Friday, August 23, 2013

Setting up opponents of NDAA...

Using Child Porn To Take Down The Liberty Movement? (Video)

Ben Swan

Dan Johnson of the group P.A.N.D.A (People Against the NDAA) talks with Ben Swann about the child pornography sent to him via a Tormail account. The email, which claimed to have come from Stewart Rhodes (founder and national director of Oathkeepers), actually contained 6 PDFs with graphic child pornography.

“Our IT tech estimates it took about 8 to 9 hours to put this [email] together…something this technologically sophisticated. It was specifically designed, number one, to be found; and number two, to implicate Stewart Rhodes in sending me the email and to implicate me in having the email on my computer,” says Johnson, who spoke to Swann via Skype.

Most interestingly, Johnson received this email only a few weeks after Luke Rudkowski (We Are Change) and Madison Rupert (End The Lie) also received emails from a purported “whistleblower.” Those emails also contained child pornography.

Explains Johnson, “If I didnʼt have any IT background, I would think that deleting the file actually deletes the file. It doesnʼt really delete the file; it just deletes the markers where the file is supposed to be. So the file would still be on my computer and I wouldnʼt know it. So if I were to be raided at any point because someone were to say ʻI think Dan has child ornography on his computerʼ then someone would come in, they would open the computer, they would look at it. I would obviously have no idea it was there. They would take the computer and what would happen from there, I am not really sure. It is about 5 years in prison for each image.”

Johnson goes on to point out that in both his case and in Rudkowskiʼs case, the images were not opened or downloaded (watch the interview to understand how that happened). Since receiving the email Johnson has contacted police and shared the email. Unfortunately, the email in both cases was sent from a Tormail account, which is designed to be untraceable.


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