Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Suspended for white shirts? Come on, folks. Let's get real here...

California high school kids suspended for wearing white T-shirts. You won’t believe why.

Soquel, California is a lovely little town just up the road from’s intergalactic headquarters. It sits along the Pacific Ocean very near the lunatic liberal bastion of Santa Cruz.

A group of students at Soquel High School has been suspended for wearing a white T-shirts on Senior Picture Day.

The group of friends say they wore the shirts so they’d stand out in the group photos, so it would be easier to look back years from now and say, “There’s my buddy Larry. And there’s Big Mike. And there’s me.”

The school decided that the white T-shirts were a sign of something else, something far more nefarious. In the minds of those in the administration at Soquel High School, a white T-shirt is now sign of … wait for it … white supremists.


This must be the most diverse group of white supremists ever assembled. It includes an Asian kid who wonders how he could possibly be a white supremacist.


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  1. here is a link to an interview with David Mine and his lawyer..The Asian kid..