Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The media is getting us ready for the next big war. Are you ready for it?

Western Media: Iran, China, and Pakistan! Oh My!

M. Ruppert,

Ah, good ol’ Iran making ambiguous threats which are then used by the corporate media to hype up an irrational fear and support for a possible preemptive strike. The media’s Iran fearmongering was on a bit of a hiatus as they utilized their propaganda machine to focus on Libya, Syria, and Pakistan. However, the commander of the Revolutionary Guard’s Aerospace Force gave the Western media plenty of murky possible threats to run with.

Replace lions, tigers and bears with Iran, China and Pakistan, then imagine Dorothy, the Tin Man and the Scarecrow as the English, British and Israeli arms of the Western propaganda machine. I think they’d be better off just dubbing over that as their brand of fearmongering is even less effective. (The YouTube video cannot be embedded but can be seen here.)
The above linked Fox News piece is headlined, “Guard Chief: Iran Can Build Longer-Range Missiles,” while the article goes on to say they’re not doing it because they can already attack Israeli and American bases in the Persian Gulf. These remarks just happen to be delivered during massive Iranian war games stretching over 10 days, codenamed “Great Prophet 6.”

Iran has been flaunting their new underground missile silos which are designed to avoid satellite detection, among other intimidating weaponry during this extended exercise. This is very likely a reaction to the United States’ attempted missile defense shield program which would encircle the entire region. This plan was vocally opposed by Russia and the other nations that would have hundreds of ballistic missiles pointed directly at them.

The Western media has been putting pressure on the few nations that haven’t fully surrendered to globalist interests from every angle. This is especially apparent with the coverage of the latest Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) meeting and the general rhetoric surrounding these nations.

During this meeting, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called for an alliance against the West, something that the Western media ate up. Of course they sidelined the discussions of ending terrorism, bringing peace to the war-torn Middle East, and Ahmadinejad’s willingness to participate in six-party nuclear negotiations.

This isn’t the only fuel for the propaganda fire, the resurgence of the Agent.btz virus that coincidentally got major media coverage at the exact same time as the SCO meeting coverage, has been blamed on Russia and/or China. It is very clear that the growing rift between the Anglo-American machine and the rest of the world is growing at a rapid pace. China and America’s silent tug-of-war over Pakistan serves to further exemplify these issues.

If one wants to get an idea of what future targets will be and what is in store for us, one need look no further than the Western corporate media. Take the recent claim that Iran was involved in the attacks of September 11th, 2001 for example. There is also the heavy coverage of China and Pakistan moving closer together as the United States gets cut out of the relationship. One must also consider the fact that China pledged to immediately provide 50 JF-17 fighter jets to Pakistan in late May of this year.

Then there was the highly professional and coordinated siege on the military base in Karachi, Pakistan which resulted in the destruction of military equipment donated by the United States. This attack was quickly attributed to al Qaeda, but there are some unanswered questions about how exactly they pulled off such a sophisticated operation and how some of the attackers were able to escape. Apparently the Pakistanis found it a bit suspicious as well, as a former naval commando and his brother were detained in relation to the attack.

All of this seems to be pointing toward a possible conflict between the Western powers and the SCO nations, China and Iran especially. I find it hard to ignore the incessant fearmongering surrounding Iran, as when issues are hyped like this in the corporate controlled media, it usually means it is for a reason.

Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor is quoted by Fox News as saying, “This new Iranian bragging demonstrates once again the aggressive policies of the ayatollahs’ regime […] Not that we had any doubts prior to this statement. But this renewed threat makes it obvious why Iran is the No. 1 threat to this whole region and beyond.” It is interesting that Israel considers Iran the biggest threat to the region, while Israel has the largest nuclear stockpile of any nation in the region and recently said they were preparing for “extreme violence” in their second flotilla confrontation...

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