Friday, March 18, 2016

When the free shit runs out...

What will happen when the ‘free stuff’ ends?

by Bob Livingston

The Great Recession never ended, despite what the mainstream media and political hacks tell you. It has just been covered over as if putting paper over a damaged wall. If you look closely you can spot the truth.

The administration’s unemployment numbers are false. The actual unemployment rate counting all those not working — not just those considered “short-term discouraged workers” (what the government counts) — is 22.7 percent, according to Shadowstats. This is the number based on the measure used prior to 1994 to count unemployment. That means more than one in every five Americans who could be working is not. For comparison, at the height of the Great Depression unemployment was 24.75 percent.

Food stamps are the new bread lines. The food stamp program is a clever ruse that hides the actual number of people who are on assistance. If the media were showing lines of people waiting for soup and bread there would be a national revolt.

The number of people receiving food stamps (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) has exceeded 45 million for 56 straight months, according to the Department of Agriculture. This means an astonishing 14 percent of Americans are fed by government. And 21.3 percent (52.2 million) of the U.S. population is on one or more means-tested government programs. Still more — almost every American? — get special tax breaks, incentives or treatment, which is yet another method of redistribution of wealth and more social engineering.

In 1969, when the U.S. Department of Agriculture began tracking food stamp participation, 2.87 million Americans were on food stamps. That’s just 1.4 percent of the population. Food stamp participation has increased 1,470 percent in 47 years, while the U.S. population has increased only 56 percent.

This increase was by design. The USDA admits that “Changes in SNAP policies, some of them associated with the 2002 and 2008 Farm Acts, have made benefits easier to apply for, available to more people, and more generous.”

Although Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are engaged in a race to promise the most “free stuff” for the people, such a thing is unconstitutional and unsustainable. Government welfare programs disincentivize work and require government money printing to sustain.

The act of money creation means that more and more of the national wealth flows to the federal government. How in the name of Pete do people think that the United States government became so powerful and so wealthy in property? But all fiat money systems in history have collapsed and the U.S. will be no exception.

The government produces nothing. It has to steal and it does so on an unimaginable scale. The mind of man cannot deal with such a massive transfer of wealth, and few people even suspect it. Why do people not know about the biggest fraud in history?

As Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) told the Free Beacon, “Unless we reform programs like the SNAP program and a number of other entitlement programs there is going to be a shrinking supply of funds for all of these programs given the fact that we now have $500 billion to $1 trillion annual deficits totaling at $20 trillion annual debt.”

Supporters of Communist Sanders and the Witch of Chappaqua believe the free stuff can continue forever. That’s not surprising. Many of them have been fed by government their whole lives through school breakfast and lunch programs, and are taught in schools that the government is their caretaker.

But government has nothing except that which it takes from someone else. Money printing is theft, because every dollar printed debauches the dollars you are holding.

When the food stamp program and all other government programs collapse, there will be blood in the streets. Desperate people do desperate things. When that happens, the last thoughts of many Bernie and Hillary supporters will be, “Where is government and why didn’t it come and save me?” (For tips on how to prepare get my book, “How to Survive the Collapse of Civilization,” — BL)

For a vision of what Bernie and the Witch are proposing for your future, go here and here.


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