Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The new terrorists...

Who needs climate change to destroy the Earth when we have climate change protesters?

by Ben Bullard

If climate change doesn’t do the world in, perhaps its alarmed acolytes can finish the job.

They’re certainly doing yeoman’s work in Paris, where on Monday far-left climate protesters obliterated a memorial honoring victims of the Nov. 13 ISIS terror attacks.

This is what the climate change protesters have done to the memorial to those murdered last week. New terrorists.

Unhappy with world powers’ lack of urgency in advancing an accelerated program of action to save the planet from global warming and/or climate change, activists began pillaging the memorial, using its vigil candles “as weapons,” according to International Business Times:

Since the attacks in which 130 people were killed by Islamic extremists, the Marianne statue in the Place de la Republique has become the focal point for those wishing to pay tribute to the dead. But on 29 November the square was the site of violent protests, as environmental protesters clashed with riot police on the eve of a key UN climate change conference.

In the wake of the clashes tributes and flowers left for the dead were photographed scattered across the square, after protesters used tribute candles as weapons.

Protesters also threw various hard objects at French police ordered to contain the protest, including “a hammer, rocks, and glass candle holders from the memorial,” according to IBT. You can also tell, from the second photo above, that there were plenty of flying shoes.

A ban on public assembly has remained in effect in Paris since the ISIS terror attacks. Police arrested 208 protesters. The outburst took place as the world’s government leaders, including President Barack Obama, converged on Paris for a U.N. climate change conference.


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