Saturday, March 28, 2015


Climate Change Alarmists Are Getting Desperate
By Chris Rossini

As I've mentioned before, I believe "climate change" is the honeypot for the left, just like "the war on terror" is the honeypot for the right.

Both rest on perceived fear. Once Americans give in to that fear, anything and everything can be used as a pretext for more government power to protect you from terrorists, or from the Earth coming to an end.

Climate change has been a much harder sell though...Much harder.

First, climate change purportedly rests on science. Well, Americans are about as interested in climate science as they are in economics. With that being the case, the lapdog media has been trying to give examples that Mr. Joe American can understand.

There's the claim that free birth control would curb climate change, or (please hold your laughter) that climate change fueled the Syrian conflict, or that climate change will turn women into prostitutes.

None of these 'real world' warnings seem to be working either. Americans aren't buying it. In fact (and for once I'm going to credit Mr. Joe American) a new poll by Gallup shows that American fear of global warming has dropped to levels not seen since 1989. That's pretty impressive, considering the constant bombardment of propaganda.

So appeals to "science" never had a chance, and "real world" warnings haven't moved the needle either. What's left?

How about the fear of God?

It looks like the alarmists will at least give it a try.

Yesterday, and today, the shameless mainstream media has been peddling a story of an Episcopal Bishop who says that denying climate change is "sinful." Perhaps the Bishop got the idea from Pious Paul Krugman who last year said, "You can deny global warming (and may you be punished in the afterlife for doing so — this kind of denial for petty personal or political reasons is an almost inconceivable sin)."

So individuals, who use their own minds, to come to their own conclusions, are "sinful" if the conclusions don't jive with Al Gore's view of the world?

This is desperation.

Climate change alarmists are clearly running out of straws.


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