Sunday, March 22, 2015

Figures it was some social justice asshole...

Person Putting “Whites Only” Stickers Around Austin Turns Out to be Liberal Social Justice Warrior
by Aurelius

It turns out that the person who has been posting “whites only” stickers around Austin, Texas is actually a liberal “social justice warrior” looking to bring attention to the racism of whites.

These stickers had been posted around stores in Austin:

For days no one knew who had posted them and why could only be speculated.

The answer has been solved today: the stickers were posted by Austin lawyer Adam Reposa who did it to point out the “gentrification” of Austin and the displacement of minorities.

“They’re getting pushed out, and pretty quick. This area of town is turning into white’s only,” Reposa said in a video uploaded to YouTube. “Not by law like it used to be, and everyone’s going to jump on, ‘that’s racist!’ ‘that’s racist!’ Man, this town, the way shit works is racist!

“And I knew I could just bait all of y’all into being as stupid as you are. Just allowing the issue to be framed in the most simple way: ‘oh, he said an offensive term. Let’s not worry about the actual condition of the way things are. Let’s worry about an offensive term. And that’s how they got it! They got it sewed up.”

He continued, “And they got this poor girl coming out here talkin’ ’bout, ‘it hurt my feelings!’ Man, who cares about your feelings, man? Seriously?”

“I don’t give a fuck,” he added.

You can see the video below:


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