Thursday, June 30, 2011

Be careful what you watch on corporate controlled media news...



So there I was, wearing my hip-waders, slogging through the "Muslims are evil so we gotta bomb Iran for Israel" crap pouring forth from the sewers at ABCNNBBCBS when these two photos emerged at two different corporate media websites.

As you can see when they are placed side by side, the image of the man holding the placard is the same photo, while the intentionally inflammatory text are photoshopped onto whatever was really on that card. The top two lines of the sign are the exact same, but some of the images of words are reused from one image to the next, such as the "who" in the middle, which is merely slid over, and the word "Islam" which is moved up one line from the first photo to the second.

For all we know, the sign originally advertised a daily special at the local falafel restaurant!

This is why you need to be very careful of anything shown to you to get you to hate who the governments of the US and Israel want you to hate.


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  1. wow, im a muslim and i find it dissapointing that people actually do that! how mean!!!!!!!!!!!!