Friday, March 13, 2015

Thanks, Michelle Obama...

America's school lunches resemble starvation diets from third world countries

by: Jonathan Benson, staff writer

The arrogant mindset which suggests that the United States is the greatest nation on Earth and light-years ahead of the rest of the world on virtually every front is laughable when it comes to the quality of our food supply. And perhaps nothing illustrates this point better than the average lunch plate served to schoolchildren at American public schools today, which hardly even resembles food, let alone compares to the well-balanced, culturally rich entrees served to schoolchildren in other countries.

The New York City-based healthy food shop "sweetgreen" recently compiled a gallery of images depicting the types of foods schoolchildren are served for lunch all around the world, and the results are shocking. Even in countries considered "poorer" or much worse off economically than the U.S., children are being served whole, fresh foods carefully prepared with respect to cultural heritage and geographical location.

You won't find soggy, processed, hormone-laden chicken "nuggets" in the Ukraine, for instance, where children are served an authentic sausage and mash entree with borscht (Eastern European soup made with beets), cabbage with black sesame seeds and syrniki (a traditional dessert pancake), all carefully made from scratch. The following is an image of this beautiful Ukrainian platter:

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