Monday, July 29, 2013

"The economy is releasing its last breath, and you better be sure your future isn’t resting upon the stocks, bonds, and paper dollars it’s bringing with it to the grave."

The Final Breath Of The US Economy
Anthony Gucciardi

As expected, the final breath of the United States economy will not be one heard by citizens of the world. Instead, the colossal gap between the ultra rich and the ultra poor will expand both drastically yet quietly, ultimately swallowing up any assertion of recovery lest radical changes are imposed.

But even with radical changes, it seems that the United States economy is now an automobile with virtually all of the key components gutted underneath the hood by the banking mafia. Right now the rusty automobile that is the United States has 3 flat tires, a missing engine, taped up windows, and is being pushed down the freeway by the dwindling workforce — and they’re getting quite tired of pushing this dying vessel with no end in sight.

Add that in with the new report that reveals 4 out of 5 adults face joblessness or poverty for at least a portion of their lives, and we really see to that the financial assault on the engine of the United States automobile truly requires immediate repairs. The kind of repairs that involve firing the mega banks that generate 83 billion dollars a year thanks to taxpayers on record. Funds they use, by the way, to fund Mexican drug cartels and terror cells within the US. After all, they need to finance the highly profitable drug trade in order to maximize their profits.

These are the kind of financial repairs that will never happen short of a major intellectual revolution taking this country by storm.

What’s amazing to me is that even when we read the reports like the one I’m about to cover, the media still says we are ‘coming out of a recession’, or that we are ‘recovering’ right now thanks to bailouts and other laughable assertions.
Forget Big Brother, Hello Big Daddy Government

This new survey as covered by The Associated Press and therefore syndicated around the globe finds that for at least part of their lives, 4 out of 5 Americans are facing unemployment, near-poverty, and reliance on welfare. That’s not 1/3, and it’s not even 1/2. A whopping 4/5 United States citizens are facing near-poverty circumstances and unemployment for at least a part of their lives (which of course means it could also include their entire lives). This not only affects quality of life of course, but it also sends the entire society into a downward spiral.

Now, amid economic collapse, we don’t simply turn to Big Brother to keep us safe from terrorists and spy on our communication. No, Big Daddy is the new form of government — and Big Daddy is here to hep the millions facing poverty via government assistance. Dependence upon government is at all time highs, and it’s only going to get worse. As the stats get worse on the economy, the government gets larger and the reliance upon government grows.

Am I criticizing the single mothers on food stamps? No, I’m criticizing the government system that creates the problem in the first place and then offers itself as the answer. Big Daddy is here.

Here are some of the effects documented in the survey as a result of our collapsing economy that has been taken to the cleaners by bankers making billions off of the hard working citizens who now pay the price:

Single mothers are living in poverty and relying on government welfare. The Associated Press and the survey really like to throw race into all of these stats, so I will be including that when referencing the stats, but of course the bottom line here is that millions of single mothers are now relying on Big Daddy government. From the survey stats, white and black single-mother families in poverty has hit 1.5 million as of 2011. Hispanic single-mother families came in at 1.2 million.

More children living in poverty. Around 1 in 10 children now live in dangerous and poverty-stricken neighborhoods, with 17% of white children, 37% of black children, and 38% of Latino children living in these areas.

Teen pregnancy, school dropouts. As a result of increased childhood poverty, more children are dropping out of school, having teen pregnancies, and subsequently getting involved in the illegal drug trade (that the mega banks are funding).

So what can we do? Well, the only answer is a complete 180 on what’s happening right now with the real economy. No more corporate control of the political realm, no more banking mafia, no more ‘Federal’ Reserve. Essentially a complete turnaround from what the political syndicate has been defending for multiple decades. But when it comes to you and your family, it’s essential to understand that we aren’t ‘recovering’ from a recession. Obama, the face of the Big Daddy government, isn’t going to bail you out.

It’s time to understand that we must still intellectually fight for revolution in this country through spreading information, but at the same time we can protect ourselves by understanding where we stand. The economy is releasing its last breath, and you better be sure your future isn’t resting upon the stocks, bonds, and paper dollars it’s bringing with it to the grave.

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