Thursday, March 24, 2016

The real culprits...

Terror victims’ blood on the hands of Obama, Hillary, the neocon war machine and its proxies

by Bob Livingston

The U.S. along with NATO and Israel and Arab partners Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kuwait, Bahrain and the UAE, created ISIS and provided it with funding, training and materiel. This was done to facilitate the overthrow of Moammar Gadhafi in Libya and Bashar Assad in Syria.

ISIS was given a base of operations in Iraq and Libya from which to spawn after the U.S. and NATO took out the leaders of those countries, creating a vacuum of destruction, death and chaos. This policy was heartily endorsed by not just the neocon war machine, but also President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

ISIS took credit for Tuesday’s terror attack in Brussels. The governments of Belgium, France and the U.S. all blamed ISIS for the attacks.

The suspects in the Belgium attacks were know to European counterterrorism officials beforehand. The suspected bomb maker was one of two men in a car found to be carrying fake passports after a stop by Hungarian police last September. The other man in the car was a terror suspect killed in a raid in Brussels last week.

NATO and the aforementioned Arab nations are itching for a full-scale war to overthrow Assad. The Brussels attack may or may not have been a false flag to use to agitate for stepped up attacks on Syria. But some regimes are already using it as a clarion call for more hostile action against ISIS in Syria, which would lead to attacks on Syrian forces.

Regardless, the blood of those killed and wounded in Brussels — and everywhere else ISIS-inspired terror attacks have taken place or soon will – is on the hands of Obama, the witch from Chappaqua, the neocon war machine and its European and Arab proxies.

Authorities seeking suspects should be looking first in the capitals of those nations.


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