Friday, October 2, 2015

Crazy Johnny, he's insane...

Insane McCain wants a war with Russia
by Bob Livingston

The reckless lunacy coming from America’s Zionist warmongers reached epic proportions yesterday with leading war hawk Insane John McCain calling for arming so-called “moderate rebels” with the means to shoot down Russian war planes bombing ISIS and anti-Assad forces in Syria.

Insane McCain and the Ziocon war hawks have been working for years to take out Bashar Assad as a precursor to a move on Iran. Those two countries are all that stand between the neocons and the fulfillment of their blueprint plan to destroy the Middle East, plunder its resources and destroy its borders, set up puppet governments throughout, and make Saudi Arabia and Israel the only regional power brokers as they usher in the New World Order. Their blueprint plan for this was published in 2000 by the Project for the New American Century (PNAC).

As an aside, those of you trapped in the false left-right paradigm who think President Barack Obama’s foreign policy is not controlled by the neocon cabal at the Council on Foreign Relations are completely ignorant. One of the authors of the blueprint plan is Donald Kagan. Kagan is a former member of the CFR. His son Robert founded PNAC. Robert Kagan’s wife is Victoria Nuland, the current assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs. Nuland was caught on tape in February of last year selecting the puppet Ukrainian opposition leader Arseniy Yatsenyuk. According to Nuland, the U.S. has reportedly sunk $5 billion in the opposition in order to agitate for admittance to the EU. She was in the middle of the U.S.-sponsored coup that threw out the elected leader of Ukraine. In 2005, Robert Kagan wrote that Russia and China were or would become greater threats to U.S. efforts to spread “liberalism” (i.e., impose democracy) than al-Qaida. Robert Kagan is a senior fellow at Brookings Institute, a tool of the CFR. He’s also Skull and Bones, as are John Kerry, George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush, among a host of many controlling American foreign policy.

Back to Insane McCain. Stop and think for a moment what he is advocating. Assad has been fighting for his life for several years as a result of U.S. efforts to boot him out of power for the globalists and banksters. The U.S. and its allies in the region created ISIS for that purpose. Insane McCain has long been pushing for increased arming of so-called moderate rebels who were once fighting U.S. troops on the battlefield — fighters who were part of the terrorist organizations including al-Qaida and al-Nusra — to fight ISIS. These so-called moderate rebels have received from the U.S. training and arms costing millions of dollars. Then, as soon as they hit the battlefield, these U.S.-trained fighters join the ISIS cause and turn over the U.S.-provided weapons to ISIS.

Insane McCain now wants to give them anti-aircraft weapons to shoot down Russian planes bombing ISIS. And he wants them to have them while U.S. and NATO planes are flying sorties against ISIS over Syria and Iraq, knowing that billions of dollars in U.S. weapons have already been either captured by ISIS as it ran roughshod over the Middle East, or even handed over to ISIS by the so-called moderate rebels we’ve been training and equipping. If the so-called moderates turn those weapons over to ISIS — whether willingly or if they are lost in battle — ISIS fighters will use them to down U.S. aircraft.

At Assad’s request, Russia stepped in to help an ally. Vladimir Putin says he’s there to take out ISIS, but he makes no bones about the fact that he’s also there to prop up Assad. But Insane McCain wants so-called moderate rebels to shoot down Russian planes bombing ISIS, which Insane McCain, his lapdog Lindsey Graham and the Fox (False) News talking heads say is our mortal enemy looking to send terrorists to the U.S.

If the so-called moderates shoot down a Russian plane using a U.S. weapon that before now was not seen in the war, Russia is going to rightly blame the U.S., increasing the likelihood of World War III. As it is, U.S. and Russian planes are occupying the same airspace and allegedly bombing some of the same targets while also some opposing targets.

The testosterone was flowing during the Wednesday news conference with the Secretary of State (and French Ambassador) John Kerry and the Russian foreign affairs minister both saying their planes will continue flying and the others should stand down. Dear readers, we are one mistake, one slip, from World War III. And by the way, China will side with Russia when push comes to shove.

We are now in a full-on sprint toward WWIII with Insane McCain leading the charge.


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