Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The war on terror a sick joke...

The War on Terror is a Sick Joke
By Truth Excavator

Here is a joke:

Three secret intelligence agents from the CIA, Mossad and MI6 walk into a bar with a bomb.

Question: Do they place their bomb under the table of the Jihadists, the Right-Wing Christians, or the Neo-Marxists?

Answer: That's actually a trick question. The three government agents each made a bomb for all three tables because they are politically correct state terrorists who don't like to discriminate against patsies.

Believe me, this joke goes down well with the state terrorists in Langley and the home base of the Mossad and MI6. Lying to the American people and the whole world is funny to them. The sick government murderers who did the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks have a very sick sense of humour. They even did it on 9-1-1 to throw it in our faces.

They're probably saying to themselves, "These fucking ignorant shitheads believe everything we stuff down the media pipe. bwahaha!!! We eat human flesh for breakfast and then we pretend to actually like these people that we rule over!! bwahaha!!! We kill people for a living and they call us heroes and defenders against terrorism!!! They actually believe we care about them!!! bwahaha!!!"

It's funny to the sick state terrorists because there are millions of morons out there who don't have a clue that our defenders and our guardians who run our governments are in reality a bunch of sick murderers and liars. We are letting the crazies run the asylum.

State terrorists who run the CIA, Mossad and MI6: "We tell these clueless and stupid masses to be afraid of Muslims, and boom! They run to us like crying children. We tell them to be afraid of Christians, and boom! They run to us again, this time even faster. We have them in the palm of our hands. We tell them to be afraid of themselves, of their shadows, of their neighbours, while we take all the glory, profit, and power!! bwahaha!!! Stupid people are the best. Their stupidity allows us to live like kings. We tuck them in at night, tell them scary children stories about the Islamic and Christian boogeyman, and they believe it!!! LMAO. You gotta love stupid people, they make our sick lives enjoyable and worthwhile."

"Stupid people help us carry out our dreams of war and destruction. We can tell them anything because they have empty heads and no knowledge of history. We can tell them that Thomas Jefferson was a terrorist and they will agree. We can tell them money is made out of shit and they will suddenly start saving their shit and take it to the bank for deposit. bwahaha!!! God made these stupid people for a reason, to give us a huge laugh and a huge bank account!! bwahaha!!!"

"Stupid people still believe Osama Bin Laden did 9/11!!! bwahaha!!! It's been ten years and they still believe that lie. Stupid people believe Obama has the American people's best interests at heart!!! bwahaha!!! Stupid people kissed his feet in 2008, believing he was a new Lincoln, and a man of the people!!! And they still do!!!! Even after Obama helped the big banks rape America and rape the world!! bwahaha!!! Stupid people are hopeless and thoughtless."

"Stupid people believe we're in Afghanistan to help Afghans and rebuild their nation!! bwahaha!!! We are busy destroying their homes and villages and stupid people believe we're there to protect America and the West!!! bwahaha!!! Stupid people believe Afghanistan attacked us!!! They don't know we're raping and destroying an innocent country!! bwahaha!!! Stupid people don't know how sick and evil we are in the Pentagon, the CIA, the Mossad, and the MI6. They believe we are defending them from terrorists!!! bwahaha!!! You gotta love it. Stupid people are the best."

"Hitler loved stupid people. Stalin loved stupid people. All tyrants love stupid people. We especially love stupid people because there are so many now. We kill a few thousand of them through our false flag terror attacks like 9/11 and 7/7 and scare the shit out of the rest!! It's a win-win. bwahaha!!! And they call the people who are exposing our frauds and crimes "paranoid," "conspiracy theorists," and "crazy." bwahaha!!! Stupid people can't even recognize true heroes, sages and defenders of the good!!! bwahaha!!! History wouldn't be possible without millions and millions of stupid people. May god bless them. And May God supply us wicked devils with many more millions!!! bwahaha!!!"

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