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Obama: The robot president...

Barack Obama: The AutoPresident

The Excavator

The image of Barack Obama is carefully crafted, obsessively controlled, and completely different from the man. The Obama that is known by the general American public and the world is a marketing creation, as journalist John Pilger said in a lecture in 2009. The man in the White House is Obama the automaton, not Obama the leader of the free world; Obama the mechanical and manipulative machine, not the caring and faithful servant of the American people.

Obama’s role is merely functionary like almost all American presidents since the public execution of John F. Kennedy. Modern American Presidents, especially Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama, are not real men who speak their own minds and make speeches from their hearts. They are self-created myths and robotic spokespersons for the American oligarchy, the parasitic private central banks, the military-industrial complex, the national security crime syndicate, and other powerful forces that dominate Washington.

The continuity of agenda between the Bush and Obama administrations means that presidents have no say, they are actors who are put there to read scripts and steamroll policies regardless if they are popular or lawful. Their job is to sell the destruction and impoverishment of America as good and inevitable, and continue the cover up of 9/11, the war on terror, Wall Street’s robbery and destruction of the middle class, and the secret birth of the transnational technofascist police state.

People say politicians are whores, but they are more like machines. To be President of the American empire you need a schizophrenic personality because you must constantly lie to the American people, play a double game, and pretend to uphold American ideals with a straight face, while working behind the scenes to secretly advance ruthless and treacherous policies which harm the American people, the country, and the world.

It was interesting to see that the extension of the controversial Patriot (Traitor) Act on Thursday did not require President Obama to be present in the country. A device known as an autopen that reproduces Obama’s signature was used to sign the legislation. This little handy device may be a trivial piece of hardware to most people, but I think it symbolizes the true function and personality of the President of the United States of America. It seems natural and fitting that the autopresident has his own autopen.

Deconstructing The Obama Myth

Eugene Jarecki, the filmmaker behind the 2005 documentary “Why We Fight,” demythologized the Reagan myth in his new documentary “Reagan,” and brings the real Reagan to life, who I think is more likeable than the false image created about him. Jarecki told the Wall Street Journal when he premiered the film at the Sundance Film Festival in January that “what we learn today about Reagan from too many people is simply false.” Since Reagan’s death an industry to satisfy the Reagan cult has sprung up in America. Many politicians shamelessly use his manufactured persona to draw Reagan loyalists to their own cause and campaign. And it is easy to misrepresent Reagan because he was a larger than life character who personified an entire decade.

Barack Obama has compared himself to Reagan, which is true in one way: both men created their own myths but in reality they stand for nothing. From Reagan to Obama America declined from a superpower to a third-world terrorist state.

Obama likes to make other people perceive him as larger than life by using glorified rhetoric, but his accomplishments are slim. He gave empty speeches to get elected and then betrayed his country when he stepped in the White House by refusing to prosecute criminal bankers, ending the criminal wars, and stopping the rape of the U.S. constitution.

Sir Nigel Sheinwald, the British ambassador to the United States called Obama “aloof and insensitive” in a letter he sent to then Prime Minister Gordon Brown before Obama was elected President. Others who have had contact with Obama have made the same observations. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal described him as cold and aloof when he had discussions with him during the Gulf Coast oil spill crisis about the economic consequences of putting a moratorium on oil drilling. Obama shrugged off the concerns. The Obamabots think Obama is cool, but the truth is that he is a cold, heartless son of a bitch just like Bush and Clinton.

Professor Cornel West, who was a vocal supporter of Obama, has painted the same picture of him: cold, calculative, clever, emotionless, manipulative, cunning, ungrateful, disloyal, indifferent, robotic. In Chris Hedges’s article ‘The Obama Deception: Why Cornel West Went Ballistic’ West tells a story about how Obama shunned him and threw him under the bus after he did so much to get him elected. From Hedges’s article:

“There is the personal level,” he says. “I used to call my dear brother [Obama] every two weeks. I said a prayer on the phone for him, especially before a debate. And I never got a call back. And when I ran into him in the state Capitol in South Carolina when I was down there campaigning for him he was very kind. The first thing he told me was, ‘Brother West, I feel so bad. I haven’t called you back. You been calling me so much. You been giving me so much love, so much support and what have you.’ And I said, ‘I know you’re busy.’ But then a month and half later I would run into other people on the campaign and he’s calling them all the time. I said, wow, this is kind of strange. He doesn’t have time, even two seconds, to say thank you or I’m glad you’re pulling for me and praying for me, but he’s calling these other people. I said, this is very interesting. And then as it turns out with the inauguration I couldn’t get a ticket with my mother and my brother. I said this is very strange. We drive into the hotel and the guy who picks up my bags from the hotel has a ticket to the inauguration. My mom says, ‘That’s something that this dear brother can get a ticket and you can’t get one, honey, all the work you did for him from Iowa.’ Beginning in Iowa to Ohio. We had to watch the thing in the hotel.

West says that the experience taught him that Obama “had no sense of gratitude, no sense of loyalty, no sense of even courtesy, [no] sense of decency, just to say thank you.”

Obama is clearly heartless who does not care that the American people are suffering due to misguided, short-sighted, treacherous, and criminal government policies. Like every other presidential puppet, including Bush, Clinton and Reagan, Obama favors manipulation, lying, and propaganda over truth-telling and honest debate.

Obama does not believe in a free society. He thinks the state is God and wants people to obey whatever they are told without questioning anything that the government says or does. His speeches are based on simplified logic and filled with rhetorical tricks like repetition that have the effect of deadening the rational faculties of the listener. Buzz words like “hope” and “change” are used to present a saintly image of himself. As Aldous Huxley wrote, “slogans, the unqualified assertions and sweeping generaliza­tions are the propagandist’s stock in trade.”

Obama can lie to the American people on a constant basis because he views the people as a herd who should be ruled and controlled by a technocratic elite. His conception of human nature is anti-democratic and consistent with Socrates and Hitler, who are very different individuals except for the fact that they both thought of the people as sheep who should be lied to and led as their all-knowing leaders see fit.

A lot of people say Obama and other top political leaders in the West who are betraying the people and covering up the 9/11 attacks are psychopaths and/or sociopaths, depending on the person. I don’t have the psychological expertise to say definitively that Obama is a sociopathic individual, but obviously he is very heartless and arrogant. It does not get anymore anti-social than lying to billions of people about acts of state murder and acts of high treason.

Obama, Clinton and Bush are evil and selfish men, but they are not on the same level of crazy as Stalin, Hitler and other arrogant despots in history who headed authoritarian regimes that were responsible for the slaughter of millions of people. The public face of the hijacked American empire does not have to be a cruel monster to operate the machinations of the regime, he just has to say the right words, and put on the right face for the American and global public, like any good actor. But you also can’t be an ethical, empathic and psychologically healthy individual to be President. Since lying is the biggest part of the job anyone who wants to become President must be egoistic and have a view of human nature that is elitist and authoritarian.

Sooner or later the shadow side of Obama, the real man as opposed to the fake mask, will be revealed to the American people and the world because unnatural things cannot survive during this time of crisis and renewal. At the same time, people will come to know the shadow state of America and the shadow history of the last half century. Obama is just the latest puppet who was ambitious and vain enough to become the autopresident.


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