Monday, June 20, 2011

Ron Paul fires back at NBC...

Ron Paul: “I Want To Legalize Freedom. What’s So Bad About That?”

Congressman Ron Paul fired back at an NBC host today for suggesting that he was a fringe candidate in the 2012 GOP presidential race, despite the fact that Paul won another straw poll over the weekend.

After congratulating The Congressman on winning the Republican Leadership Conference straw poll, NBC’s Matt Lauer took it upon himself to “correct” a direct quote from Paul that voters were “coming around to much of what I have been saying for 30 years”.

“I might adjust the word ‘much’ of what you’ve been saying to ‘some’ of what you’ve been saying.” Lauer said, as he flashed up an image of a previous poll in which Paul was ranked lower than four other GOP candidates.

“The other candidates were on the ballot so to say that there’s another poll that shows we didn’t do as well, therefore this doesn’t carry much water I don’t think is quite correct.” Congressman Paul replied.

Lauer then reeled off a list of things, completely out of context, that Paul has said he would endorse.

“You’re a guy who has said you would call for legalizing all drugs including cocaine and heroin, legalizing prostitution, you want to eliminate about half of the federal agencies including energy, health and education, human services, the Department of Homeland Security.”

“How do you convince people that you are not just an interesting fringe candidate?” Lauer then asked.

“To not portray it as you have just done.” Paul fired back.

“I want to legalize freedom. What’s so bad about that? What’s wrong with legalizing choices about your own life, and your liberty and your religious values? What’s wrong with legalizing the Constitution. …Why can you turn around and say everything he’s doing is nuts and crazy?” The Congressman asserted.

After Paul pointed out that everything he says and endorses is based on the Constitution, Lauer changed his attack tactics by suggesting that at age 77, the Congressman would be too old to be president.

Paul responded by reminding Lauer that “It’s the ideas that count …I endorse young ideas.”

The Congressman pinpointed his opposition to “endless, undeclared, unwinnable wars” and the dangers of runaway national debt being “dumped on young people” as the cornerstone of his rising popularity.


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