Saturday, September 24, 2011

Activiat Post website taken down by government?

I have posted many articles from that site here...

The Next Phase of Internet Censorship Has Begun: Man the Battle Stations!

Activist Post

Reports pertaining to the censorship and takedown of personal websites continue to flood in.

First, YouTube meddled with the view counts of folks like Alex Jones over at Info Wars and Prison Planet. Then Flickr, MySpace and Facebook began censoring comments and material. Now an increasing number of independent online media is beginning to feel the sharp edge of the blade.
Amazon & Wikileaks

When Wikileaks went under fire for its publication of material such as the quarter million diplomatic cables (or Pentagon Papers 2), Amazon decided to pull the plug on its service to the whistleblower website.

Subsequently, we found out that the CEO and founder of Amazon attended the most recent Bilderberg group meeting in St. Moritz, Switzerland.

Is it any wonder that Amazon too has joined the bandwagon? Average Joe’s who shot to fame and fortune, respective business empire founders such as Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, have been enticed by the club of “good old boys” and awoken that innate and evil human desire to play God with the rest of us.

This author was responsible for the Wikileaks publication of the few Bilderberg meeting documents available a week before their meet in Greece of 2009. They had been obtained from the author of Illuminati Conspiracy Archive, whose website seems to have become now defunct. Apparently, they had floated around on the net some years before, to have been taken down, and this author figured it wise to republish the few documents available to aid research.

A final disclaimer on the subject of Wikileaks. This author believes Wikileaks to be a “US Government con job.” Esteemed analyst William Engdahl has written extensively on this topic. Daniel Estulin of Bilderberg fame has also recently published a book on the deceptive nature of Wikileaks and its use as a tool of disinformation, the results of which we are now witnessing. Founder of Cryptome (John Young) worked with “Wikileaks” in its infancy and left after growing suspicion.

Don’t Tread on Me

A few weeks ago, Silver Shield’s popular economic and political commentary blog had been hacked. He has been wildly popular with his Sons of Liberty Academy and drive to make people aware of the true nature of the monetary system, suggesting the purchase of physical silver as one way to be free of the false paradigm. A similar hack had also been perpetrated against Freedom Force International a few years ago.

SGT Report & Bank of America

Just recently, SGT Report, who provides excellent economic reality and freedom related reporting, had been subjected to COINTELPRO commentary assault by the Wall Street-Pentagon nexus which includes Bank of America. See the site editor’s excellent detective work HERE.

Activist Post & Google via Blogger

The excellent Activist Post, to which Global Governance Archive is a frequent contributor, seems to have just been taken down by Google-owned Blogger. Recall that Google CEO Eric Schmidt also attended the last Bilderberg meeting.

Rick Rozoff (Stop NATO) & WordPress

The website of important analyst Rick Rozoff, Stop NATO, has now been threatened by WordPress, who seems also to have taken to the chopping block.

Yahoo & the Day of Rage

Finally, we have Yahoo censoring the Day of Rage attempts to coordinate their occupation of Wall Street.

Full Spectrum Dominance

This insane Pentagon doctrine seeks to dominate land, air, sea, outer space, inner space and cyber space. It seeks "informational superiority" which is defined as "the capability to collect, process and disseminate an uninterrupted flow of information while exploiting or denying adversary's ability to do the same."

Prepare for the Cyber False Flag

Corporate interests have been co-opted by the global elites and their secret societies. Bilderberg 2011 saw the coming together of Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Amazon, among others. We are now only beginning to witness the outcome of their policy agenda. Companies are being bought up and merged by the new world elites, with Skype going to NSA Microsoft and YouTube to CIA Google.

As the few, the wise, those that enter through the narrow gate have long been warning and preparing for such issues as food storage, survivalism and spiritual preparedness, our essential lines of communication are gradually being cut. Skynet is becoming self-aware. Take all preventative measures and bat down the hatches. There be a storm on the horizon. Godspeed.


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