Monday, April 28, 2014

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Report: Holder Authorizes Drone Strike on Bundy Ranch

Information could be a ruse to scare supporters away from Bunkerville

Paul Joseph Watson

Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes says his organization was told by a source that according to information emanating from within the Department of Defense, Attorney General Eric Holder has authorized a future drone strike on the Cliven Bundy ranch.

Rhodes clarified that his source, a military veteran, was given the information by someone from within the Department of Defense. A retired intelligence officer acting on behalf of Oath Keepers personally met with the source.

According to Rhodes, his source was told by the individual working within the DoD that, “Eric Holder, the Attorney General of the United States, has authorized a drone strike, a hot drone strike, on the Bundy ranch targeting people at the ranch including the Bundy’s personal residence…and that Eric Holder felt justified in doing so,” as a result of Harry Reid’s recent comments.

The Oath Keepers founder elaborated that the drone strike would be intended to “take out all personnel and destroy all evidence including video cameras”.

Rhodes entertained the notion that his source could have been given erroneous information in order to “get us all wound up”.

Indeed, despite the fact that Nevada Senator Harry Reid characterized the Bundy family and their supporters as “domestic terrorists” on two separate occasions recently, a drone strike on the Bundy ranch seems highly unlikely in that it would represent a hugely disproportionate use of force on behalf of the federal government.

Rhodes added that the point of putting out the warning publicly was to prevent it from happening, as well as a way of advising people that they may want to leave the immediate area and move to the perimeter of the ranch.

Meanwhile, the head of Bundy ranch security also discussed the drone strike warning in a separate YouTube interview, indicating that the information may just be a means of scaring supporters away from the Bunkerville area.

Listen to the Radio Free Redoubt interview with Stewart Rhodes below.


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