Friday, March 18, 2016

You knew this was coming...

College debate star calls for ‘affirmative suicide’ because ‘white life is wrong’

by Personal Liberty News Desk

A student activists and star debater from the University of West Georgia said white privilege is so powerful that the only way white people can atone for their sins is suicide.

Miguel Felician made the ridiculous argument during a debate held at Harvard University after asking the white student challenging his team’s argument, “Why do white people have the right to affirm their life?”

“Because all lives have value,” the challenger responded.

A video of the debate, which took place a year ago, is currently making rounds on the Internet.

Later Felician asserts, “We should never affirm white life… White life is based off of black subjugation.”

A description posted along with the video claims that the debate wasn’t even supposed to have a race component:

The topic of the debate was supposed to be renewable energy — not race. The subject was: “Resolved: The United States Federal Government should substantially reduce restrictions on and/or substantially increase financial incentives for energy production in the United States of one or more of the following: coal, crude oil, natural gas, nuclear power, solar power, wind power.”

The white team chose to advocate wind turbines. Instead of addressing that issue, the black debaters began arguing that all whites should kill themselves and that their white opponents should die.

This was NOT a position that was assigned to them in class. They claimed that their pro-genocide movement was *REAL POLITICAL ACTIVISM.*

Felician and debate partner Damiyr Davis won second place at the 2013 Cross-Examination Debate Association Nationals.

Meanwhile, according to Inside Higher Ed, college presidents don’t feel there is a race relations problem on U.S. campuses:

[The] proportion of presidents who characterized race relations on their campus as “excellent” went up from 18 to 20 percent in the 2016 survey. The percentage who said “good” grew from 63 to 64 percent. So 84 percent of presidents this year believe race relations on their campus are either excellent or good.

The survey found that presidents did seem to be aware of the frustrations of minority students on other presidents’ campuses.

This year, only 24 percent of the presidents described the state of race relations at colleges nationwide as good, and no one characterized them as excellent.


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