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Fight forced vaccinations...

VACCINE WAR IN AMERICA: Attempts to legislate mandatory vaccines all across the U.S

by: Natural News Editors

There is a raging civil war in America here at the beginning of 2015. It is a war against medical tyranny and the desire of government to take away individual liberties, rights to privacy, and the ability to choose to refuse medical treatments.

The irrational fear gripping this country over a mere 100 cases of measles, a disease in which no one has died and would not even make the top 100 diseases currently affecting Americans, is being used as a justification to expand government intrusion into our private lives and grant broad new police powers.

The National Vaccine Information Center brings us the latest legislative updates across the U.S. Please register at their Advocacy Portal to stay abreast of legislative battles in your own state, and follow their advice below on how you can take action to protect your Constitutional rights. If Americans do not resist and act now, the battle will be quickly lost.

ACT NOW – Vaccine Exemptions and Mandates Threatened in Even More States

by National Vaccine Information Center

Unless someone has been hiding under a rock, it is almost impossible to not notice the war taking place in America in state legislatures against the families who are making selective and informed vaccination choices. From taking away the ability to get an education to legally forcing more vaccines under new schemes of computerized vaccine tracking and expanded police and emergency powers, this is just the beginning. Most states still have time in their legislative schedules to file more bills.

The irrational fear based frenzy has spun out of control. Your right to control what is injected into your child’s body or your own may be hanging in the balance.


Hearings to remove philosophical/conscientious exemptions to vaccine mandates have already taken place in Washington and Oregon. California, Maine, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Vermont all have bills already filed or press announcements of bills about to be filed to remove philosophical/conscientious exemptions. Maine, Minnesota and Texas have bills to substantially restrict philosophical/conscientious exemptions.

Religious exemptions are also under attack. Maryland, New Jersey, Texas and Vermont have bills filed or announced to eliminate religious exemptions, and Illinois, New Mexico and Texas have bills filed or announced to unconstitutionally restrict religious exemptions.


Fifteen states have bills filed to expand vaccine mandates. These include Connecticut, Florida, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia.

What is so disturbing about the Vermont bill is the vaccine mandates are for school employees, and there are no philosophical or religious exemptions allowed. This is the first state to go after teachers, school administrators and school staff.

It is very concerning that New York and Texas have bills filed to allow some minor children to consent to their own vaccines behind their parents’ backs without their parents’ knowledge or consent. California already has this language in statute. This is in violation with federal law that requires parents to get Vaccine Information Statements so they can make an informed decision.


Two states, Arizona and Texas, have bills that affect police and emergency powers. The Texas bill gives the police the power to forcibly detain people only suspected of having been exposed to an infectious disease and eliminates the protective requirement for a warrant. A law enforcement officer would only have to express a belief of an exposure or infection to forcibly detain someone.


Seven states, Maryland, Montana, New Hampshire, New Mexico, South Dakota, Texas, and Vermont all have bills filed to require or expand vaccine status tracking in most cases without knowledge or consent to be used as mandatory vaccine enforcement systems.


Four states, Arizona, Maryland, Missouri, and Texas have bills filed to publically release vaccination and exemption rates by areas as small as individual schools to create an even more divisive, discriminatory and prejudicial environment towards children with vaccine exemptions.


Assess what you are up against in your state. Log into the NVIC Advocacy Portal at and look below to see a snapshot of what bills are currently filed in your state.

People are very frustrated with the misinformation and irrational fear that have been producing these proposed legislative changes, and they have been expressing feeling overwhelmed and uncertain what to do to help.

First, contact your legislators and their staff, and then ask your friends and family to do the same.

Immediately contact your state legislators and connect to them from your heart about why these bills can hurt your family. Do not wimp out and just send an email if there is any way possible you can meet with them in person or talk on the phone to them. Make them look into your eyes or hear your voice when you sincerely tell them about vaccine reactions and health concerns for your family, how you and your children have been treated by doctors and your school over this issue, why you delay or decline vaccines, and why they may want to preserve this right for themselves and their own family in the future.

If you follow a non-pharmaceutically based model of health care, tell them why. Educate them. You have to connect to them on a personal level so they can get this. Find out what other bills they have sponsored so you can find common ground about things you both care and agree about to break the ice. We are fighting a very powerful pharma/medical forced vaccination lobby, but they don’t have these personal connections that constituents have.

Please register for the NVIC Advocacy Portal if you haven’t already and make it a habit to log in frequently to stay updated and learn what you can do to help with each bill in your state. Registration is required so we can help connect you with your legislators.

Do not let these decisions be made for you by those whose power, positions or profit are dependent on forced vaccination.


1) Register/Login to the NVIC Advocacy Portal at

2) Lookup your state legislators and their contact information. Click on “Check What is Happening in Your State” on the home page or “My State” on the STATE TEAMS Tab. Your personal state legislators (House, Senate, Governor and Lieutenant Governor) are listed on the right side of the page. Click on them one at a time to display their contact information.

3) Choose how you would like to deliver your message. The suggested modes of communication below are listed in the order of being more likely to be more impactful on educating your legislator.

a) Make an appointment for a direct personal visit;
b) Make an appointment to talk directly in a personal phone call;
c) Make an appointment to talk in person to a legislative aide;
d) Call and talk to a legislative aide to relay a message; or
e) Send an email through web contact forms or legislative email address.

4) Suggested talking points for state legislators:

Introduce yourself and identify yourself as a constituent. (If this is a meeting or a phone call, ask them if they agree with the statement that nobody should be forced to submit to any medical procedure, including vaccination, which carries the risk of injury or death.)

Share that you are very concerned about some of the divisive one-sided conversations and bills being filed right now regarding vaccination exemption rights (or bills filed in your state).

Explain why it is important to your family to be able to delay or decline vaccination. This is where you could share your vaccine reaction, harassment, or vaccine failure story to personalize your communication.

Explain that there are some very important reasons why legally protecting the right to informed consent to vaccination without penalty by the state should be a priority and these crucial points have been left out of the conversation by forced vaccination proponents.

· Vaccines are pharmaceutical products that cause injury and death for some. The United States Government has paid out more than $3 billion dollars to vaccine victims. Many more people have adverse reactions. Nobody can predict who will be harmed from vaccines.

· Vaccines manufacturers and the doctors who administer vaccines are completely shielded from liability for vaccine injuries and deaths.

· Vaccines fail sometimes where even fully vaccinated people become infected. Nobody can predict who will or will not respond to vaccines.

· Children today receive 69 doses of vaccines for 16 different viral and bacterial illnesses which more than doubles the government childhood schedule of 34 doses of 11 different vaccines in the year 2000. A vaccine exemption is filed regardless of whether the exemption is filed for one dose or all doses. 35 doses and 5 more unique vaccines have been added to the schedule in the last 15 years. Those supporting forced vaccination are being dishonest by not acknowledging the exploding vaccine schedule while sounding alarms over small increases in overall non-medical exemptions.

· There are hundreds of new vaccines in development including some of the following in clinical trials: HIV, herpes, E. coli, dengue fever, avian influenza, smallpox, tuberculosis, typhoid, norovirus, cholera, smoking cessation, syphilis, and gonorrhea. If vaccine manufactures and others who profit from forced vaccination convince legislators take away our right to delay or decline a vaccine now, what will our future look like?

· In the past 5 years, drug makers have paid the U.S. Government $19.2 billion in criminal and civil FRAUD penalties. Skepticism of the pharmaceutical industry is well deserved, and it doesn’t imply a skepticism of science.

· Physicians, in the American Medical Association Code of Ethics, affirm philosophical and religious exemptions for themselves. See Opinion 9.133 Routine Universal Immunization of Physicians. Parents should have that same right.

5) Refer to NVIC’s “Reforming Vaccine Policy and Law” guide for answers to questions your legislators may have. The fully referenced version can be found on our site posted at:—Law-Guide.aspx. You can include this link in your letters as well.

6) Refer to “Measles in Disneyland: Third MMR Shot and Vaccine Exemption Ban?” by NVIC’s President Barbara Loe Fisher for some illuminating insight into facts that need to be exposed about the California measles outbreak and other vaccine failures.

7) Please forward this email to family and friends and ask them to share their concerns with their legislators as well. You can post the link to this alert on social media:

See more at:

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