Tuesday, May 31, 2011

See, the evil-doer is dead and the British are pulling their troops out of Afghanistan...OOPS!!!

Afghanistan withdrawal: no significant pull out, says senior British general

Days after the Prime Minister announced the first reduction in British troop numbers, Lt Gen James Bucknall said talk of an early exit risked sending mixed messages that could encourage the Taliban.

Nato troop numbers should remain unchanged for two more summer "fighting seasons", he said.

Lt Gen Bucknall warned that Helmand, where British troops are stationed, was likely to see some of the heaviest fighting in the coming months.

The comments come amid heated debate between generals and political leaders in London and Washington over how quickly Nato forces can leave Afghanistan.

Officers say the killing of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan has increased the politicians' desire for major withdrawals before next year's US presidential election and the British election in 2015. Mr Cameron announced this month that Britain would pull out 450 troops by the end of this year, overruling defence chiefs who wanted a smaller cut.

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