Friday, August 23, 2013


Media Ignores ‘Trayvon Revenge Killing’ of Young Man

Daniel G. J.

The absurd bias of the American media is on display in regards to a slew of recent murders that have received virtually zero coverage compared to the Trayvon Martin case. One such outrageous murder occurred in Memphis, Tenn., on Aug. 12, 2013, when a young man named David Santucci was killed in what is being pinned as a potential Trayvon Martin revenge killing.

Like Trayvon Martin, Santucci’s death was related to being in the wrong neighborhood at the wrong time, and Santucci was not found to initiate any dispute when killed in downtown Memphis. The difference is that Santucci was white and Martin was black, so Santucci’s killing was ignored by the media. As Anthony Gucciardi has highlighted while predicting verbatim the outcome of the Chris Lane murder, where three teenagers murdered the budding athlete for gang initiation purposes, Oprah and Obama are not drawing attention to these disturbing cases as they did Trayvon Martin.


Police have arrested three suspects: Mario Patterson, Dondre Johnson and Jerrica Norfleet. Police claim that the motive of the killing was robbery, but Santucci’s brother Miguel De Diago told The Blaze website he thinks the killing was a hate crime. All three of the suspects are African American. He also thinks that local authorities in Memphis are trying to cover up the truth about the killing because it occurred near Beale Street, a popular local tourist attraction.

The Santucci killing doesn’t sound like a robbery when considering he was killed with one 9 mm bullet to the head. That actually sounds like a professional hit, rather than a hate crime or a robbery. De Diago believes the killing might have been a revenge killing for the Martin killing. It occurred on the same day that Trayvon’s killer, George Zimmerman was acquitted.

Obviously we don’t know enough about Mr. Santucci and the three suspects to know if there was racial bias involved or not outside of these statements. Yet we should know, and the media should investigate this story to see what’s there. They should also investigate Mr. Santucci and see if he was really innocent or if there was some reason professional criminals wanted him dead. But they’re not.


The real problem here is that you probably never heard about the David Santucci tragedy until you read this. Since Santucci is white, his killing is not worthy of media attention. Had Trayvon been white, Asian or Hispanic his death, as tragic as it was, would have been ignored. Mr. Lane’s killing is only being covered because he’s an Aussie, and if the Australian press wasn’t investigating and calling American newsrooms with questions his killing would be ignored too.

In today’s America it seems senseless killings only matter if they involve a case that can be spun by the media (outside the inner city) or foreigners. If average Americans get gunned down on the street, nobody seems to care.


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