Saturday, May 29, 2010

Deja Vu all over again: I told you this guy is waitng in the wings along with Rick Perry...

If this ever happens you'll all have to admit I was right. But I hope to god it never does.

Time to Turn to Jeb?

After all, since Obama gets blamed for the mess the country is in – just as Clinton was to blame for getting entangled in a bunch of “scandals” – doesn’t it make sense to turn again to the Bush family to clean things up.

Granted, this idea may seem premature, given the fact that some Americans may still vaguely recall that Bush-43 contributed to today’s crises.

But, remember, there were Americans during the early Clinton years who distrusted Bush-41 for his lies and his dissembling about Iran-Contra, Iraqgate and other scandals. Yet, those memories quickly faded. If anything, America’s tendency toward historical amnesia is even more advanced today.

Who knows? In a couple of years, there might be a media-generated nostalgia for George W. Bush, much as there was for his father. Then, Jeb – the so-called “smart brother” – might stand a chance as a bridge between the far-right Republicans and the more establishment brand.

Indeed, as the American political process grows even more addle-brained, we might be seeing the start of a recurring cycle: a member of the Bush family screws things up; the Democrats eventually take control but don’t demand accountability; the media quickly shifts the blame for the problems to the Democrats; the Republicans become agents of change; and the next Bush family member becomes president to get things back on track.
One might call that prospect a truly vicious cycle.


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