Wednesday, April 24, 2013

You can't have it both ways...

"Progressive" Hypocricy on House-to-House Searches

Posted by Thomas DiLorenzo

Part of the contemporary "progressive" creed is a worshipful attitude toward the U.S. Supreme Court case known as Griswold vs. Connecticut in which the justices discovered a "right to marital privacy" in the Constitution. The same right-to-privacy argument has long been used to justify legalized abortion. Griswold vs. Connecticut cited the Third Amendment to say that in today's world, that Amendment means that "individual homes should be free from agents of the state." (The original Amendment itself prohibits the "quartering" of agents of the state in private homes).

So when all those New England "progressives" cheer the cops, SWAT teams, and military thugs who broke into their homes, pushed them around, ordered them out, and trampled all over them, they are not just applauding and welcoming tyranny but are also repudiating their beloved and cherished "right to privacy," the chanting of which is virtually what defines one as a "progressive" these days.


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