Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ya think???

Americans losing faith in U.S. government, institutions

by Sam Rolley

American confidence in the U.S. government and the nation’s major institutions is in the pits.

That’s according to polling data out from Gallup that shows just 33 percent of Americans are confident in the U.S. presidency, 32 percent in the Supreme Court, and an abysmal 8 percent in Congress.

U.S. confidence in the Supreme Court and Congress remains near the record lows hit last year. Confidence in the president, meanwhile, is up modestly from that time but still low by historical standards.

“The average confidence rating for the three branches of government combined is 24%, lower than most previous averages since 1991 and well below the high of 50% that year,” Gallup reported.

But it isn’t just the three branches of government that are failing to gain confidence with a majority of Americans. Besides the military and small business, American confidence in national institutions has tanked.

Here’s a breakdown from Gallup...

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