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The master of the 9/11 coverup....

Philip Zelikow Speaks For The Makers of Terror

Philip Zelikow, the executive director of the 9/11 Commission, said in 2007 that people who believe in a different version of how and why the 9/11 attacks happened live in a different universe, implying that they are crazy freaks who should not be given any public attention. He made the comment at Chautauqua Institution when asked by Professor Paul Zarembka of State University of New York at Buffalo about his opinion on the evidence that eleven of the nineteen hijackers who were credited with 9/11 were found alive after the attacks occurred.

Watch the video of their exchange. And here is the specific quote by Zelikow (credit to SnowShoeFilms):

Zarembka: Well, anyway, you didn’t report any of it. That’s the bottom line. You didn’t interrogate that issue. That’s the key issue. You just took the list that was publicized, and basically the whole world is changing on the basis of your statement that 19 people did this operation. And if it’s false, okay, that has major implications for how the world should be going forward. You follow what I’m saying?

Zelikow: Yeah, sure, if, if the, if the 9/11 attacks were carried out by something other than the hijackers, and there’s a whole alternative universe in which the attacks occurred in a completely different way, yeah. If we lived in a parallel universe that would be a very different universe. There’s, uh, in our view, not a lot of evidence that that universe is actually connected to this one.

If you watch the full video you'll notice that Zelikow is nervous throughout the interview and very uncomfortable. He knows he is lying about 9/11. But he enjoys it. Skip to the 7:30-7:35 mark in the video and you'll get a quick glimpse of Zelikow's creepy, Cheney-like smile. Zelikow and Cheney, along with Rove and the other cast of demonic characters that made up the Bush administration, are first class psychopaths who take pleasure in lying to the people and covering up their murderous deeds.

Zelikow famously said in September 2002 that the security of Israel was a big reason why the U.S. invaded Iraq in 2003:

Why would Iraq attack America or use nuclear weapons against us? I'll tell you what the real threat [is] and actually has been since 1990 -- it's the threat against Israel. And this is the threat that dares not speak its name because...the American government doesn't want to lean too hard on it rhetorically because it's not a popular sell.

Zelikow changed his tune a little bit after the release of the 9/11 report in 2004. Appearing on C-SPAN in July 2004, Zelikow said that America's unconditional support for Israel makes "very little difference" for so-called Islamic extremists and cites other factors for their hatred of America. Zelikow said (credit to Representative Press blog):

But, um, -- first it's a fact that American policies in the Middle East have consequences and that you have to weigh those consequences. And that American support for the state of Israel has consequences in the Muslim world and fuels a lot of Arab and Muslim grievances toward the United States. That's point one. But, and you have to remember point two, is that, for the hard core, the bin Laden's and their followers, it makes very little difference. These people were trying to kill us when the Middle East peace process was going great, uh, during the period of the Oslo accords in the early 90's. When it goes well, when it goes badly, it makes no difference in their plans. Their objections to the United States have to do with who we are in the world and are not significantly affected by the ups or downs of the Middle East peace process.

Tom, the author of the blog that the above quote is taken from said that Zelikow was lying about the Oslo accords, the Middle East peace process, and America's national security consequences for supporting Israel's policies. Tom said:

But Zelikow is at his most devious when he denies the significance of US support of Israel with a dismissal of " it makes no difference." Zelikow wants you to think that changing the policy of US support of Israel will make no difference. He is trying to decieve us about polices that threaten our very lives. He is lying, obviously, because he doesn't want the policy of US support of Israel to be changed.

Zelikow has the audacity to lie to us about the recent history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Zelikow lies about the Oslo accords, he is lying when he says the "Middle East peace process was going great." Zelikow is saying that "these people", the "ones trying to kill us", shouldn't have seen the Oslo accords as a grievance! It was great for the Israelis but it was not great for the Palestinians or anyone that cares about their rights. Zelikow is denying the real grievances, violations of the rights of the Palestinian people during the early 1990's.

It is obvious when you research Zelikow's academic background and his writings that he is not interested in peace, truth, or American security. He knowingly lied to the American people about the 9/11 attacks, the nature of the Middle East peace process, and the causes of Muslim hatred towards U.S. foreign policy. He is a criminal liar who should be cuffed and then executed on live television for acts of treason and war crimes.

Zelikow is not a minor character, he is more than a surrogate for the rotten establishment that controls both Washington and Israel. He bears a lot of responsibility for the cover-up of 9/11 and the destructive consequences that can be connected directly to his false portrayal of that seminal event in our times.

On September 14, 2001, Zelikow was interviewed on CBS's The Early Show about America's response to the attacks. He was introduced as a "terrorism expert," and that applies in more than one way because he is such a big expert on terrorism that he provided his expertise to carry out an act of state terror on 9/11 and then lie about it to the public. Placing him in charge of the 9/11 Commission would be like placing Jose Canseco in charge of a commission on steroid use in baseball.

Several of the 9/11 victims' family members demanded Zelikow to step down from his position as director of the commission, but he refused. A family member said: "We have found out that he not only served on the transition team of the Bush administration, that he was a person who wrote a draft memo for the set up of the Bush administration's National Security council, that he was an individual who wrote the preemptive war strategy that was eventually used for the war in Iraq, that he is a close friend of Condoleezza Rice," and adding, "We want him to resign." (The quote is from the 2006 documentary 9/11: Press For Truth, directed by Ray Nowosielski).

As Director of the 9/11 Commission, Zelikow ignored evidence that the twin towers and WTC 7 were brought down by controlled demolition. He blatantly spat in the faces of the 9/11 victims and helped to destroy the American justice system. His false narrative about the 9/11 attacks has caused American taxpayers 3.7 trillion dollars (the sum cost of America's post-9/11 wars according to a new study done by Brown University called "Costs of War").

At the American Historical Association in Washington DC on January 5, 2008, Zelikow said some interesting things about how historians perceive history and how history is recorded. TheHistory News Network posted a video of his remarks on YouTube: part 1, and part 2. At the 6:00 - 6:22 mark in part 1 Zelikow said that historians who "study an event very closely are usually at about ten thousand feet," and, "doing U2 level reconnaissance," as opposed to being "helicopters hovering at a hundred feet," or, "much less being on the ground." What he meant is that most historians are clueless and have no idea how powerful leaders and states made history-changing decisions, why they made them, for what purposes, and in what contexts.

Zelikow's comparison of historians to pilots of high-level jet planes is a stark contrast to the "fly on the wall" idea that most historians like to profess they are. Most historians are the fly trapped in a dark room. The majority of historians perceive history not as it happens in the trenches, and in the boardrooms, but, like the rest of humanity, as it is interpreted by the voices of power.

Historians handle the artifacts of history, and rarely get inside the chambers of power to record the echos of history. The historical literature on the 9/11 events and the entire field of international terrorism avoids discussing the role of Western intelligence agencies and Western governments in 9/11 and similar Western terror attacks. Israeli state terrorism and U.S. state terrorism are provable and can be discovered by examining the public record, but there is only a handful of academic historians who have went on record to say that 9/11 was an inside job. Most of academia has been silent on 9/11.

The few courageous and true professors who are raising public awareness about 9/11 truth are not historians. Peter Dale Scott is a retired professor of English who taught at Berkeley. Graeme MacQueen is a retired professor of Religious Studies from McMaster University. David Ray Griffin is a retired professor of philosophy of religion and theology, and a founder of The Center for Process Studies at Claremont School of Theology. Anthony J. Hall is a professor of Globalization Studies at the University of Lethbridge.

Where are the historians and the professors of history? They're nowhere to be seen. Zelikow is right. They're up in the sky, and missing all the action on the ground.

Professionally trained historians have failed humanity by ignoring fundamental truths of history. Amateur historians like James W. Douglass and William F. Pepper are upstaging them. We are leaving the age of the mass consumption of history and entering the age of the mass reconstruction of history. Events like the JFK assassination and the 9/11 attacks are being re-recorded through the lens of truth and facts, not the lens of power as controlled by rotten traitors like Zelikow. The global political awakening that Zbigniew Brzezinski and the criminal ruling elite are afraid of is at the heart of this political, cultural, and cosmic transition.

The realm of "conspiracy theories" that serves as the dark matter of modern American history is where the truths of modern history, and of the ugly world of politics are being discovered by millions of free thinkers. People are discovering to their amazement that false government narratives of history are designed for criminal objectives by political myth-makers like Zelikow.

There is a coming clash of universes between the universe that Zelikow, Cheney, Rove, Rice, Bush, the CIA, Mossad, and the neocon traitors want the world to believe exists, and the real universe - the universe of fact, and truth.

Zelikow, and all the U.S.-Israeli state terrorists he speaks for, does not want the real universe to come into being because he will be executed in that universe as a traitor and a war criminal. But he can't stop the real universe from rising out of the shadows of thought because neither he nor the power elite have complete control over the creative and unpredictable forces of history.

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