Friday, April 15, 2016

"We now have an economy where instead of young people going to college and learning skills that earn them decent money, they attend politically correct universities that teach crybully tactics to churn out "social justice warriors" who rely on "mob-onomics" to try to extort money out of local employers."

America's 'Fight For 15' fast food worker protesters are unskilled at everything except playing victims... here's how they can bully their way to $100 / hour while burning down their own communities

by Mike Adams

We now have an economy where instead of young people going to college and learning skills that earn them decent money, they attend politically correct universities that teach crybully tactics to churn out "social justice warriors" who rely on "mob-onomics" to try to extort money out of local employers.

Welcome to the "Fight for 15" crybully protests which are largely focused on fast food workers who demand $15 / hour wages for the simple reason that they need 'mo money! What's the strategy for achieving such wages... do they boost their skills and value, then professionally negotiate with employers? Nope. They shout down their opponents and battle with police, believing that they alone have a unique generational right to bully their way to "economic justice" by demanding money be transferred out of the paper thin margins of small business owners and into their own pockets (so they can buy more pot, of course, 'cuz it's legal and everything).

While it sucks to earn minimum wage in America, the obvious answer to resolving a personal income deficiency is to learn more skills that hold value for prospective employers. But today's college-educated, P.C. aligned victimtards aren't interested in becoming more skilled... they're only interested in becoming more belligerent and intimidating to their employment opposition. With enough kicking and screaming, they figure, society will cave in and give them all $15 / hour. After all, kicking and screaming worked with mommy and daddy... and it even worked with their "safe space" college professors, too. So why not try it in the jobs market, too?

If society rewards this kind of behavior, it will only be amplified even more

Sadly, today's hyper-sensitized (and economically illiterate) political leaders will probably give in to all this temper tantrum crybully behavior. If they surrender to the "Fight for 15" demands, they will only be emboldening "social justice warriors" to threaten even more violence for even higher pay.

If screaming and marching and bullying local police can earn them a $15 / hour minimum wage, then smashing out all the windows of local businesses might garner $20 / hour. And if that gets them some crybully traction, the next step obviously involves setting fire to local businesses while demanding $25 / hour. It's all for "justice," right? So there's no limit to where this goes as long as weak-spined bureaucrats keep rewarding this collective victimtard behavior with increased pay.

It's kind of like a kidnap-and-ransom operation where the kidnappers cut off the toes of your family member and demand you send them a bag of money. After they get that bag of money, they start slicing off ears and thumbs because you keep paying! You're behaviorally conditioning these people to throw ever more catastrophic rage tantrums by financially rewarding them for doing so. It's sort of a reverse Pavlovian tragedy playing out in the world's largest street theater operation that's ever been pulled off.

Before long, we will have enraged masses of self-righteous youth setting off pipe bombs all over town while demanding $50 / hour. It's not domestic terrorism if you're already a victim, you see. It's called "social justice," and pipe bombs are only the beginning. With enough gasoline and petroleum jelly, they can even build flamethrowers to burn down the very businesses they are attempting to extort, all while collecting government food stamps and housing subsidies because they made themselves unemployed when they destroyed the economic viability of the local economy. (Quick, somebody blame Donald Trump!)

How to solve America's unemployment problem and make everybody extremely wealthy using tactical nukes

As you might have guessed, this economic problem can be readily solved with government jobs programs. One group of young crybully terrorists can be hired by the federal government to run around cities, setting fire to buildings and public infrastructure. Another group can follow in their footsteps under FEMA disaster recovery grants, toting fire extinguishers and water buckets, putting out the fires and thereby creating massive economic growth at the local level.

This all stems from Crybully Economics 101: The way to get paid to fix something is to first destroy it (or threaten to). The more credible the threat, the more you get paid.

Such an arrangement unleashes a joyful utopia of economic opportunities for victimtards and any government willing to pander to their demands. Roving bands of hammer-wielding youth can smash out windows while another group repairs them using government subsidies. Youth gangs armed with machetes can chop down orchards and vineyards while a follow-up group plants trees to save the Earth. Particularly privileged youth groups can use eco-friendly power tools to drill large holes in freight ships docked at ports, while another group can earn a fortune running government subsidized ship salvage operations that recover the sunken treasure. (Or oil slicks, or whatever... does it really matter?)

The more you follow the "Fight for 15" logic, the more you realize the ultimate economic expansion in America comes from nuking our own large cities, then hiring recently unemployed workers to rebuild them. It worked in Iraq, didn't it? Read Confessions of an Economic Hitman to learn how the war racket really operates...

Sooner or later, so much of the population will have been slaughtered with radiation poisoning -- and so many cities will have been destroyed -- that the demand curve for disaster recovery labor will push minimum wages up to $100 / hour. Mission accomplished! (And don't mind the radiation... it's good for you, just like GMOs!)

If only the Pentagon's nuclear arsenal were turned inward, destroying domestic targets, we would finally achieve equality and social justice, you see. As today's youth are repeatedly taught in college, in order to achieve true economic equality, you must first destroy those who are not yet as poor as yourself. When everyone is equally impoverished, that's EQUALITY. And today, that economic destruction begins with the fast food industry, which will either suffer a wave of bankruptcies under $15-an-hour wage laws or rapidly replace human workers with automation system, thereby permanently rendering human employees obsolete.

Get ready for years of mob violence and crybully extortion demands

Either way, we are all about to witness many years of mob violence and crybully street protests demanding money, housing, food and free mobile phones... all carried out in the name of "social justice" and blared through the loud mouths of the self-declared privileged class of professional whiners and victimtards who only halt their activities briefly to change their Pampers (or cry for mommy).

Summer training camp sign-ups have been announced at MIZZOU. Hurry! They're being taught by Melissa Harris-Perry and Univ. of Missouri journobully Melissa Click. Former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields will be giving special demonstrations on how to fake personal injuries to get other people arrested while screaming that you're the victim.

Summer camp events include Mr. Big Boss shout-a-thon melee training as well as practical safety / survival courses like "How to escape the burning building you just set on fire while you were standing in it." Prizes will be given out to survivors, including vaccines with extra mercury (it makes you smarter!) and all-you-can-eat food buffets sponsored by Monsanto and Archer Daniels Midland.

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