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On Weasels and the Removal Thereof Through Unified Action

by Susan Westfall

...Multitudes of Americans immediately recognized the truth in Congressman Ron Paul's words. When they listened to past floor speeches and checked his voting record, they found a man whose foresight and consistency reins unmatched by any other in decades. And they went to work with a vengeance and energy that has become the envy of many. Although both he and the number of his supporters were repeatedly ridiculed and marginalized, neither let it affect their efforts. When Dr. Paul ended his campaign by saying that "victory is not available to us in the conventional sense," his supporters shifted gears and continued on in an unconventional sense. The campaign to elect Ron Paul as president has never ended for those whose apathy he cured and their numbers have continued to grow slowly and exponentially over the last four years. In Dr. Paul they had found, not a politician, but a statesman they could trust. One who not only talked the talk, but walked the walk – always. No other candidate could lay claim to that virtue in 2008, none can lay claim to it now in 2012. The grassroots will not be fooled by a substitute posing with a hastily procured copy of the Constitution and paying lip-service to liberty.

In 2009 the Tea Party exploded on the political scenes demonstrating just how large the disenchanted multitude has become. Despite his supporters being the first tea-partiers in 2007, it is often pointed out by media-weasels that most Americans don't, won't, and can't possibly back Ron Paul. Maybe not – yet – but an overwhelming majority of them are sick to death of the status-quo. Tired of being lied to about everything, disgusted by TSA gropings in the name of security, sick of their earnings being fleeced to bail out criminals, angered by endless curtailment of their freedoms, and done being told what they can buy, eat, drink and do, the vast majority of Americans have had – enough. They are hungry for real change and Ron Paul is still the only candidate offering anything but a continuation of the status-quo. A lone voice with backbone enough to speak the truth and damn the consequences, he has consistently stood his ground for the Constitution, maintained his stance on principle and refused to sell the people out for power or personal gain. Not only did he predict the economic quicksand threatening to suck us under (when no else had a clue) but he offers real solutions for recovery and a transition to prosperity. Thirty years of consistency is an indisputable testimony that puts to shame the wishy-washy, flip-flopping records of all the other candidates propelled into the ring by previously influential, but now desperate "king-makers". Meanwhile, Mr. Obama has proven himself a craven, treasonous liar. The American people will inevitably back Ron Paul in a resounding landslide, and it will happen sooner, rather than later...


A Swamp Monster Disses Ron Paul

by Robert Wenzel

TIME magazine columnist Michael Scherer, who writes a column called Swampland, is out with one of the most distorted attacks on Ron Paul since, well, the beginning of Time.

I guess there will be more of this from the establishment as Dr. Paul climbs in the polls, but this one runs Congressman Paul's views through a distortion mirror at least a dozen times and comes out with these conclusions:

[Ron Paul]argues that this [a default] will mean, as the President, Wall Street and the Treasury Secretary argue, an increase in interest rates, not just for the government, but for regular Americans. The cost of car loans would go up. The cost of house loans would go up (and the values would probably come down), as would the monthly payments for people with adjustable rate mortgages. The amount small businesses pay to get loans to expand their business would go up....

So to summarize, here is what Ron Paul, who may yet win the biggest GOP polling test of 2011, is advocating: Less short term employment, slower economic growth, and higher costs for things that Americans buy regularly.

Nowhere does Ron Paul say that defaulting on the U.S. debt will result in higher interest rates in the private sector. In fact, getting the government out of the debt market will increase by trillions the amount that is available from the markets for the private sector.

Interest rates are currently distorted downward by the Federal Reserve for the benefit of the banksters, and getting the Fed out of the way would likely result in the market pushing rates higher, but a U.S. government default would do nothing but result in downward pressure on private sector rates, as the lack of governement borrowing would stop the massive crowding out of the private sector now being done by government borrowing...

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