Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Well, I did it...

I just changed my party affiliation to Republican for the first time in my life so I'll be able to vote for Ron Paul in the Connecticut presidential primary next year. Personally, I think the two political parties and their respective candidates and incumbent office holders, basically represent two sides of the same coin. They all offer similar solutions to our problems and are controlled by special interests that will only continue to lead us down the path of destruction that we currently find ourselves on. Ron Paul is the only candidate, that I feel has been the most consistent and trustworthy throughout his career and truly believe he is our only hope right now. I agree with him that we need to turn to the Constitution to solve our problems. I agree we must phase out the Federal Reserve System, return to a currency backed by precious metals, not by government fiat and bring our troops home from the ever growing number of unconstitutional wars we are fighting overseas. We need to eliminate the government regulations that stymie economic growth in this country and cut personal income taxes at all levels. We must not raise the debt ceiling again and begin a process of reducing government spending and borrowing by working to free us from our dependency on social welfare programs. We need to make huge cuts in our military budget by cutting redundant weapon systems and close the more than 900 overseas bases we currently occupy. I agree with Ron Paul, that we should not be the policemen of the world. States should be allowed to use the power granted to them in the Tenth Amendment to make decisions on issues that the federal government has no business interfering with like education, abortion and marriage laws. Instead of promoting centralized government control of the economy, we should let the free market reign with safeguards built in that protect us from fraud and unethical behavior. We need to protect our personal liberties laid out in the Bill Of Rights by ending the sexual assaults performed on the American public at our airports by the TSA and by immediately repealing the Patriot Act.

Only one candidate believes in the things that I've stated above and that person is Ron Paul. I can no longer blindly vote for a candidate because of his or her party affiliation. That has only gotten us into this mess. The left/right paradigm is just a scheme to keep us divided while the elite and globalists rob us blind and destroy the country we all love. It is time to stand together for our beliefs or we will surely fall together if this madness is not stopped. If you are not a registered Republican and feel that Ron Paul is the answer, you must change your party affiliation as soon as possible to give yourself a voice in this selection process. It takes only fifteen minutes of your time. Don't let this opportunity pass you by. If you are satisfied with politics as usual, that's what you will get if you sit on your asses and do nothing.

Read this if you agree with me or wish to learn more:

Change Party Affiliation to Republican to Participate in Primaries

Dear Friends,

We all want to see Ron Paul as the next president of the United States. In order to get there, he will first have to win the Republican nomination. I have seen him state on television that he will not run as a third party candidate, so it is vital that he win the nomination. This article from Wikipedia outlines the Republican primaries schedule.

Why is this important? As alert reader Verbatim writes:

As you may realize, there are many people from across the spectrum planning to support Ron Paul: Libertarians, Constitutionalists, Green Party members, disenfranchised Democrats, and of course the disenfranchised Republicans.

Many of these people may not realize that they NEED to change party affiliations to Republican to vote in the GOP Primary in many States. I think this information is important to get out as is instructions on how to change ones' party affiliation and the DEADLINE for each State. I think this information would be useful on every Ron Paul supporter website in existence, even if it is simply linked to.


This is the preliminary schedule, according to the article:

Phase One: Early Primaries and Caucuses

* January 14, 2008 - Iowa (41)
* January 19, 2008 - Nevada (34)
* January 22, 2008 - New Hampshire (24), Wyoming (12 of 28)
* January 29, 2008 - Florida (114)
* February 2, 2008 - South Carolina (47)

Phase Two: "Super-Tuesday" / "National Primary Day"

* February 5, 2008 - Alabama (48), Arizona (53), Arkansas (34), California (173), Delaware (18), Georgia (72), Illinois (70), Michigan (61), Missouri (58), New Jersey (52), New Mexico (32), New York (101), North Dakota (26), Oklahoma (42), Tennessee (55), Utah (36), West Virginia (18 of 30)

For the later primaries, please see the Wikipedia article.

An early win in any or all of these states would be HUGE. So people in the above listed states, switch your party affiliation to Republican, if you're not one already. After you figure out how to do it, POST a message here to let others know how to do it/who to call/what office to visit and tell us how easy it was. I welcome any and all comments and suggestions below from people knowledgeable on this subject. I don't know a lot about this, and I doubt most people do.

After you've changed your affiliation, how does one participate in a Caucus or Primary? Can anyone who is registered participate? Sadly, I've never done it myself. If enough good information comes in, I'll take the comments and put them together into an updated article/guide and post it on the site.

The Meaning of a Grassroots Campaign
This is a grassroots campaign, and we are the grass and the roots. We are the ones that will make the difference in this campaign. Maybe Dr. Paul doesn't have as much money as some of the heavy-hitters in either party, but he has something that money simply can't buy. (Yes, there are some things money can't buy) He has us. He has our trust, our love, our support, and our belief. Wouldn't the other candidates love to have what Dr. Paul has? Unfortunately, all they have is money.

Let us not let Dr. Paul down.

Thank you.
Michael Nystrom


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