Monday, September 26, 2011

"Ron Paul is the antithesis of the cold-hearted, treasonous, and two-faced establishment that owns Washington, as well as their political, academic and media whores."

5 Reasons Why The Establishment Media Fears Ron Paul Like The Plague

Saman Mohammadi

The establishment media in America has now become the official fringe media. CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, NPR, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Time Magazine, and every other “mainstream” media source are all in the same sinking boat. Their boat of greed, lies, hate and hypocrisy is no match for the iceberg of truth.

The fringe establishment media protects the criminal 1 percent that has taken America hostage and refuses to question political leaders in Washington about the crimes they commit and the lies they tell. It covers protests around the world from Iran to China but it does not want to cover the Occupy Wall Street protesters who represent the voice of the American people and the voice of the American founding fathers.

Establishment media clowns try to dismiss 9/11 truth tellers as “conspiracy theorists” and “nut jobs” but they have failed. They try to ignore Ron Paul’s rising popularity and mainstream acceptance but they can’t cover up reality. They fear Ron Paul more than the plague because they know that what he stands for is the exact opposite of what they have supported for the past several decades.

Ron Paul is the 21st century embodiment of the founding fathers and represents the tradition of the American revolution. The fringe establishment media represents the loyalist side that stood by the tyrannical British King in 1776. Establishment journalists and commentators are standing by the criminal oligarchy that owns Washington and wants to destroy America’s liberty and constitution.

Below are five reasons why the fringe loyalist media is so scared of Ron Paul.

1. Ron Paul is opposed to every government policy that the mainstream media has signed off on by either supporting it outright or by ignoring its ramifications for American society: endless war on terror, criminal bank bailouts, lawless surveillance, torture, Federal Reserve money printing, the 2001 Patriot(Traitor) Act, police state laws, and the illegal war on drugs.

These elitist and unconstitutional policies have been supported by the now fringe media in the United States (CNN, Fox News, NY Times, Washington Post, etc). Ron Paul wants to end these morally bankrupt policies, restore common sense in Washington, and bring freedom back to America.

2. Ron Paul is not interested in taking the presidency and continuing business as usual. He is a revolutionary candidate in the tradition of the American founding fathers who wants to save America from financial destruction. He has stated that he wants to “change the course of history.”

Ron Paul wants to end the empire, bring home the heroic soldiers, and restore the American constitution. The elitist fringe media does not want to cover a revolutionary candidate who wants to represent the vast majority of the American people, protect the Constitution, reaffirm American values on the world stage, and bring peace to the world.

3. Ron Paul is against elite immunity and the culture of corruption in Washington. If he were elected President a bunch of scoundrels in Washington and the sociopaths who lie for them in the establishment media would be held accountable in a very real way – like being put in jail.

4. Establishment news agencies like MSNBC profit from the corrupt money printing policies of the Federal Reserve. MSNBC’s parent company, GE, has received billions of dollars of taxpayer money. Under a Ron Paul presidency this illegal activity would be immediately stopped and the looting of the American people would come to an end.

Ron Paul wants to end the corrupt Federal Reserve System not because he is an ideologue but because the Fed is an unconstitutional, illegal and private central bank that was specifically created to enrich a few politically connected banks on Wall Street. The Fed’s unjust policies are disastrous for the average American taxpayer and American family.

5. Ron Paul tells the truth and he is for real. The Kremlin in Washington is scared of his ideas and his high popularity. The establishment traitors know just how real, honest and independent Ron Paul is, unlike 99% of the political mercenaries in Washington who hate the American people and the American constitution. The fringe establishment media is on the side of the treasonous oligarchy that has hijacked the federal government and the two political parties.

Ron Paul is the antithesis of the cold-hearted, treasonous, and two-faced establishment that owns Washington, as well as their political, academic and media whores.

Washington’s criminal establishment is responsible for evil crimes against the American people such as the murder of President John F. Kennedy, the false flag 9/11 attacks that started the illegal war on terror, and the 2008 robbery of the American people via bank bailouts and Federal Reserve money printing.


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