Wednesday, May 26, 2010

So who really controls him?

The Establishment Is In Full Blown Panic Over Rand Paul

So the sight of the neo-cons trotting out the universally loathed Dick Cheney – he had the lowest approval ratings for any Vice President in recent history – to back Paul’s opponent Trey Grayson was a pathetic effort to characterize Paul as being soft on foreign policy, a tactic that went out of date some five years ago, and its failure was evident in the size of Paul’s crushing victory.

Establishment neo-con Republicans have to know that the game is up. Unless they can completely take over and subvert the Tea Party movement, which they have openly called for, it’s all over for them. The fact that the Tea Party got right behind Paul despite his openly stated desire to bring the troops home proves that neo-con sentiment within the ranks of the Tea Party is on the wane. Conservatives are finally starting to understand that unconstitutional foreign wars of aggression are not conservative.

On the flip side of the rigged political spectrum we have the neo-libs crying foul about Paul’s libertarian credentials. Despite the fact that Paul has vehemently supported his father’s stance of shrinking big government, legalizing marijuana and ending the drug war, putting a stop to banker bailouts, reducing the national debt, lowering taxes, and restoring personal liberties, just because Paul hasn’t explicitly supported gay marriage, this invalidates everything else according to this warped and myopic argument.


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