Tuesday, June 30, 2015

"Marriage isn't the government's business. Did you know that marriage licenses were first issued in the late 1800s to keep inter racial marriages from occurring? Sounds like a good reason for the government to get involved in marriage, don't you think? Sounds like an even better reason for governments to get out of it."

The Confederate Flag, Gay Marriage, & the Death of Liberty
By Shane Kastler

Liberty in America isn't dead yet, but rest assured she's on life support. She has been for awhile, but now she's near the end. And if you think a little you can see how it's happening. There is a gargantuan link between the recent vitriolic witch hunt conducted across the South to find people possessing or selling Confederate flags; and the Supreme Court ruling which takes the debate out of the hands of the people and forces “gay marriage” on the nation carte blanche. What do gays and rednecks have in common you ask? They are opposite sides of a raging cultural war that will soon explode out of control. First the flag.

I've written repeatedly about the tragic events in Charleston earlier this month. Dylann Roof is a first rate devil who should pay severely for his senseless, thoughtless, brainless, spineless, and heartless crime. I might say he is an embarrassment to the white race, but it goes much deeper. He's an embarrassment to the human race. Of course the same is true of Barack Hussein Obama. A shameless political huckster has never slithered through the American electorate like this creature from the Hawaiian lagoon. He issues orders like he's Caesar himself, then gets ticked off when the country doesn't jump at his command. Obama, as politicians are want to do, attended the funeral service for Clementa Pinckney and promptly made himself the star of the show. So much for Rev. Pinckney. But of course, he probably would have wanted it that way, as he was a loyal supporter of the Egomaniac-in-Chief.

The Charleston tragedy quickly became a Confederate witch hunt for no good reason whatsoever. Roof owned a flag. Big whoop. I own one too. It is a piece of history. America did split up at one time and fight a war when the North unconstitutionally invaded the free and sovereign states of the South. What would you expect the Southerners to do? Run and hide or stand and fight? They fought valiantly against superior arms and outnumbered armies. They fought for four years when most thought it wouldn't last four weeks. They fought, NOT for slavery primarily; but for their own freedom. Roughly 95 percent of Southerners did not own slaves. Many were dirt poor farmers and sharecroppers. Eking out a living off the land in a place far less industrialized than the North. The late historian Shelby Foote once told the story of an arrogant Yankee soldier who mocked a poor Confederate by pointing out that he obviously wasn't rich enough to own slaves or even land; he asked him, “Why are you out here fighting this war anyway?” The Confederate replied, “I'm OUT here, because you are DOWN here.” His home had been invaded by a hostile army. What else was a brave man to do?

After all those years of brutal heartache and war, the North's numbers were eventually too much. The South fought bravely for a culture they loved and for the freedom that they didn't have from Washington D.C. As much as this irks most Americans, slavery wasn't really the major point. State's rights, Federal overreaching, an unfair tariff system against the South, and other economic measures led to secession. (I suggest reading Thomas DiLorenzo's"The Real Lincoln" for more on this). Today even the word “secession” is considered racist for reasons I am apparently still too blind to see. America exists because the colonies seceded from Britain. It wasn't a Civil War because they didn't try to seize an existing government. Likewise the War Between the States. The South seceded, they didn't try to take over Washington. Basic historical facts about the war. Almost no on in America today knows them. That's why most people think the Civil War (which wasn't really a Civil War) was about slavery. Ask the average "Joe" on the street, he'll tell you Lincoln invaded the South to free the slaves. But Lincoln would have told you otherwise. In his first inaugural address Lincoln said he had “no desire” to free the slaves and no constitutional right to do so. The second part of that might be debated; but it is refreshing to hear a President actually reference Constitutional restraint once in a while. Even though he routinely ignored the Constitution. Lincoln issued his famous Emancipation Proclamation in 1863.....TWO YEARS AFTER THE WAR STARTED! What took him so long, you ask? The answer is quite easy. He thought he could win the war without freeing slaves. And if he had, bondage would have remained. The “Great Emancipator” didn't give two hoots about freeing the blacks. But he was hell bent on winning the war. “Preserving the Union” was his mantra, which translated to lining the government's pockets with continued Southern tax revenues. History is never as squeaky clean as most American robots think it is.

So it turns out that evil, wicked, racist Confederate flag wasn't so evil, wicked and racist after all. Poor men fought to defend their homes. Most didn't own slaves. Many of them, in fact, opposed slavery. These were my ancestors and I'm proud of their bravery and service. But I'm banned from doing so. I'm the only ethnic group in America that would be charged with a hate crime, or sent to mandatory sensitivity training if I sought a “Heritage Month” for my people group. Even though every other group gets one. But that's OK, I don't want one. But I would like the chance to at least speak of my Confederate ancestors and go visit their graves and maybe place a flag they fought for on it; without it becoming a national news story.

The government hasn't “banned” the symbol.....yet. But they will. And even if they don't a bully White House and a blathering lap dog media have done the “banning” for them. Businesses, who cowardly fear bad press have pulled anything remotely Confederate from the shelves. Not just flags either. Chess sets. Civil War artifacts. Handkerchiefs. You name it. If it's Southern....its gone. Even NASCAR is checking with their legal team to see how far they can go in banning the flag at races. NASCAR president, Brian Whats-His-Name, sounded like he would gladly have public crucifixions if he could get away with it. And he might. That's how insane the witch hunt has gotten. What is happening to Southern culture would rival any third world attempt at “ethnic cleansing.” It's not enough to win the war. They want utter subjugation and the erasure of all proof that a certain group of people ever existed. Now THAT should fit the Feds definition of a “hate crime.” Except for, it's the only group you can legally hate. White men.

Like most things in the Totalitarian States of America, this isn't really about a flag. It's about control. Its about the right to re-write history and ignore any aspects we don't like. And ignore the aspects that we would like, but we're just too stubborn to admit were true. For example, Nathan Bedford Forrest, the hated Confederate slave-owner, KKK leader, and general eventually became a Christian after the war, and (are you ready for this....) He SPOKE OUT IN FAVOR of Black Civil Rights!!!! Right after he called for the KKK to disband! Those are historical facts that you can read about in my book “Nathan Bedford Forrest's Redemption.” Far from seeking to tear down statues of him, the civil rights community should be raising money to build more of them. What greater poster child could they have than a former slave-owning Klansman who renounced his views and defended the freed slaves publicly? But don't bother 21st century race baiters with 19th century facts. If the truth got out the financial contributions to the NAACP might plummet. And we wouldn't want to see that would we?

The South is imploding. Not because of itself but because of attacks that began in 1861 and never really stopped. It wasn't enough to win the war, the South had to be destroyed. William Sherman's army promised to “make Georgia howl” and THE YANKEES did more damage to South Carolina than anyone else could have ever conceived of. Raping and pillaging was commonplace. And the blacks meant nothing to the Northern Army. Sherman despised them. Many freed slaves chose to voluntarily stay in the South with their masters rather than suffer at the hands of the heartless Yankees. Again, history is a little more nuanced than the Yankee-written drivel textbooks will tell you.

Reconstruction was nothing more than a fleecing and humiliation of the South. Yankees got rich. While Southerners struggled to make ends meet. Eventually some economic progress was made, but it took forever. Both blacks and whites suffered financially in the South; as many still do to this day. Is it because of racism? No, it really has more to do with the Federal government keeping them poor and in their place. According to Thomas Sowell, a systematic attack on the black family has done what slavery and Jim Crow laws never could. Welfare destroyed the black family; and many white ones as well. The Feds solution killed the family. But the Feds aren't done yet. They have another trick up their sleeve, which is to destroy marriage altogether.

Why would two gays want a government marriage anyway? For that matter why would two heterosexuals want one? I got married in a church with the blessing of a pastor. What does that have to do with the government? Or rather, what SHOULD it have to do with the government? Answer nothing. Marriage isn't the government's business. Did you know that marriage licenses were first issued in the late 1800s to keep inter racial marriages from occurring? Sounds like a good reason for the government to get involved in marriage, don't you think? Sounds like an even better reason for governments to get out of it.

The goal of the gays is not to be included in marriage, but rather to destroy it all together. In most cases, its not really an institution they seek. But all the sudden, they want to live “happily ever after” with government sanction. The Supreme Court has determined this to be a Constitutional right they have. Again, its a power play. The government wants to play God and define marriage. They want to tell you who can and cannot get married. They want to force you to accept a marriage that you consider a depraved joke. And eventually, they'll seek to punish you if you don't toe the line.

Most “Confederate flag” types are straight. And most gays hate their guts. Perhaps the feeling is often mutual. Southern Heritage went down in smoke this month. The witch hunt is almost complete. And homosexuals are giddy over a right that they shouldn't even really care about. But both groups, the anti-flag group and the pro-gay group want control. They want their enemies squelched. They want all dissension silenced and even outlawed. And the courts, the press, and the President are on their side. Dixie's burning once again, while rainbow clad sodomites are dancing in the streets. Whatever vestiges of honor that remained in America are soon to be no more. The rabid dogs of society are now calling the shots and they'll continue to chip away at every other issue they want. Health care, gun control, environmental extremism, you name it. They'll get it. And we'll suffer. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to sit in my easy chair and whistle Dixie while I read what the Bible says about homosexuality. Today I can still do that. Tomorrow it might be outlawed. “Oh I wish I were in the land of cotton......”


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