Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Things are warming up in California

Persistent cold, wet weather delays crop harvests, worries farmers

Sunday's low of 45 degrees in downtown Sacramento matched the low established on that day in 1960. In Red Bluff, the low of 45 matched the low set in 1953. In Redding, the low was 42 on Sunday and on the same date in 1946.

On Saturday, the thermometer in Redding fell to 34 degrees, toppling the 39-degree record on that date in 1960. Red Bluff's low fell to 37 degrees, 3 degrees below the dates in 1960.

At the other end of the how-cold-it-got scale, Stockton Metropolitan Airport on Saturday never exceeded 67 degrees, two degrees lower than the coldest high for that day, set in 1943.


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