Monday, May 24, 2010

Is this country messed up or what?

I was just thinking; We are fighting two wars with no end in sight; We are in the midst of an economic collapse that shows no signs of ending; We are giving billions upon billions of tax dollars to bankers with no accountability; Crude oil is pouring into the Gulf of Mexico by the millions of gallons each day threatening to destroy our nations eco-system for decades to come with no urgency being demonstrated by our government officials; Our constitutional rights are being chipped away under the pretext of preserving those very rights; The gap between the rich and poor is greater than anytime in the past 100 years and growing; Our schools are being closed and teachers are being laid off all over the country under the premise that education will be improved by doing so; Millions are still without health care and soon will be required to purchase it themselves or face criminal charges; Religious leaders are more concerned with saving their own asses from criminal sexual assault charges than saving souls and the major topics discussed on major TV news shows and internet news sites are the last episode of Lost, Lindsay Lohan bail conditions,Wal-Mart cutting the price of iPhones and photos of Venus Williams' fat ass. Do you think this all happening by accident? We're screwed.

1 comment:

  1. You're wrong, Walt.

    Serena has the fat ass.

    Venus is a-okay.