11. His tweets tell us Bush’s emotional reactions or “thinking”, if you will. They amount to making WAR. But against whom? Not Saudi Arabia, the source of most of those who flew the airplanes into the Trade Towers that day. Not a state that was and is a close ally of the U.S. because of oil. No, Bush chose Saddam Hussein of Iraq and the Taliban of Afghanistan. Later on, Obama (and H. Clinton), perpetuating Bush’s idiocy, took on both Libya and Syria, the latter in a further misguided effort to deny Russia its warm water ally in the Middle East.

The blunder was to turn 9/11 into a war on terror.

America’s corresponding biggest, stupidest, most emotional and irrational blunder has been to erect a state and a presidency that have the enormous powers to act on the emotional whims of its presidents (and Congresses) and to accord them both respect and support. The war on terror was and is such an emotional whim. So is the neocon notion of U.S. superpower dominance. Only with such a political apparatus in place such as America now has and has had for a long time could Bush 2 have brought about the last 15 years of ongoing disasters.


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